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If we’re thinking of perfect pairs, coffee and bourbon deserve a top spot. The bitterness of a deep brew matches the nutty, light burn of bourbon, resulting in a smooth sip that takes every cocktail to the next level. Get a taste for this duo yourself in this strong after-dinner...
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This TikTok-Famous Nugget Ice Maker Is $121 Off for Cyber Monday

If you’ve ever lost two hours of your life scrolling through TikTok (just us?), you’ve likely come across a few items you didn’t know you needed. Consider, for example, the GE Profile Opal Countertop Ice Maker, which is $121 off for Cyber Monday 2021 (an even steeper discount than the previous Prime Day sale, FYI). We thought our plastic ice trays were fine and functional until we realized we could make nugget ice at home.
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KDHE: Boil order issued for Schoenchen

TOPEKA — The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has issued a boil water advisory for the city of Schoenchen water supply system located in Ellis County. This advisory is not related to COVID-19. Customers should observe the following precautions until further notice:. If your tap water appears dirty, flush...
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Reusable jelly ‘ice cubes’ never melt

A new type of cooling cube could revolutionize how food is kept cold and shipped fresh without relying on ice or traditional cooling packs. The plastic-free, “jelly ice cubes” don’t melt, are compostable and anti-microbial, and prevent cross-contamination. “When ice melts, it’s not reusable,” says Gang Sun, a professor in...

Top 10 Best ice packs for coolers Reviews

Lasting Cold: Our durable ice pack for both coolers and lunch boxes are colder than ice at 18° F (-8° C) to keep your favorite sandwiches & soft drinks cold for up to 48 hrs. Easy: Filling this 8-mil thick ice-cold pack is easy freezy! Add water once using the funnel, shake, screw cap on, & freeze until ready to use.
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Scientists Invent Reusable, Compostable Jelly ‘Ice Cubes’ That Never Melt

Scientists at the University of California have created a new cooling cube that—unlike ice—can be reused and will never melt. Dubbed the ‘jelly ice cubes’, these plastic-free tools are compostable, don’t grow mold, and are able to prevent cross-contamination when shipping fresh food. “When ice melts, it’s not reusable. We...
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Win £250 worth of NIO Cocktails for New Years Eve

Make this New Year’s Eve one to remember with £250 worth of NIO Cocktails. Host a showstopper celebration with your own unique cocktail menu to surprise and delight your guests this New Year’s Eve. Two winners will each have the opportunity to mix and match 36 cocktails from NIO’s award-winning menu that includes classic favourites like the Cosmopolitan, Margarita and Espresso Martini as well as their signature editions such as Gin Proved and Garden of Russia. You’ll also receive two large ice cube trays created in partnership with The Bars to ensure perfect ice cubes every time and 6 NIO-branded cut-glass tumblers to serve your cocktails in. A fantastic bundle to ensure you have all you need for the perfect start to 2022.

Hilarious Beauty Hacks Only Dads Could Think Of

We love a good beauty hack, and thankfully, they can be found everywhere. A quick search can show you how to make homemade scrubs or rejuvenating masks from basic household finds. However, none of these come close to these hilarious beauty hacks by shared by dads. These hacks give a whole new meaning to creativity, and occasionally, stupidity! Disclaimer: You probably already know, but please do not try these at home or recommend them to the dads in your life.
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Casey Middle School instructor teaches science through learning expeditions

Casey Middle School sixth graders used handheld digital microscopes connected to their laptops to look for differences between cooler and warmer melting blocks — as well as checking out their own skin, hair and clothes. They also experimented with melting different-sized ice cubes on different materials, including a plastic compact...

Why are even ice cubes so expensive, DAP demands of govt

GEORGE TOWN – “Even the price of ice cubes is up,” such was Lim Guan Eng’s tone when raising the alarm over rising costs of essential goods. The DAP secretary-general said that the federal government needs to find ways to reverse the soaring prices of basic necessities including vegetables, fish and meat.

