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Citroen updates C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV to remind owners to plug in regularly

French automobile manufacturer Citroen has announced that its C5 Aircross plug-in hybrid SUV has received an over-the-air (OTA) update that has enabled the e-SUV to remind to plug in when the battery goes down. Rolled out in the United Kingdom with the intention to help further optimize the petrol-electric powertrain’s efficiency, the updated e-SUV will now notify the owner he/she fails to plug in the EV regularly. The “plug-in reminders” will be displayed on the infotainment system touchscreen in the vehicle’s cabin.
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Ahead of the London ULEZ expansion, PEUGEOT reveals that electrified vehicle owners are travelling further than petrol and diesel drivers

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners travel further in their cars over the space of a week than those driving petrol or diesel cars, according to new research by PEUGEOT. In a study of 1,800 UK drivers*, with a proportionate mix of electric, hybrid, petrol and diesel car owners, PEUGEOT found electric and plug-in hybrid owners cover on average 109 miles in their cars per week, compared to just 88 miles per week for petrol and diesel owners.
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Hyundai Tucson Hybrid review: economical without external charging

Somehow different – that sums up the design of the fourth-generation Hyundai Tucson, which was introduced at the end of 2020, in the friendliest way. The ambition is obvious to challenge the so-called premium brands in the extremely popular class of mid-size SUVs independently, confidently and with high quality. Technically, too, the Tucson goes interesting ways. The two top models with all-wheel drive are available both as state-funded plug-in hybrids and as full hybrids without a plug. We wanted to know whether the hybrid without a plug and with 169 kW system power is a real alternative.

Automotive HVAC Market: Growth Drivers, Future Trend & Regional Analysis by 2025

Global automotive HVAC market is anticipated to depict a CAGR of 6% through 2025, having recorded a valuation of USD 16 billion in 2018. By 2025, the market is expected to hit a remuneration of USD 25 billion. The automotive HVAC market will subsequently benefit from the increased demand for...

Tackling The Hidden Weakness Of Hybrid Powertrains With Liqui Moly

While the rise of all-electric competition cars is a fairly recent thing in the motorsport world – Formula E was the first series to really make headlines, and that started in 2014 – hybrid technology has been around a lot longer and has already benefited from many years of refinement. And, thanks to additive expert Liqui Moly, that development is continuing at pace.

Toyota to Invest $3.4B in US Battery Production

Toyota is the latest company to announce a significant investment in electrifying its vehicles. The project, worth $3.4 billion, will fund battery production in the United States through 2030. The budget is a part of a larger $13.5 billion investment earmarked for battery development and production worldwide. As a part...

As More Electric Vehicles Hit The Market, Interest Accelerates

Consumers have more choice than ever for alternative fuel vehicles. Automakers have steadily introduced new alternative fuel vehicles, further sparking awareness and interest in these segments. Improved infrastructure, greater affordability, support from the government and incentives all help boost interest and adoption of EVs. In a survey from Comscore’s State...
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On the Road Review: Lexus UX250h Hybrid

This is the smallest and least expensive crossover in Lexus’s lineup. In base front-drive trim, starting at $34,025, the subcompact UX200 uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. In tested UX250h hybrid form, starting at $36,225 with standard all-wheel drive, you gain 12 hp and over 20 percent greater fuel mileage. The extra cost and the improved driving verve provided by the electric motor/gas engine combo clearly offset each other — especially since our realized fuel economy surpassed the EPA estimates of 41 city, 38 mpg highway with 44 mpg in the driving that most of us perform daily.
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All electric or plug-in hybrid? How to choose

With electric vehicles (EVs) taking the market by storm, it’s time to start thinking about the car style and model that will work for you. There are plenty of news stories about exciting new EVs, but there are important differences in the types of EVs currently available. With easy-to-use comparison tools, it’s possible to compare EV models to make sure you find the perfect EV for you.

Government Announces Removal Of Incentive From Customers Who Have Pre-Ordered Low Emitting Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles For 2022

This gives no notice for the Retailers, Manufacturers and Finance companies that have contracts for these vehicles and undermines the aim of reducing emissions from the national car fleet. The Government’s announcement yesterday of the removal of a key incentive to help consumers purchase a low emitting Plug-In Hybrid Electric...