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After February, Michigan Will No Longer Provide Additional 1.3 Million SNAP Benefits

Once the February Bridge Card deposits are finished, over 700,000 Michigan residents will no longer get additional SNAP food benefits. As the COVID-19 outbreak began, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has been giving additional food aid for almost 3 years. The additional payments will soon come to an end due to a change in federal law.
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Local lawmakers get down to the hard work

As state Rep. Katie Dempsey gears up to review agency budget requests through the Human Resources appropriations subcommittee she chairs, she wants to ensure the basic safety nets are in place. The Rome Republican took to the House floor last week to urge lawmakers to look out for their constituents as the state updates its Medicaid rolls. It’s a federally mandated “unwinding” of the emergency COVID-era regulations. “People who are...

The aging workforce’s effect on electrical safety

Responding is Michael Riccio, CRL, ESM, CSI, IRT-1, global marketing manager, IRISS Group, Lakewood Ranch, FL. Sun Tzu wrote in “The Art of War” that “in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” The manufacturing world and the electrical industry are currently in such a position because of the “silver tsunami” – the coming wave of retirements among older workers – and a severe lack of younger workers entering the field to fill the void. However, they’re also on the possible precipice of an exciting new chapter.

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Before my son graduated from college, we talked about his job search. I, font of wisdom that I am, told him about what it was like when I was young. He, more attuned to the current world, told me that those days died with the horse an buggy. No longer did people knock on doors, send letters directly to the head of Human Resources or the CEO, and lay out why they wanted, and were qualified for, a job in their enterprise. Those days were gone, indeed.

‘I’ve never felt like more of a loser in my life.’

In This Economy? is a Fortune series exploring how people are getting by today, from buying a home to paying down debt to cashing out crypto. We want to hear from readers about how they are maneuvering their finances, careers, and lifestyles in 2023. Email reporter Alicia Adamczyk with your story.

Why The Military is a Good Choice After High School

Many teenagers these days enlist into the military directly after high school. There are many reasons to why all of these kids choose something many adults are too scared to join. Out of the many reasons, the main ones are that they find themselves, free college, learn skills, and more.

A new generation refuses to keep quiet on age discrimination at work

After business executive Louise McCabe won a high-profile employment tribunal case for age discrimination and whistleblowing she found herself being contacted by people from all over the world sharing similar stories. McCabe, 57, was awarded £125,604 compensation including £20,000 for injury to feelings after winning her case against Selazar, an...