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This Valentine’s Day, Snapchat is paying creators for their bad date horror stories

Snapchat‘s holiday-themed Spotlight Challenges are back, and this time, it’s all about Valentine’s Day. Last month, the platform shelled out a whopping $125,000 to creators who submitted videos for its winter holiday challenges. The Valentine’s Day prize pool is a bit slimmer—$40,000—but top creators in various categories will win between $2,500 and $5,000 each for their Spotlight submissions.
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SayUncle Presents Seven Sweet Releases to Tackle in January

SayUncle Network picks the hottest scenes this week, whittling down the wildest titles to play with. YUM!. Latin Leche goes on holiday with Francis & Gustavo as they size up their friends for a potential wild time in “Swapping, Pt. 1”. Yes Father listens to “Secrets in the Confessional”...
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Buffalo Club?

Buffalo club in Santa Monica is pretty close to my house and I was thinking about finally checking it out tonight. Anyone have any horror stories of going there, or any fun ones you want to share? submitted by /u/iwafford [link] [comments]

Moving to Baltimore

Im moving to Baltimore this summer and have some concerns. While I visit and spend time in the city regularly I have some questions Are wages typical of the rent? Should I immediately get cameras and an alarm if living in a home with a street entrance? Is parking generally included in apartment complexes ( I want to find a row home but am looking at all options) Is crime in the city getting better? I’ve been in some bad neighborhoods for extended periods of time and usually never had an issue but I still hear horror stories of residents getting shot leaving their house in nice neighborhoods. As a new resident what are some dos and don’ts for someone moving from a place like West Virginia submitted by /u/nationdecay [link] [comments]

Monsters, Snow, and Survival: Five Horror Stories Set During Winter

Snow can be magical, softly blanketing the landscape, making everything look beautiful and unreal. But snow and ice can also be dangerous and menacing, and in the hands of horror authors, cold weather can create an atmosphere of real terror. To send a truly memorable shiver up your spine, all that’s needed are some not-so-friendly creatures lurking among the snowdrifts…

Final Fantasy 14 players are sharing horror stories about the toxic housing market

Final Fantasy 14 players are sharing horror stories about the toxic housing market. Things just got worse and worse. Final Fantasy 14 players have been in a state of constant confusion and disbelief about the housing market since the feature was implemented, but the situation seems to have taken a dramatic turn as fans of the franchise have been telling all sorts of horror stories on social media. While some have complained about the sky-high prices or the lottery system, others have come up with tall tales about trolls.

Nerve Gas, Neighborhood Witches, and Forbidden Forests:The Year’s Best Horror Stories Series XI, edited by Karl Edward Wagner

The Year’s Best Horror Stories Series XI (DAW, November 1983). Cover by Michael Whelan. The Year’s Best Horror Stories: Series XI was the fourth volume in this series edited by horror author and editor Karl Edward Wagner (1945–1994). It was copyrighted and printed in 1983 and was the eleventh volume in DAW’s Year’s Best Horror Stories. (We’re half way through the 22-year series!)

Vacation Blunders: Airbnb Horror Stories

Airbnb makes it easy to find a house and book a vacation. It’s become even more popular than hotels in recent years. And there are some really incredible homes you can rent out and enjoy yourself in! But the renting process is not always as seamless as it seems.

Scary Horror Stories by Dr. NoSleep

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Two Flash Fiction Horror Stories: Maria and Lucinda

The long walk downhill from the Tenderloin to North Beach is not the worst walk in the city. It is mostly downhill, and much of it, if not scenic, is at least good for watching people go about their little lives. I stopped at Café Trieste for my usual Americano, and as I stood outside, stashing my wallet in my backpack and wondering if I should have also got a cannoli, a man on a scooter glided along the sidewalk singing Maria. Maria…I just met a girl called Maria….and just as he announced that things would never be the same now that he heard her name, he pulled one foot up on the board of the scooter and glided sleekly towards me.

Soma will test your expectations of what horror stories can say |Techilink

Horror is built on expectation. The thought that there is something dark and terrible could be lurking in the shadows is much more effective than actually seeing the monster. Frictional Games’ infamous breakthrough hit, Amnesia: The Dark Descentstruggled a bit with this game with unseen expectations. Amnesia is still one of the scariest games in recent history, even five years later. But like any video game, the developers had to put the players in control: people who could move at their own pace, reload as many times as they wanted, and Amnesia polygonal stalkers from the shadows and into the light. The presumption of what could be gave way to the knowledge of what was.

Dataviz Horror Story: Jacque Schrag

We’ve all made embarrassing dataviz mistakes, whether we’re beginners or superstars. This series of Horror Stories aims to normalize “failure” as part of professional development. This story comes from Jacque Schrag, a visual journalist at Axios. A version of this article appeared in Nightingale Magazine Issue...

Worse Than “The Glory”? School Commissioner Shares Bullying Horror Stories In Korean Schools

One of the victims were forced to drink urine. Song Hye Kyo‘s most recent hit, The Glory, has taken the globe by storm with just the first half of the show. The story revolves around a victim of school violence who grows up to seek revenge. Compared to usual K-Dramas, The Glory depicts the brutality of school bullying in South Korea way more graphically, to the point where some viewers were confused if it was realistic or exaggerated. But according to a school commissioner, it’s usually worse.

Groom’s Pregnant Mistress Interrupts His Wedding, Screams At Him

It’s a known fact that a disproportionately many MILs are awful to their future daughter-in-laws. We’re sure you’ve at least heard some horror stories from married friends about how MILs like to stick their noses where it doesn’t belong!. While it’s unfair to lump all MILs...

Better Neighborhoods for Property Taxes

Possibly moving to Pittsburgh. I'm not quite sure how property taxes differ from neighborhood to neighborhood but I keep seeing horror stories of reassessment after purchase and crazy property taxes. Are there particular areas where this is less likely to occur or a strategy to avoid it from happening? submitted by /u/no_more_secrets [link] [comments]

Real-life Self Assessment horror stories—plus one neat trick to make it easier

Keir Thomas-Bryant looks at real-life Self Assessment horror stories from accountants—and then outlines one of the best solutions if you're feeling the squeeze. Some years ago, accountants were asked for stories of when their Self Assessment January tax season had proved particularly challenging. Here's two examples that have been...