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5 Bedroom Orinda Home Has Serene View: $2M

LAMORINDA, CA — This 5 bedroom home has lovely views, and a 400 square foot deck to enjoy your morning coffee and the scenery. See 34 photos of this Orinda home. The three level home has the main living area and master suite on the top floor; 3 bedrooms, an office and den and a full bathroom on the second; and a studio with laundry, kitchen, and bath on the bottom level.
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One overlooked driver of the Great Resignation? Fraying office friendships

This is the web version of Worksheet, a weekly newsletter on how you can work smarter in these turbulent times. Sign up to get it delivered free to your inbox. Forging friendships at work isn’t just a nice-to-have perk. Companies can go stale when employees aren’t getting chummy. And these days, with so many of us remote, we are very much not.

Plans to welcome more than 200 Afghan refugees to Birmingham

Birmingham is set to welcome 220 Afghan refugees to the city by 2024. Earlier this year 80 Afghan interpreters and their families were resettled in Birmingham following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, which was part of phase one of the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Programme (ARAP). And now a...

What did MPs want to change in Priti Patel’s controversial immigration bill?

The Nationality and Borders Bill – a series of proposals, spearheaded by home secretary Priti Patel, which the government says will “fix the UK’s broken asylum system” - has cleared the House of Commons this week.The Home Office has said the tragedy in the Channel last month, in which 27 people drowned while trying to cross to the UK on a small boat, demonstrates why it is important that the new legislation is passed.However, the bill has faced fierce criticism and more than 80 pages of amendments were tabled to it. Many of these amendments were put forward by MPs...

Asylum seekers will still not be allowed to work, Home Office review concludes

Asylum seekers in the UK will remain unable to work after a long-awaited Home Office review of the policy banning them from entering into employment concluded that it required “no further changes”.Immigration minister Tom Pursglove announced on Wednesday that, despite widespread calls for the ban to be lifted – including from Tory ministers, it must remain in place in order to “reduce pull factors to the UK, and ensure our policies do not encourage people to undercut the resident labour force”.In December 2018, the then-home secretary Sajid Javid told Parliament that he would like to review the ban following findings...

5 Ways to Make Your Office a Productive Environment

Whether you’ve been out of work, working from home, or are an essential worker, there are a few things we’ve discovered about this pandemic. Not only are many of us able to stay as productive at home, but we all also need to cultivate an environment that is conducive to it. For many of us, the office is that space we need to curate to our advantage. Luckily, there are some clear ways that we can make our office the productive environment we all need to get work done. Read below for a few ways to make your office more productive and comfortable.

7 Tips To Create A Garden Office From A Shed

Work-from-home is the new norm, with many companies encouraging their employees to work remotely. This has opened up our creative minds, with many people looking for exciting ways to create the perfect environment for work and productivity. Garden offices have risen to serve this purpose pretty well. Garden offices make...

Should foreigners in the U.K. worry about new borders bill?

These are indeed, worrying times for naturalised British citizens of foreign descent. With all the chaos currently being caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there is much to worry about. Under the new Law, Individuals could be stripped of their British citizenship without warning under a proposed rule change quietly added...

Labor law – insured at home office – economy

An employee who falls out of bed at home for the first time in the morning is covered by statutory accident insurance in accordance with a decision of the Federal Social Court (BSG). According to the 2nd Senate, climbing the stairs to the home office was only used for the first time at work and is therefore provided as a service in the interest of the employer. In the specific case, an area sales manager sued the Field Service who slipped down a spiral staircase on the way to work from his room to the home office one floor below and broke a thoracic vertebrae in the chest. process.