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School board may be most important vote this election

There’s a human race. One, homo sapiens. The malarkey about black, white, yellow, or red races was a false construct used to justify slavery and other forms of exploitation of fellow humans. That construct was central to (and a massive flaw in) our democracy. U.S. citizens held slaves. States enforced...
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SAU16/Exeter DEIJ Director Starts Off By Misleading Parents

The Superintendent of SAU16 David Ryan, has been pushing a Critical Race Theory narrative for months. This is not to be confused with the Critical Race Theory discussed and debated at the college level. CRT, at the k-12 level, has turned into a radical worldview that focuses on blaming and...
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Why We Should All Pay Attention To Recent Food Tech Innovations

Food tech is an important industry that has a direct impact on us as a human race. Food tech makes food accessible to people who might not be able to buy food otherwise, but its innovations also help reduce waste and allow for more sustainable ways of producing food. Martin: Consumers are increasingly turning to alternative protein sources to optimize their health and the environment, making it one of the most pressing food technology trends. He says food tech startups and brands are integrating waste reduction practices and zero-waste workflows as a result of growing concerns over environmental impacts.
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Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ (Switch)

Number of Players: 1-4 local with online leaderboards. Thank you Taito for sending us this game to review!. After reviewing the arcade collection of Darius games from last year, I fell in love with the series, and did something I rarely do: I bought Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviors (I'll sometimes abbreviate it as CS) on Steam, despite not having to review it. Even on sale it wasn't exactly cheap, but I enjoyed the series so much, I wanted to support the developer. Once I played the game I purchased, I knew it was the right call –- it has a ton of content, plays great, and looks super sharp at 4K. Color me surprised that when I went to review this game, I realized I'd played much of it already!

Scratching Cat/The Human Race Has One Really Effective Weapon, And That Is Laughter

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Reading Between The Lines On Vicki Gunvalson & Steve Lodge's Press War

Separately, I had been asked to work on Steve Lodge’s gubernatorial campaign a few months back, and had attended a few Zoom meetings and calls with him before I finally decided not to move forward to help, after my preferred candidate Larry Elder had announced to run… This is the perspective of a community organizer with limited interactions with both parties.

Glorious Music for Our Glorious Co-Redemptrix

It is necessary “to snatch the Rosaries from the hands of the old ladies!” How can we forget this declaration from Cardinal Michele Pellegrino (1903-1986), Archbishop of Turin between 1965 and 1977, to his clergy and often heard during the Roman youth of this article’s author? It comes to mind especially in the month of October, which is called the month of the Rosary precisely because of the “spiritual cadence” derived from the liturgical Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary (October 7).

The 6 Best Megan Fox Films of All Time

From ruling the red carpet with her musician boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, to making a splash with her comeback film Till Death, Megan Fox is owning 2021. While the 35-year-old actor has been in the Hollywood scene since 2001, she was put on the map after landing her breakthrough role in Transformers back in 2007. However, some may argue that Jennifer’s Body is actually one of Fox’s best performances, despite the movie being perceived as a critical and commercial flop when it was first released a decade ago.

Spiritual Life Coaching: Transcending the Ego

In the movie, “The Matrix,” Morpheus says to Neo, “You are living in a prison that you cannot smell or taste or touch; a prison for your mind.” Just after college, I worked at a psychiatric hospital where I observed and recorded the behavior of schizophrenic patients. I immediately came to the realization that they were imprisoned in their own minds.