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Hand and footprint art dates to mid-Ice Age

ITHACA, NY.- An international collaboration has identified what may be the oldest work of art, a sequence of hand and footprints discovered on the Tibetan Plateau. The prints date back to the middle of the Pleistocene era, between 169,000 and 226,000 years ago – three to four times older than the famed cave paintings in Indonesia, France and Spain.
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Let the Welcoming Little Village of Elkhart Lake Take Hold

Be prepared to be awed by the brilliant hues of autumn color encircling the Mediterranean-blue waters of Elkhart Lake, WI. The serene setting and pristine waters of this lakeside resort village are the perfect backdrop to reflect on the changing season of fall. With a population of under 1,000 residents,...

Ice age kid’s fossilized handprints in India may be world’s oldest art

Fossilized handprints of children from nearly 200,000 years ago were discovered in India and believed to be some of the world’s oldest art – providing evidence of the earliest human ancestors from the ice age. The impressions, likely of squished hands and sticky mud from children, were preserved in limestone...

Welcome to Yosemite, the new Pyrocene Park

The Pleistocene epoch that began 2.6 million years ago sent ice in waves through Yosemite. Glaciers gouged out great valleys along the Merced and Tuolumne rivers, ice sheets rounded granite domes, cirques sculpted the High Sierra. John Muir traced virtually every landscape feature of Yosemite to its legacy of ice.

Letter to the Editor: We need to address flooding

Two summer storms, one with a Youtube video of someone trying to trap a Koi fish from Tilley Pond swimming aimlessly on the Post Road and the other of the flooding inside the Stop & Shop grocery store in the Goodwives Shopping Center, tell us that assumptions made in years past require a major rethink. From the ice age, Connecticut was left with grooves cut in a north-to-south direction that drains water into Long Island Sound. This flow was restricted in Darien by the building of I-95 in the 1950’s. Engineers who thought their solutions were sufficient then were proved wrong with the flooding at Norton Heights over the years and this summer the system’s culverts and pipes to get the waters through to the Five Mile river were clearly overwhelmed as well.

'Game of Thrones' Ice Wall Towers Over Scottish City During Ice Age

Giant ice sheet more than 3,200 feet thick had once stood tall over what is now modern-day city of Dundee, resembling 'The Wall' from the show Game of Thrones. In a short video Dundee under ice: a view of Tayside during the ice age, it was shown how Scotland was once buried deep beneath a massive ice sheet, looking like the ice Wall towers over the stronghold Castle Black.