Mata Jones returns to Under No Illusion with his ‘Outer Limits’ EP

Mata Jones returns to Under No Illusion for their first release of 2022 with his ‘Outer Limits’ EP. The talented Italian producer drops 3 dance floor ready Heaters due for release on Friday 21st January. The lead track, our premiere, ‘Outer Limits’ is a swinging moody percussion-based groover...
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This space-enhancing patio tip will create the illusion of a larger garden

The question of how to accentuate space is a provocative debate amongst designers – both inside and outside the home. However, whilst the debate endures in the interiors industry, garden experts may have found the answer to the question. According to landscapers, the first step to creating the illusion...
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Bembridge Illusion January Jacket 2022

Saturday was set up, thanks to Olly Laughton-Scott and Graham Sunderland, as a 'coached' racing day with Graham kindly offering the benefits of his wide ranging racing experience to everyone who could make the early start. The 'everyone' turned out to be 21 Illusionists so it was very disappointing that the missing ingredient to an excellent morning of racing and coaching was the wind!

It Becomes More Difficult To Detect Local Feature Changes

It becomes more difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside-down face, despite identical changes being obvious in an upright face. This psychological phenomenon is called the Thatcher Illusion. Study Link- Tags:changefeaturesillusionpsychological. Information Is Better Remembered If It Is Generated. Why generated information is better recalled than read...

The Wise Drive: Frequency Illusion’s Affect on Driving

Last week I mentioned something called a frequency illusion, and I accused it of contributing to negative driving behaviors. I feel I should explain. For those that missed it, a frequency illusion happens when something you just discovered starts showing up everywhere. Frequency illusion is often benign, like when you buy a car and then start noticing every other driver with the same car, or when you discover a band and then start hearing their music everywhere. However, it can also shape our perceptions in ways that increase the risks we take.

BENZINGER Blue Illusion Review

At first glance, the BENZINGER Blue Illusion seems to be another common model of the Pforzheim watchmaker. However, this is deceptive. Because Jochen Benzinger deviates from his classic manufacturing method and uses a different guilloché technique. Find out what else has changed and whether die-hard fans of the brand will still get their money’s worth in this review!

Alicia Keys – Illusion of Bliss lyrics

You talk yourself, tell yourself, “Baby, I’m better than this”. Won’t somebody see me when I can’t see myself?. Sometimes you gotta do it, be willin’ to lose it. I would pawn you my watch (Hey) I would pawn you my chain (Hey) I would...

WEi's Kim Yo Han enters iTunes charts all around the world with solo mini album 'Illusion'

WEi Kim Yo Han's recently released mini album has risen to the top on iTunes charts!. On January 10 at 6.p.m KST, Kim Yo Han successfully made his first comeback since his solo debut in August 2020 with 'No More' with his mini album 'Illusion'. The mini album immediately entered various iTunes charts in different regions across the globe.

Neural Correlate Society’s Annual List of Optical Illusions

Every year, the Neural Correlate Society, a nonprofit that promotes research into cognition and perception, runs a contest to find the best optical illusion. Here’s more from the Neural Correlate Society:. The Best illusion of the Year Contest is a celebration of the ingenuity and creativity of the world’s...

WEi’s Kim Yo Han Talks About His Solo Mini Album “Illusion,” His Acting Career, And More

On January 10, WEi’s Kim Yo Han held an online showcase for the release of his solo mini album “Illusion.”. Kim Yo Han’s new album is his first solo comeback after his first digital single “NO MORE,” which was released over a year ago. “Unlike the last solo single, I was able to return with a mini album. I’m beyond honored to be able to greet my fans with this album.”

Anastasia Hera & The Heroes: “Illusion”

We’re already one week into Love Austin Music Month but’ve only scraped the surface of ATX Gen Next: Adventures in Person – the new compilation from Austin Music Foundation’s Artist Development Program. One of the more well-known contributors is native Austinite Anastasia Hera, whose early inspirations of ATCQ, Jay-Z, and MLK Jr. helped shape her verbal abilities and penchant for progressivism. Fast forward to the top of the last decade, when Hera released her mononymous debut Pretty Color Bad News and again to 2015 when she launched her female-empowering non-profit CAKE, showing off her polymath talents as an effortless R&B/Hip-Hop performer and as an organizer, respectively.

WEi's Kim Yo Han chooses which tracks on new album 'Illusion' he would dedicate to his 'School 2021' character

Kim Yo Han is back with his first solo comeback since debut!. On January 10 KST, the WEi member held a press showcase for his new solo mini album 'Illusion,' featuring title track "Dessert." During the event, the idol not only talked about recording the new album but also having to prepare for this comeback while filming his KBS drama 'School 2021.' In fact, according to the star, he had just wrapped up shooting the show mere hours before the showcase event.

Deadly Illusions: Is It Based on True Story?

When converted into the pages of a story, the enthusiasm between two people makes a fascinating account. It relies upon the creator’s characteristics, and they might decide to go through their own ceremonies of inception to make another work. ‘Deadly Illusions‘ is a film around one such writer, Mary,...
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Illusionist Reza coming to MCFTA on Jan. 21

Recognized as one of today’s most sought-after entertainers in the touring illusion industry, Reza brings his performance to Midland, performing at at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Jan. 21 at Midland Center for the Arts. Tickets are on sale now at or by calling the ticket office at 989-631-8250. Reza’s...