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Do Ice Baths Help After Working Out?

The ice bath is a method that is used by athletes and sports professionals to improve recovery after physical activity. It helps to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process. The use of ice baths for recovery goes back to ancient times, where athletes would submerge themselves in ice...
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Easy Flavored Ice Cubes

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy. Bright, fun and colorful, these flavored ice cubes are an easy way to spice up any party drink! We made them red and green for the holiday season but I will share many more ways to serve them!. Flavored ice...
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Hot water with a lemon wedge brings many benefits

When restaurant wait staff members ask if we’d like “something to drink”, our standard reply is “hot water with a wedge of lemon, please.” It started several years ago as an easy alternative to coffee, ice water, a cocktail, or a soft drink. We dine out often, and servers in our places are accustomed to our preference. Hot water with fresh lemon tastes good and it’s refreshing. But there’s more.

Rosin: A Better Alternative to Other Concentrates?

Shatter and other kinds of concentrate are very popular, but making them is challenging, and some people do not like that they contain unnatural butane byproducts. Rosin is an excellent alternative to waxes because the product is made without butane or chemical solvents. This article tells you all you need...

Freezing of few nanometers water droplets

Water-ice transformation of few nm nanodroplets plays a critical role in nature including climate change, microphysics of clouds, survival mechanism of animals in cold environments, and a broad spectrum of technologies. In most of these scenarios, water-ice transformation occurs in a heterogenous mode where nanodroplets are in contact with another medium. Despite computational efforts, experimental probing of this transformation at few nm scales remains unresolved. Here, we report direct probing of water-ice transformation down to 2"‰nm scale and the length-scale dependence of transformation temperature through two independent metrologies. The transformation temperature shows a sharp length dependence in nanodroplets smaller than 10"‰nm and for 2"‰nm droplet, this temperature falls below the homogenous bulk nucleation limit. Contrary to nucleation on curved rigid solid surfaces, ice formation on soft interfaces (omnipresent in nature) can deform the interface leading to suppression of ice nucleation. For soft interfaces, ice nucleation temperature depends on surface modulus. Considering the interfacial deformation, the findings are in good agreement with predictions of classical nucleation theory. This understanding contributes to a greater knowledge of natural phenomena and rational design of anti-icing systems for aviation, wind energy and infrastructures and even cryopreservation systems.

How Do You Peel Your Potato Efficiently?

Thanksgiving is over and many us are grateful for the amazing food we were able to enjoy with family. Jesse asked us about how we prepared our potato dishes and Shelly Brown admitted to burning her hands because someone told her to boil potatoes with skin on and just peel immediately after pulling out of water.

YouTuber Tragically Dies 5 Days After Posting Video Telling His Fans He Wasn't Dead

A YouTuber tragically died just days after posting a video telling his followers that he wasn’t dead. Tor Eckhoff, who was better known by his YouTube username Apetor, uploaded a video on 22 November entitled 'I Am Not Dead, I Am 57 Today', in which he could be seen in a bathtub outdoors with the number 57 written on his head. He knocked back several shots of vodka and some ‘tea liquor’ and also filmed himself kissing a tree and wearing a plastic bag over his head.

Scientific Solutions Teams Up With Whistler Technologies To Offer World Leading Solventless Processing Solutions

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Scientific Solutions Inc, a San Diego-based company focused on equipment sales and training for all-in-one extraction solutions in the Hemp and Cannabis space, is proud to work closely with our supplier Whistler Technologies, the world leader in solventless extraction equipment and process. Whistler Technologies offers state-of-the-art solventless systems, that lead in both the cannabis and hemp space. Whistler Technologies are the true experts in the extraction process from plant to finished products.

SunBird American/Italian Club News

The Italian Club met on Nov. 9. The main topic of discussion was the planned Christmas Party Luncheon to be held at Floridino’s restaurant. The date is Monday, Dec. 6, at 12:30 p.m. Reservations were taken at the meeting. If you missed the meeting and you wish to attend the Christmas Party, contact Frank Nechvatal at 480-883-9262, no later than Dec. 2.

Alison Hammond runs off camera after ice dive wardrobe blunder: ‘Showing too much!’

Reporting live from the sub-freezing temperatures of Lapland, Alison Hammond was joined by a handful of ice water swimmers who braved the temperatures to jump into the chilly waters the country has to offer. Throughout the ITV show, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield had been discussing the health benefits of being exposed temporarily to freezing temperatures and Alison was on hand to try out the experiment firsthand. However, after braving the dive, Alison tried to make it back onto land but left Holly and Phillip in stitches as she revealed she was “showing too much juice”.


