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Sunisa Lee didn’t owe the U.S. gold. Her victory is a gift, especially to her Hmong community.

Phillipe Thao is a writer and second-generation Hmong American who lives in St. Paul, Minn. In the Hmong culture, we have a saying, “Hmoob yuav tsum hlub Hmoob. Leej twg yuav hlub Hmoob?” The first sentence translates to, “Hmong have to love Hmong.” The second part asks, “Who else will love Hmong?” As members of a displaced ethnic group from Southeast Asia, love for our people is all we have when there is no place to call our own. Sunisa Lee’s Olympic gold medal in the women’s gymnastics all-around competition is a win for the country, for Asian Americans and, most of all, for her fellow members of the Hmong diaspora.
Picture for Sunisa Lee didn’t owe the U.S. gold. Her victory is a gift, especially to her Hmong community.

Suni Lee and an epochal moment for Hmongs in America

CNN — The story of Suni Lee’s rise as Olympic gold medalist in many ways reflects the larger struggles of the Hmong people as one of the country’s most marginalized Asian American groups. Lee, 18, winner of the women’s individual all-around gymnastics final, is the first Hmong American Olympian. Like...
Picture for Suni Lee and an epochal moment for Hmongs in America
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Minnesota's Hmong community celebrates Suni Lee's historic gold medal

Kaohly Vang Her could not contain her joy. Suni Lee, who had competed in the same local gym with her daughters, had just won an Olympic gold medal. But that's not all Her thought as she watched the triumph on the world stage unfold from an Oakdale viewing party with more than 300 family members and fans.

Gymnast Sunisa Lee's Gold Medal Elates Her Hometown Hmong Community

Minnesota native Sunisa Lee, also known as Suni, is an 18-year-old high school graduate, but she is no stranger to facing immense pressure. And while she's risen to the tops of world gymnastics, she's still grounded in her home Hmong community. Lee won gold in Thursday's individual all-around competition, sending...
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Meet Suni Lee, gold medalist and the first Hmong American Olympic gymnast

Team USA’s gold-medal gymnastics champion Sunisa “Suni” Lee is an 18-year-old Minnesota native who secured the top prize in the all-around contest during her Olympic debut in Tokyo. Lee earned a spot in the all-around contest after placing third in the qualifying event but she wasn’t expected to take home...

Sunisa Lee Is A Beacon Of Hmong American Pride

Here's what it sounded like in Minnesota, where Sunisa Lee's family, friends and supporters gathered to watch her compete. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: Fourteen points. (APPLAUSE) SHAPIRO: That's the moment they realized she won the gold medal. She may now be the biggest Hmong American star ever. Angela...

Hmong community in Eau Claire cheers on Sunisa Lee

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - American gymnast Sunisa Lee is being celebrated across the country after her gold medal win in Tokyo. Some of the loudest cheers are coming from those in the Hmong community, excited to be represented on the world stage. The Hmong gymnast won the gold medal...

Who are Hmong Americans?

HMONG Americans are a minority ethnic group in the USA mainly living across certain states. Most Hmong Americans are either those that immigrated to the United States as refugees in the late 1970s or are their descendants. Here we explain all you need to know. Who are Hmong Americans?. The...