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‘Devoted’ father found dead in street was shot and victim of acid attack

A “devoted” father who was found dumped on a street with “potentially hazardous” substances on his body was shot and the victim of an acid attack, police have said. The body of Liam Smith, 38, was discovered at around 7pm on Thursday in Shevington, a suburb of Wigan.Greater Manchester Police said on Sunday officers believe Mr Smith was the subject of “a fatal gunshot wound and an acid attack”.The force added: “Detectives are working tirelessly to establish the exact details of this murder, which took place in unique and shocking circumstances on a quiet residential street.“Following examination and tests,...
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The ‘forgotten’ lives lost waiting for asylum in Britain

When he arrived in the UK, Iranian national Shayan Zal Dehnavi was placed in a Home Office-provided hotel in Leicester while he waited to be told if he could stay in Britain. The conditions, according to another man on his floor, were “miserable”.Soon after arriving, Shayan was stabbed in an apparently random attack, and the 24-year-old suffered a mental health crisis. Officials said he was directed to a GP and offered “additional support” but, despite guidance suggesting that people in Shayan’s situation should be moved into better accommodation as quickly as possible, he was kept in the hotel. Two months...
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Tory MPs urge PM to change law to ease migrant crisis

More than 50 Tory MPs have urged Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to alter "quirks" in modern slavery laws to make it easier to send some migrants home. The letter, arranged by former Brexit Secretary David Davis, demands those travelling from "safe countries", such as Albania, be returned more quickly. The...
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Britons have wised up to the benefits of immigration. It’s about time politicians did too

For political veterans, the recent arguments over immigration have a very familiar feel: dire warnings of crisis as official statistics show record numbers of people coming to Britain to work, study and join their families, while a dysfunctional Home Office struggles to cope with a new wave of refugees; a beleaguered government pledging to clamp down, yet lacking the means or will to do so. All are familiar plot lines from past political dramas on immigration 10 or even 20 years ago. The political responses are predictable too – social conservatives thunder about the failure, yet again, to deliver the swingeing cuts they claim voters demand. Liberals prevaricate and change the subject, afraid their arguments are doomed to fail with a sceptical electorate. All the players are locked into the same old roles. None of them seems to realise the script has changed.

Father found dead in Wigan was shot and attacked with acid, say police

A man whose body was found covered in a "potentially hazardous" substance had been fatally shot and doused in acid, police have said. Liam Smith was found dead in the Wigan suburb of Shevington on Thursday evening, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP). The 38-year-old's body was discovered on "rough...

The Best Cyber Monday Laptop and Home Office Deals

Thanksgiving has ended, and that means there are Cyber Monday laptop deals abound. But that’s not all. We’ve collected a bunch of deals on other home office necessities, from our favorite office chairs and standing desks to keyboards and mice. Take a look below. It’s a good time to improve your work-from-home setup.

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Quick Home Improvement Projects You Can Complete Before 2023

Autumn is in full swing, which means the year is drawing to an end. If you're like a lot of homeowners, you started off the year with a long list of home improvement projects, and you didn't complete as many as planned. But have no fear — there's still time to turn things around. Our real estate agents are excited to share some quick home improvement projects you can still complete by the end of the year.

Diphtheria spreads among Channel migrants dispersed from Manston

Concerns have been raised about the spread of diphtheria among Channel migrants after reports that dozens have come down with the highly contagious disease after being held at the Manston detention centre in Kent. The Home Office has confirmed that one man who died after being held for days at...

Villagers left reeling after violent death of kind hearted dad in quiet street

A ‘quiet sleepy village’ has been left rocked by the murder of a ‘devoted dad’ who was found shot and attacked with acid. The body was discovered on Kilburn Drive, in Shevington, on Thursday (November 24) at around 7pm. It has since been identified as 38-year-old Liam Smith.

Privacy at work and the rise of the “silent space”

Employees of Levenfeld Pearlstein, a Chicago law firm, prepare to move in January – from the center of the city’s business district to the riverfront – by clearing work trash from their desks and driving home them their personal effects. Not only will the new workspace be smaller (from 53,000 square feet to approximately 37,500), but there will also be fewer assigned desks.

Office scenes of domesticity mask a few home truths

Something odd happened during the interregnum of the pandemic. The office came home. And then it wouldn’t leave. Those of us whose work could be done by laptop found unexpected spaces in our homes being reimagined as offices: landings, spare bedrooms, kitchen tables, dressing tables, beds, under-the-stairs Zoom rooms.