Climate Change Alarmism: This Week’s Civil Forfeiture Outrages, Part 3

A fascinating story in the Huffington Post hits a CEI trifecta: abuse of government authority, climate change alarmism, and reckless spending of civil forfeiture funds. It’s now an old story that police departments across the country are increasingly buying surplus military vehicles to use in civilian environments. And if you think there’s something a little disquieting about seeing the cops drive tanks, Humvees, or blast-proof military trucks down Main Street, you’re not alone. The federal 1033 program that arms civilian law enforcement personnel with weapons, vehicles, and gear left over from foreign wars has come under widespread criticism. For instance, after a military vehicle was used to monitor protests this summer and fire tear gas at peaceful protestors, Iowa City council members demanded that the massive, mine-resistant conveyance be returned to the Pentagon.
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Norfolk Southern mandates COVID vaccines for employees

(WTAJ) — Norfolk Southern is requiring all employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 by Dec. 8. This requirement stems from an executive order given by President Joe Biden to require vaccinations for all federal contractors. Norfolk Southern said they determined they are covered under the mandate because they haul tanks, Humvees, and jet fuel for […]
United States Army

405th AFSB moves thousands of vehicles, equipment pieces from north to south of the Alps

LEGHORN ARMY DEPOT, Italy – In line with the 405th Army Field Support Brigade commander’s number one priority to regionally align the brigade’s four battalions and prepare for future Army Prepositioned Stock-2 operations in Poland, about 2,000 vehicles, containers and equipment pieces have been moved from north of the Alps to south of the Alps in the last three weeks.

NS requiring COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees

Written by Mary Beth Luczack, Executive Editor, Railway Age. Our sister magazine, Railway Age, reported yesterday on the NS employee vaccination story. Due to the significance of this announcement, we're reproducing their article below. The move stems from an Executive Order and associated guidance mandating that federal contractors require vaccinations...

An apple a day: Psenka family nourishes cidery dream

If “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” just think what a whole orchard of the crisp autumn fruit can do for a person’s health. The adage certainly applied to Joseph Psenka, Jr., of Leland and Bloomfield Hills. Joe Psenka was a mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, whose family vacationed...

Biden’s Presidential Approval Ratings Declining

The so-named most popular President in our country’s history is now facing some nasty new approval ratings. The President now stands at 43% approval and 53% disapproval in the poll, which was conducted Sept. 1-17. That’s down from a 49%-48% approval/disapproval rating in Gallup’s Aug. 2-17 survey. The president stood at 56%-42% disapproval in Gallup’s June poll. Now the media is trying to blame the drastic decline of his approval rates on Covid-19. Not focusing on the more obvious reasons like our ever-growing gasoline shortage in our country. As we watch our gas prices almost double and almost no gas station anywhere that doesn’t have at least two pumps that are out of service. Another reason the country is feeling insecure about how our president’s ability to run our country is how he poorly dealt with the situation in Afghanistan. Not only was he and his whole staff informed that pulling troops out of Afghanistan would lead to massive terrorist uprisings, but also left 85 billion dollars worth of military equipment including, M4A1s, M16s, various types of sidearms, multiple Humvees with machine guns attached to them, stealth drones, attack helicopters of all kinds, and also a few tanks. All of this was left up for grabs for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Then he abandoned hundreds of Americans and other Afghani men and women who helped with security and intelligence. He also left thousands of innocent men, women, and children who wanted to escape to America up for grabs for the Taliban to capture, torture, and then brutally murder. And his response when he’s asked about the situation he either said he takes “no responsibility” or he just simply turned around and walks away. Then also a drag on his approval polls is the crash of our stock market. During his Presidency the stock market dropped by 777.68 points, yet again he takes absolutely no responsibility somehow finding a way to place the blame on the previous President Donald J. Trump, saying how Trump and his tax-cutting and his handling of the government’s spending doomed him for a stock market crash. Even though the stock market did not crash and the unemployment did not skyrocket until he raised taxes, raised unemployment wages, and removed all Trump restrictions on Government spending. Then there’s his inability to speak a coherent sentence in English for more than a couple of seconds. He stumbles more than a half-paralyzed man going down a flight of stairs. Then there’s the forgetting where he’s at. He once thought he was in “Kingswood community center” then stated, “actually that’s the one down I used to work at, that’s a joke I didn’t know where we were.” So maybe the people’s distrust in our President’s cognitive ability to run our country is valid on many levels. It is a little concerning that his ability to cognitively do anything is dropping very fast.

We Mourn the Loss of a Legend and Friend

We join the aviation community in mourning the passing of Trustee Emeritus S. Harry Robertson Jr. (HonDoc ’72), an aviation legend and great friend to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He died on October 9, 2021 at the age of 87. Robertson was an engineer and inventor. His “Robbie Tank” a self-sealing...

Maine Army National Guard Recruiting at Caribou High School

Thursday is a big day at Caribou High School as the Maine Army National Guard is recruiting and showcasing its career opportunities to students. A Blackhawk helicopter came in from Bangor and landed at the school around 8:45 a.m. to kick off the day. On board was the pilot, a medic and Command Sergeant Major Farag.

NYNG's 106th Rescue Wing trains on beach for winter driving

MASTIC BEACH, N.Y. - Over 100 New York Air National Guard Airmen assigned to the 106th Rescue Wing prepared for winter weather emergencies by conducting driver training on the beach. Driving military vehicles in the beach sand at Smith Point County Park near Mastic Beach replicates driving in snow, explained...

Lexington’s 251st Military Police Company Hurricane Ida relief

LEXINGTON, Tenn. – In late August 2021, Hurricane Ida struck the Louisiana coastline causing significant wind damage and flooding in the surrounding area. Less than 24 hours later, over 320 Tennessee Guardsmen convoyed south to support relief operations in the impacted areas. Of the 320 Soldiers, 80 were military police from Lexington’s 251st Military Police Company.