Iceland to give away free food online to combat food waste

The supermarket Iceland has announced that it is going to give away free food to online customers on the last day of its shelf life. Iceland, which launched in Oswestry in 1970, has set up its ‘Free on Last Day of Life’ initiative as a way of reducing waste. The...
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How yogurt brand Icelandic Provisions is using breathwork coach Alex Elle to promote mental health

Yogurt brand Icelandic Provisions has tapped into its relationship with influencer and author Alex Elle in a move to bring attention to mental health awareness. The brand is plugging its ongoing ‘Oaths to Self” campaign, which encourages people to adopt positive daily affirmations. The digital 12-part series features Elle, a certified breathwork coach, sharing her written affirmations and personal oaths. On Oct. 10, the brand raised $10,000 for the Loveland Foundation—which provides therapy and mental health services to Black women and girls—by donating one dollar for every re-share it received in an Instagram post that featured an oath from Elle. She is an active contributor to Loveland Foundation.

Iceland is giving away free food to cut waste

Iceland is giving away free food to shoppers in an effort to prevent waste on products nearing expiry. The supermarket says its ‘Free on Last Day of Life’ initiative could see more than 1.3 million items – worth £500,000 a year – given to Iceland customers without charge, while cutting food waste significantly.
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Couple completes transatlantic voyage

Home are the sailors, home from the sea. Brendan Slagle, 38, and Carrie Pierce, 37, sailed into Portsmouth’s Little Harbor at dusk Thursday aboard their 45-foot- blue fiberglass sailboat “Cheeky,” as they completed a 2½-year voyage. The only other passengers aboard were two cats, “Stevie” and “Ray”, whom they adopted along the way.

Winks’ scathing attack on teammates and opens up on Tottenham exit talks

Harry Winks launched a scathing attack on Tottenham’s Euro trash – and admitted he was unhappy after going from England international to midweek auxiliary with Spurs. In a lacerating assessment of his haemorrhaging confidence and despair at slipping down the pecking order for club and country. Less than a year...

The Reykjavik EDITION Prepares for Opening

A flourishing culinary hotspot with cool cafés, a rollicking nightlife and an epic music scene, the spotlight is shining brightly on Iceland’s hip capital city with the arrival of the Reykjavik EDITION. Opening in preview on November 9th, 2021, The Reykjavik EDITION will set a new standard as the city’s...

Iceland giving away free food to shoppers in bid to stop items going to waste

Iceland is launching a new free food initiative that will give items away at no cost in an effort to prevent waste on products approaching expiry. The supermarket says its ‘Free on Last Day of Life’ initiative has the potential to give away more than 1.3 million items worth £500,000 a year to Iceland’s customers while cutting food waste.

When Iceland’s Women Changed the World in One Day

On October 24, 1975, the women of Iceland did not go to work. For one day, Iceland’s women did not show up for their jobs as shop clerks, receptionists, flight attendants, bank tellers, teachers, or fish-plant workers. They did not show up to do housework, farm chores, child-minding, or family shopping. They did not pack their husband’s lunches, nor did they prepare the family’s meals.

Goodbye, Columbus: Vikings Crossed The Atlantic 1,000 Years Ago

(Reuters) – Long before Columbus crossed the Atlantic, eight timber-framed buildings covered in sod stood on a terrace above a peat bog and stream at the northern tip of Canada’s island of Newfoundland, evidence that the Vikings had reached the New World first. But precisely when the Vikings journeyed to...

Riot Games and Mercedes-Benz unveil 2021 Worlds Championship rings

Mercedes-Benz, Riot Games, Germany, League of Legends World Championships. Game publisher Riot Games, in collaboration with German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz, has unveiled a commemorative championship ring for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. Riot Games and Mercedes-Benz will present each member of the 2021 World Championship winning team with...

Lone Diamond

During a winter trip to Iceland in 2020 I had the pleasure of spending 2 full days on this amazing beach, starting with a more mild and calm weather to a stormy weather when the ocean waves really started to move the ice around the beach rapidly, I managed to locate a lone diamond that was heavy enough to stand still against the ocean waves.

Worlds Yuumi ban-rate skyrockets as “broken” champ debate continues

Yuumi has become the most banned champion at Worlds 2021, surpassing 40 bans as debates as to whether League of Legends’ feline champion is broken continue across the internet. Yuumi has become the pick-or-ban champion of Worlds 2021, with 12 picks and 42 bans across the 57 main stage games...

The China all-kill: RNG vs. EDG in Worlds 2021 quarterfinals

After a surprising turn of events, only two LPL teams remain at the quarterfinal stage. FunPlus Phoenix underperformed, and LNG Esports just barely got knocked out by MAD Lions after a four-way tiebreaker. EDG and RNG, the two remaining Chinese teams, have been pitted against each other in the quarterfinals. On top of that, because RNG got knocked out so early into the LPL Playoffs, we haven’t seen a recent best-of-5 between these two teams.

"Largest wooden building in Iceland" to occupy landfill site in Reykjavík

Architecture studios Jakob+MacFarlane and T.ark have designed a low-carbon cross-laminated timber building called Living Landscape that will transform a landfill site in Iceland's capital city. Slated for completion in 2026, the 26,000-square-metre mixed-use building is set to become the "largest wooden building in Iceland" once complete. Living Landscape has been...