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The 'Home Alone' house could be yours for a night

Calling all fans of Christmas movie classics: The iconic house from the 1990 film Home Alone will be available to rent on Airbnb for one night only this holiday season. Up to four lucky mischief makers will be able to stay in the McCallister family's house on the night of Dec. 12 for just $25, the rental company announced on Wednesday. Renters can request to book the suburban Chicago property beginning Dec. 7 at 1 p.m. CT.
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The 'Home Alone' house could be yours for one night only

(CNN) — Calling all filthy animals: Airbnb is renting out the "Home Alone" house this month for one hijinks-filled night. The very same Chicago-area home that saw a young Macaulay Culkin get the better of the buffoonish Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern will be available for one overnight stay on December 12. Oh, and it'll run you the same amount as a couple of pizzas -- just $25.
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You Can Soon Book the ‘Home Alone' House on Airbnb

For the first time ever, the iconic Home Alone house in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka will be available for an overnight stay on Airbnb this holiday season. And while you don't have to worry about sharing a bed with bed-wetter Fuller, you won't get the chance to make everyone in the family disappear — since your host for the evening will be Kevin McCallister's big brother, Buzz, and his pet tarantula, according to Airbnb.

Home Alone house available to book on Airbnb

Home Alone fans can now live out their childhood dreams by spending the night in the film's iconic house. The house - home to the McCallister family in the 1990 Christmas classic - has been made available on Airbnb for one night only. Located in the Chicago area, the home...

The 'Home Alone' house will be available to rent for $25 this holiday season

CHICAGO — Pack your American Dental Association-approved toothbrush and get ready for an experience that would have your 8-year-old self jumping on your parents’ bed. The famous house from the classic Christmas movie “Home Alone” will be available to rent for one day only later this month, allowing four guests to relive their favorite scenes from the movie in real life.

Stay in Winnetka’s ‘Home Alone’ house this season through Airbnb and encounter booby traps, mac and cheese, and a tarantula

First, it was the Pie House in Deerfield, then it was Scottie Pippen’s Highland Park home for the Summer Olympics. Now it’s the McCallisters’. An overnight stay at Winnetka’s “Home Alone” house will give up to four guests the chance to relive their favorite scenes from the 1990 holiday classic on Dec. 12 for $25, plus fees and taxes, through Airbnb. The one-night-only stay will be available ...

The Home Alone house is available to rent on Airbnb, you filthy animals

If you have questionable parenting skills, a predilection for haphazard theft, or even if you've just been abandoned by your family for the holidays — accidentally or not — well, does Airbnb have an offer for you!. In scenic [checks notes] Winnetka, Ill., sits the iconic house from the 1990...

You can book a night at the real-life "Home Alone" house on Airbnb

Wake up to an empty home filled with possibilities for holiday hijinks just like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. To celebrate the release of Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney+, Airbnb is giving people the chance to book a stay for up to four guests at the McCallister residence. The...

Original 'Home Alone' House Available For Airbnb Rental

Keep the change, ya filthy animal... Home Alone is widely regarded as one of the most iconic Christmas films ever released. Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin in the cult classic where his family leaves him on his own. The infamous house of the McCallisters is now available to rent for...