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‘So far, so good’: New Glory Hall facility opens on Teal Street

The Glory Hall opened the doors of its new facility Thursday at its new location on Teal Street in the Mendenhall Valley, leaving the shelter’s executive director hopeful for the future. “So far, so good,” said Mariya Lovishchuk, executive director of the longtime Juneau organization that helps provide food and...
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Police: Man Disguises Himself As Homeless Outreach Advocate To Sell Drugs To Unhoused Population In Venice

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Police say a drug dealer disguised himself as a homeless outreach advocate in Venice, taking advantage of the homelessness crisis in the area. The suspect, identified as Gary Featherstone, allegedly set up a tent and dealt PCP and meth to the people he claimed to be helping. According to police, Featherstone also sold sodas and snacks to disguise the drug deals. When he was arrested on Friday, police said they found more than $15,000 in cash inside his tent.
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Homeless losing everything in sweeps

Denver workers watch as a backhoe deposits a homeless encampment into a garbage truck.Denver Homeless Out Loud. It doesn’t help that they’re used to losing everything. Most homeless people whisked from the public right-of-way during encampment sweeps are losing everything they have, a new survey shows, from important documents to family heirlooms.
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The homeless and the ban on camping

In a whispering voice you hear the words, “If you build it, they will come.” That was building a baseball field in the middle of a corn field. But in real life that seems to include homeless encampments. The Whitman County commissioners are considering a camping ban along the Snake...
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Opinion: Why past California homelessness policies failed and what we should be doing now

Decades of rising homelessness in the Bay Area and across California may lead many to conclude that it’s a problem we can’t solve. It’s a false conclusion. The causes of homelessness are manifold and often complex. But they are well known to us and well within our grasp to address. Where we have failed is achieving the scale necessary to solve the problem and deploying our resources in a more efficient and tightly coordinated way.
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The problem with Los Angeles County’s mask mandate

LOS ANGELES — For all the strong reactions the Los Angeles County mask mandate has provoked, it’s not clear whether the directive is generating the response that would both calm fears and reduce covid risk: more vaccinations. Last weekend, Los Angeles County once again began requiring everyone, including the vaccinated,...
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Long Beach to launch new approach to address street homelessness

Long Beach is set to change its strategy for addressing street homelessness early next month. The city has discussed in recent years the idea of moving its Homelessness Education and Response Team, also known as HEART, from the Fire Department to the Health and Human Services Department — and officials announced this week that the transition has begun.
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Deputies: California man posed as homeless advocate to sell drugs

LOS ANGELES — A California man who describes himself as a homeless advocate is accused of selling drugs to transients in the Venice area of Los Angeles, authorities said. Garry Featherstone, 65, was arrested Thursday and charged with possession of phencyclidine (PCP) for sale and possession of methamphetamine for sale, according to a news release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
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Letters: Sexuality in schools; disappointed in rude people

I was at the Neighborhood Connections meeting last week. I’d like to thank Deputy Mayor Susan Honda and Councilmember Linda Kochmar for pulling it together, and I’m glad it was at the Community Center. There were some in attendance who seemed unaware that before COVID, Neighborhood Connection meetings happened relatively often. This was not a first.
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Rude Man Shames Homeless Man in Town’s Park - Story of the Day

An entitled man hated that a homeless man lived around his favorite park in town and wanted him gone. But after a chance encounter, he discovered the truth about this stranger, and it changed everything. Paul Douglas worked at the municipal construction company, which oversaw parks and recreation areas around...