When restaurant wait staff members ask if we’d like “something to drink”, our standard reply is “hot water with a wedge of lemon, please.” It started several years ago as an easy alternative to coffee, ice water, a cocktail, or a soft drink. We dine out often, and servers in...

Make This Holiday Parfait the Centerpiece of Your Dessert Table

Think outside the box this season with a colorful, flavorful, and surprisingly easy dessert recipe from a top Hudson Valley chef. Pumpkin and chocolate aren’t frequently paired together, but their flavors actually complement each other quite nicely. Boosted by creamy mascarpone and spiked with the aromatic flavor of amaretto, this parfait is a non-traditional dessert that tastes just as good as it looks. Make it during the holiday season to impress your guests after the main meal wraps.

Rutgers women's soccer advances to NCAA semifinals

On a cold and blustery late November night in Piscataway, in front of 4672 loyal Scarlet Knight fans, the top seeded Rutgers Women's soccer team once again rose to the occasion and kept its dream season alive with a dramatic double overtime tie/penalty kick win over the No. 2 seeded Arkansas Razorbacks.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

This week’s mostly boring, occasionally exciting episode demonstrates the limits of casting this particular group of veterans over and over again. This is only Big T’s fourth time competing on the show, but I can’t go another season hearing her give the same spiel in her confessionals about being underrated and needing to prove herself for the 500th time. I think I mostly wanted her and Logan’s relationship to work out so I could hear her talk about something other than sucking. If she were on Real Housewives, she would either be forced to find a new storyline or get kicked off the show. I feel the same way about Nelson watching him argue with Devin during this episode. Like Jen Shah has shown us on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, simply being a hothead without any other notable qualities (or federal charges) is extremely boring to watch!

use real butter

Copyright jennifer yu © 2004-2021 all rights reserved: no photos or content may be reproduced without prior written consent. More tomatoes? Yes, yes dammit. MOAR TOMATOES. What on earth did you think was going to happen with 77 pounds of tomatoes? We’re not kidding around here, because you know… winter is coming.

Sampling as many activities as possible at Finest Punta Cana

PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic -- "Just pull the rope," the spa attendant said. I was standing in the One Spa at Finest Punta Cana, the first all-ages resort from the Excellence Collection in the Dominican Republic. Finest is adjacent to the adults-only Excellence Punta Cana, and on my early-November visit, I was sampling as many activities and restaurants at both as I could within a short time frame.

The science behind the scoop: Four key factors to consider when making ice cream

This article originally appeared on Independent Media Institute. I'm obsessed with ice cream's inner workings, and a little technical know-how can help perfect frozen creations. What follows is a brief primer on key factors to consider with ice cream: how to properly balance a formula, mastering the right consistency, building proper structure and controlling the size of ice crystals.

Cannabis Global Expands into Solventless Cannabis Extracts at Lynwood Facility

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 23, 2021 / Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTC PINK:CBGL), an innovation-oriented company investing in disruptive cannabis technologies, today announces an important enhancement to its cannabis product manufacturing capabilities at its Natural Plant Extract of California facility in Lynwood, a suburb of Los Angeles. The facility is now producing solventless cannabis concentrates for use in its own cannabis products, including edibles, beverages and prerolls. Most of the cannabis extract products on the market are prepared using solvents such as butane, propane, and carbon dioxide to extract the oils and cannabinoids from the plant. These products ultimately have most of the solvents removed, but the taste profile of the original plant material is altered in the overall process. The solvent-less extraction methods used by the Company instead rely 100% on water, ice, heat and pressure to extract the desirable components from the cannabis plant. “Consumers are increasingly turning to solvent-less products for three reasons: purity, taste and experience,” commented Arman Tabatabaei, CEO of the Company. “We do not have to remove the chemical solvents from these products as none are ever added. It’s just water, heat and pressure. Many consumers prefer the natural taste of solvent-less produced extracts and believe such products offer a superior user experience. We expect continued growth in the marketplace as consumers increasingly gravitate toward these high quality products.” Solvent-less operations at the Company’s Natural Plant Extract of California facility include both ice water hash production, which uses water and ice to separate the valuable trichomes from the plant materials, and rosin production, which uses heat and pressure to produce an ultra-premium concentrate. The Company plans to utilize these solventless concentrates to enhance cannabis products, such as premium pre-rolls, edibles and beverages, which are in various stages of availability and pre-production. About Cannabis…