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Inside the Surreal Trial of the ‘Most Benevolent Terrorist in the World’

HONG KONG – When the court read out his guilty verdict, Tong Ying-kit stared straight ahead and touched the knot of his tie. On July 27, Tong became the first person convicted under Hong Kong’s national security law, which Chinese authorities described as a “sword” hanging over the heads of those who would threaten the country. For the 24-year-old former waiter, the blade had been swung.
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Worried teachers leave Hong Kong fearing China's new security law

HONG KONG: Disillusioned school teachers, who feel threatened by Beijing's strict national security law enacted in June 2020, are leaving Hong Kong. "I told my school if, one day, some students downstairs chant slogans and I would have to call the police to arrest my own students, I could not do that," said Fong, a 45 year old teacher who has emigrated to the U.K.
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Speeches And Prison Snacks Spark Hong Kong Security Arrests

Hong Kong police arrested three student activists on a national security charge of subversion on Monday, citing their group's recent activities including speeches, social media content, street booths and collecting snacks for prisoners. China is remoulding Hong Kong in its own authoritarian image, armed with a sweeping national security law...
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Hong Kong's patriots-only government to tackle housing woes, Lam says

HONG KONG, Sept 21 (Reuters) - Solving Hong Kong's shortage of housing and increasing land supply will be key priorities for authorities under the new, "patriots only" political system imposed by Beijing, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Tuesday. Lam's remarks come after Reuters reported last week that Chinese officials...

New Hong Kong electors chosen, with only 1 opposition member

HONG KONG (AP) — The 1,500-member panel that picks Hong Kong’s next leader will have only one opposition-leaning member, according to results Monday from a tightly controlled selection process amid a crackdown on dissent in the city. Separately, Hong Kong national security police arrested three student members of one of...

Hong Kong election results are in: 1 opposition figure, 1499 pro-Beijing

Only one opposition-leaning candidate has been elected alongside 1,499 pro-Beijing candidates in Hong Kong’s Election Commission on Monday in the city’s first poll since the reforms meant to ensure candidates chosen are vetted as loyal to Beijing.The results were expected by midnight on Sunday but were delayed by several hours due to problems with the ballot verification process, said the authorities, adding that it was probably the incorrect filing of the paperwork by the officials that led to the delays."After improving the electoral system, the new Election Committee consists of a number of subsectors and is broadly representative,"...
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Hong Kong’s Non-Election Is Momentous and Meaningless

Hong Kong has had its first taste of the remodeled electoral system that China designed for the city. As an exercise in competitive politics, Sunday’s vote had all the suspense and spontaneity of a Soviet military parade, though with fewer people. All the same, Beijing has reason to be satisfied with the outcome.

Snacks, books for prisoners spark Hong Kong security law arrests

Hong Kong police have arrested three student activists for “subversion” under the territory’s national security law over the group’s welfare programme for prisoners, street booths and social media content. Senior superintendent Steve Li, from the city’s new national security police unit, announced the arrest of two men and one woman...