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Here are the best albums of 2021 (so far)

It's brutal out there; thankfully, the last six-plus months have given us plenty of new music to scream along with, curl up in a ball over, or just genuinely smile about. We think the 14 albums below are 2021's best of the bunch (so far) - from Gen Z classics in the making to campfire-ready country-folk to a blend of Haitian and street politics from your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.
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If You're Not Familiar With Lucy Dacus's Indie-Rock Sound Yet, This Playlist Is For You

Lucy Dacus has come crash landing into the soundtrack of our lives, and the ricochet of moody guitar riffs against our eardrums is worth every ounce of heartbreak in her lyrics. A mix of indie love songs and angsty rock ballads, Dacus's music takes an introspective approach to songwriting, radiating a bittersweet energy that's left us wistful for more. Fans of Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker will know her as one third of rock supergroup Boygenius, but the 26-year-old solo artist has also released two albums of her own: 2016's No Burden and 2018's Historians.
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Home Video

Lucy Dacus’ third album, Home Video, explores a slice of 2000s Christian youth culture from the perspective of a girl who lived through it. It was a time when kids had newfound access to prurient websites, movies, and music through the internet. Church leaders enforced rigid rules about anything a young girl might read, watch, or listen to. In a recent interview with Esquire, Dacus recalls a pastor who forced her to delete every secular song on her iPod. She mostly complied, but did fight to keep Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars.”
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Lucy Dacus Pays a Loving Visit to Her Younger Self on ‘Home Video’

The past is a place fraught with pain, idealism, and unreliable recollections. The experience of revisiting your adolescent diaries proves this, often making you question how well you knew yourself, your desires, and your innermost thoughts. This is an exercise Lucy Dacus undertook when writing the songs for her third full-length album, Home Video, a collection of songs soaked in the kinds of confessional truths we hold closest to the chest. Dacus reckons with her own memory, finding humor, humility, and sadness in the details, like Easter eggs. She tackles the shame of growing into yourself in an environment steeped in religion, navigating sexuality, queerness, friendships, and firsts, deftly chronicling coming of age in Richmond, Virginia. The lyrics across Home Video are profoundly specific, immersing us in Dacus’ history yet still allowing us to see ourselves in it.

Lucy Dacus – “Chasing Cars” (Snow Patrol Cover)

You know we’re big fans of Lucy Dacus around these parts, and you know how much we love her new album Home Video. It’s our reigning Album Of The Week, and it had previously appeared on our list of the best albums of 2021 so far. The whole thing will finally be out in the world this Friday, but before then Dacus is celebrating with a Snow Patrol cover.
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Lucy Dacus knows compassion is the best way to acknowledge the past

Every morning, Lucy Dacus refrains from speaking for as long as she possibly can. It’s a routine that can keep her silent until noon most days, but she always strives for at least one hour. This practice isn’t all that surprising for someone who writes such evocative and perceptive songs, but it’s one that kept her grounded while she explored the past on her forthcoming third record, Home Video.

Review | “a towering work that lays everything bare” Lucy Dacus – Home Video

In my first listen to Home Video, I focused on the words. The second time around, the sound. The third time, everything at once. Every time, I found something new that I loved about it. Much like its namesake, Lucy Dacus third offering revisits the past through the distance prism of the present, drawing from memories with the same fuzzy obscured milieu of a documentary shot on VHS tape.

Doja Cat's 'Planet Her' & 6 More Albums To Stream This Friday

And in a flash another new music Friday is almost here: here are the 7 new albums worth paying attention to. It’s the first official weekend of summer so naturally the current reigning song of the summer queen, Doja Cat, had to bless us all with her highly-anticipated new album Planet Her. The singer’s first new music since her 2019 viral record Hot Pink, Planet Her is expected to be one of the year’s must-hear projects. Especially if you consider the chart-topping power of her massive single “Kiss Me More” with SZA, a song that’s definitely made of drugs.

Big Ups: Lucy Dacus Picks Her Bandcamp Favorites

The narrative around singer-songwriter Lucy Dacus’ album Home Video is centered in nostalgia, but in the sense of using it to look back, not move forward. Where Dacus’ last album, Historian, saw her in the process of archiving of the past, Home Video praises what she’s collected, compartmentalized, and examined since.
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27 New Songs Out Today

HALF WAIF - "HORSE RACING" The electronic-heavy, synthy "Horse Racing" is the latest single off Half Waif's new album Mythopoetics, and about it, Nandi Rose writes, "I started writing 'Horse Racing' in an Airbnb in Brooklyn that week in March 2020 when everything got really real. Alone in an unfamiliar apartment, as an unseen force took over our lives, I was struck by how much of a wake-up call it all was. How we were being shaken by our shoulders and told to face something really ugly and monstrous about our ways of being. It felt like we were race horses who had only just realized we were on a track, going around again and again. There’s no end in a circle. And maybe now that we recognized this, we could break out of it, bust right out of the ring - which is what the end section feels like sonically to me. A shot at freedom."
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Watch Lucy Dacus Perform “Brando” on Kimmel

Lucy Dacus was the musical guest on last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! She performed “Brando,” which appears on her forthcoming album Home Video. The segment was filmed at the Theatre Gym at the Virginia Repertory Theatre, and features dancers Egbert Vongmalaithong and Christina Leoni-Osion. Watch it happen below.

Album of the Week: Lucy Dacus – Home Video (2021 LP)

Drenched in nostalgia and melancholia, Lucy Dacus does sadness at its best and most potent. Now onto her third album, Dacus returns with Home Video, eleven songs that are a deep dive into her coming-of-age years in suburban America. Written mostly from a bibliographical viewpoint, much of Home Video is Dacus exploring her own being, while every-so-often changing the gaze of the song to be one that is centred on Dacus’ observations of others in her life, rather than an introspective look at herself.

Lucy Dacus interview: ‘I always wished that I’d had a more joyous journey with sexuality’

A couple of years ago, Lucy Dacus made a decision to revisit her old self. During a trip to her parents’ house in Richmond, Virginia, the musician dug through journals and home movies from her religious coming-of-age years, hoping to draw inspiration for her next album. If ever the video camera was on when she was a kid, Lucy Dacus remembers telling herself, “OK, God’s here. Be good.” The singer-songwriter is known for her thoughtful, candid lyrics and magnetic melodies, but on this trip she achieved a new level of insight about who she is for the resulting release, Home Video.