Hadley property has a Hollywood twist

HADLEY — It’s hard to believe anyone would equate the rustic, quiet town of Hadley with glitz and glamour. Yet back in the 1950s, a farm on Dean Mountain Road was a gathering place for Hollywood and Broadway elites – Mickey Rooney, Humphrey Bogart, Debbie Reynolds, Nat King Cole, Perry Como and later, chess legend Bobby Fischer. They often flew in on its private airstrip to visit and stay with the stage and film lyricist Joseph McCarthy Jr., and his wife, actress Veronica Lake, famed for her sexy peek-a-boo hairstyle and femme fatal roles.
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Fugitive Task Force Takes Custody of Hollywood Double Murder Suspect

Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA: Marvin Francell Williams, identified as the shooter in a double murder in Hollywood, was located and taken into custody on June 22, 2022. Los Angeles Police Department’s West Bureau Homicide Detectives identified Williams as the murder suspect in the shooting deaths Natalie Campbell, 35, and 40-year-old Ajani Patridge on a street in Hollywood on June 16, 2022. Detectives said Williams was in a dating relationship with Campbell and the crime involved domestic violence. Police reported her children were in a nearby vehicle when the shooting occurred.
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Pedestrian Struck and Killed by Amtrak Train

NORTH HOLLYWOOD – A pedestrian was struck and killed Friday evening by an Amtrak Pacific Surfliner train in North Hollywood. Firefighters were called at 10:15 p.m. to 12323 Sherman Way, near the Hollywood (170) Freeway, where the pedestrian was pronounced dead, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart.

Hollywood Companies Such As Netflix, Disney Respond In Wake of Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade Decision

As today’s Supreme Court decision to rule Roe v. Wade unconstitutional reverberated across the country, Hollywood companies and agencies responded in mass to assure their employees and staff remain protected, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Many companies including Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, and agencies like WME, CAA, and UTA, forwarded statements emphasizing certain health protections and reimbursements for employees who may have to travel for reproductive health services.

‘Lightyear’ flop is a sign audiences are weary of Hollywood wokeness

Hollywood was founded by, and for generations run by, pure showmen who were fanatically devoted to giving the audience what it wanted. Today Hollywood’s message is, “Let us entertain you! But first, a brief lecture on what’s wrong with you, the audience . . .” Artists and entertainment corporations have always been desperate to be taken seriously, hence their need to manufacture respectability via awards given out by high-falutin’, august-sounding institutions such as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (Sciences? You guys are creating pretty pictures, not curing cancer). The Oscars originally went to box-office giants — glossy romantic dramas...

Rikishi about The Rock's childhood: He was always in the gym

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi talked about The Rock and how he looked like a boy. It was clear that he would become a big star. "Well, the Rock was younger and we weren’t really around each other that much, you know? I’m from the West Coast, he was out there on the East Coast,” Rikishi said for The Brandon Robinson of Bally Sports, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

Blade Runner Had A Brilliantly Simple Solution For Putting The Shine In Replicants' Eyes

2019 has come and gone, and it didn't look much like the flying-car future envisioned by Ridley Scott's "Blade Runner" in 1982. However, as the movie turns 30, it remains a sci-fi classic that continues to find new fans and influence new generations of filmmakers, such as Christopher Nolan, who drew inspiration from it for "Batman Begins" and who has his own hot take about what the best version of "Blade Runner" is.