Necessity vs. Expense: The Pros & Cons of Owning an Ice Machine

Each commercial kitchen has different requirements, and business owners have an array of decisions to take care of regarding several components. Commercial kitchen equipment is the deciding factor between the success and failure of an establishment. Needless to say, the kind of equipment you invest in is one of the core areas of focus when you set out on building a new food business. Due to the multiple technical, financial, and logistical concerns involved in the acquisition of commercial kitchen equipment like ice makers, taking a well-informed call is important. We help you decide whether an icemaker is necessary for your business by listing the pros and cons of owning one in the sections that follow.

Ways to Reduce a Child’s Temperature Without Using Medicines

Ways to Reduce a Child’s Temperature Without Using Medicines. It is a good idea to give sponge baths every 2-4 hours, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. To do a sponge bath, first, run a warm shower and adjust the water temperature so it isn’t too hot or too cold. The safest place for your child during this time is in an adult’s arms under the showerhead with another adult standing by right outside the tub…MORE.

6 Kitchen Hacks with Ice Cube Trays

If you think outside the ice cube for a minute, you’ll see that the humble ice cube tray is capable of much more. Today I’m sharing 6 kitchen hacks using ice cube trays. Whether it’s saving leftover ingredients in portions to use as needed, adding a boost of flavor to soups, stews, and steaks, or keeping your favorite cold beverages from getting watered down, a simple ice cube tray can help with all of it. Here are my favorite ice cube tray kitchen hacks!

My Holiday Punch Recipe

It’s officially the holiday season! And in our house, that means having (even more) people over to hang out and be together. We host family and friends pretty regularly at our house, but in the holiday season we really kick it up a notch if we can. I’ve been traveling for a secret HGTV project, and my winter schedule is a bit inconsistent because of that. So that means we have to make the most out of the time that I’m home. I love to have some tried and true recipes on hand for when family and friends pop over. That way you can whip up something delicious and enjoy your time together. Today I’m sharing my holiday punch recipe. It’s festive, easy to mix up, and it involves the prettiest infused ice cubes you ever did see. Cheers! (And P.S. this would go great with my herbed popcorn recipe.)

Researchers develop eco-friendly, reusable ice cubes that do not melt

Ice cubes or traditional cooling packs help keep food cold and shipped fresh; however, ice melts very fast and cannot be used again. Now, researchers at the University of California, Davis, have developed a reusable cooling cube that could revolutionize how food is kept cold. These plastic-free “jelly ice cubes”...

#5 Black Friday Giveaway | Igloo Countertop Ice Maker

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure here. Join in the fun and win some awesome prizes all week!! Today’s giveaway is for all my fellow ice lovers. This ice maker will start making ice cubes in 9 minutes, and will make 26 lbs of ice a day. It’s also completely portable, no need to attach a water line. You add water and it starts working. The screen will tell you when you need to add more water. It also has great reviews from all our other fellow ice crunchers!

Exactly How To Explain Ice

Let the water trendy somewhat to minimize the risk of getting burned and after that pour it right into an ice tray and placed it in the freezer. Fill out a dish with water then unload a great deal of salt into it to prevent it from freezing then placed it in the freezer.

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet ?

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet ? You may be asking yourself, “Can I get dog pee out of my carpet?” The answer is yes. There are many things you can do to help remove the odor and stains from your carpet. Soak up as much urine as possible with paper towels or an absorbent towel before doing anything else. Next, grab a plastic bag and put some ice cubes in it. Place this over the stain for about 10 minutes; the cold will help reduce the smell by drawing any remaining liquid back into the ice cube (which will melt). Then, take off the bag and let it air dry completely overnight before removing all traces of water with a vacuum cleaner on low suction mode (if you have a beater brush, remove the brush from the vacuum and use it to sweep up any remaining water with a damp sponge).

Pamplemousse Intermezzo

This blushing beauty is a refreshing citrus palate cleanser for between courses… Although, it also makes a lovely light sorbet for dessert. It has a glorious grapefruit flavor, thanks to segments of juicy pink grapefruit and Pamplemousse LaCroix Sparkling Water—one of my very faves! Its chill demeanor will energize your taste buds for the next course.