Delivery vehicle HMI must be simple and integrated

While working on bustling city streets to ever-tightening schedules, the last thing any last mile delivery driver needs is to be frustrated by their vehicle’s human-machine interface (HMI) design. Clunky integration of voice controls and satellite navigation can hamper a driver’s productivity and concentration, resulting in late deliveries and, in the worst-case scenario, a crash. Mastering HMI design in this commercial vehicle segment is vital.
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Connected Car News: Omnitracs, INRIX, Marvell, AWS, Samsung, Bosch, Seimens, TomTom, Iteris & Convestro

In connected care news are Omnitracs, INRIX, Marvell, AWS, Samsung, Bosch, Seimens, TomTom, Iteris and Convestro. Omnitracs, LLC, a Solera company, announced a new all-in-one fully configured mobile device solution for Omnitracs One. The new solution addresses mobile expertise challenges within a fleet’s business, while promoting consistency, increasing productivity, eliminating multi-vendor sourcing, and providing quick replacement of driver tablets when needed.
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Commercial vehicle HMI must build trust with drivers

Countless headlines have touted the near-term promise of autonomous trucks in recent years: “Fully autonomous fleets are just around the corner”; “self-driving is coming for truckers’ jobs”; “fully autonomous ride-hailing to roll out this year.” But to date, the promise of true autonomy in commercial vehicles (CVs), laden down with a host of regulatory, liability and legal hurdles, has yet to be fulfilled.
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Creform Tite-Space AGV with Cart

Creform Corporation (Greer, SC) has designed and built a compact AGV with fabricated cart that provides a manufacturer with the ability to hold automotive front-end modules during assembly. The Creform BST AGV, Model CA-250060-NSI-K9 works as an automated tugger, traveling along a magnetic tape guidepath, slipping under the stationary cart,...

Top 10 Testing Tools for Web Applications

Web Application Testing Tools such as Tools for automated testing and Crossbrowser Testing tools, Performance testing tools, Error tracking system, etc. Today’s IT community has many useful and high-quality testing tools. With the functionality of these tools, you can do checks during software development. The next section will focus on...
Control Engineering

Connected automation components ease plant floor pain points

Standardizing integrated software and hardware suites can help manufacturers gain data insights, reduce pain points and more with digital twin, cloud and virtual reality (VR) technology. Connecting PLC and HMI simulation with digital twin technology lets engineers visualize plant settings./li>. A wastewater facility upgraded its automation hardware and software and...

Asia Pacific Human Machine Interface Market is expected to reach CAGR value 10.7% by 2027| Business Market Insights

Human Machine Interface is a user interface or dashboard that connects users to machines, systems, or devices. The term is technically applicable to any screen that allows the user to interact with the device, but the Human Machine Interface is most commonly used in the context of industrial processes. The human-machine interface market in Asia Pacific is expected to grow from US$ 1,139.1Mn in 2019 to US$ 2,535.1Mn by 2027; it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 10.7% during 2020–2027.

North America Industry 4.0 Market To Grow By 15.8% Growth Statistics 2021, Industry Trends, Size, Share, Business Strategies, Emerging Technology, Top-Countries Data, Players Analysis, Demand Status and Forecast 2030

North America Industry 4.0 market is expected to grow by 15.8% annually in the forecast period and reach $80.5 billion by 2030 driven by the improved operational efficiency and productivity, rising R&D investment, and significant technological advancements in Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, 5G network, extended reality including AR & VR, and machine learning.

Portable game console runs RetroArch on SigmaStar SSD202D processor

SigmaStar SSD202D “Smart Display” dual-core Cortex-A7 processor has found its way into the MIYOO mini portable game console compatible with RetroArch Linux distribution. Initially designed for industrial smart displays or other HMI applications, we’ve already seen the low-cost Arm Linux processor with 64MB (SSD201) or 128MB (SSD202D) memory has been integrated into a gateway, a single board computer, and M5Stack UnitV2 AI camera devkit, but somehow, it’s now gone into a consumer device.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market Growth, Size, Competitive Situation 2021, Trend Analysis, Product Scope, Industry, Factors

Global Human Machine Interface (HMI) industry valued approximately USD 3.3 billion in 2016 is anticipated to grow with a healthy growth rate of more than 9.3% over the forecast period 2017-2025. Human Machine Interface (HMI) Market report contains detailed information on factors influencing demand, growth, opportunities, challenges, and restraints. It...

2022 Vauxhall Astra

Practical, stylish and spacious: Vauxhall reveals All-new Astra Sports Tourer. •Premiere: All-new Astra Tourer is the first Vauxhall estate to feature Vauxhall's new bold and pure design philosophy. •Electrified: Immediately available at start of sales with plug-in hybrid powertrain. •Spacious: Practical boot offers up to 1634 litres of stowage. •Clever:...

The Safest Model Roller Coaster

[Jared Holladay] is a computer engineering student at the University of Cincinnati and a life-long roller coaster fanatic. A lot of people look at roller coasters as an exciting example of physics, like potential energy versus kinetic energy or inertia, and rightly so. [Jared] looks at them and wonders about the controls. Video also below and there is a feature-length explanation with more details. Some Hackaday readers and writers can identify the components, so we think his coaster model belongs here.

BST AGV from Creform holds automotive front-end modules during assembly

Creform Corp. has designed and built a compact AGV with fabricated cart that provides a manufacturer with the ability to hold automotive front-end modules during assembly. The BST AGV, model CA-250060-NSI-K9, works as an automated tugger, traveling along a magnetic tape guidepath, slipping under the stationary cart, extending a tow pin into the cart’s frame, and then conveying it to a designated workstation or unload point.

Regal Modsort Trident offers three-way sortation system

Regal Beloit Corp. showcased its new Modsort Trident three-way sortation system at Pack Expo. The Modsort Trident has a four-zone infeed that gaps a product, reads the package and sends it down a belt, where it then diverts left, right or straight on a 30-degree spur-curve to one of three sorting locations. A concept of Regal and a continuation of the company’s quiet Modsort technologies, the Modsort Trident is ideal as a secondary sortation station in a fulfillment center and works well with parcel post, eCommerce and warehouse distribution applications, the company says. The sortation system can accommodate as many as 50 cartons a minute on average, with a weight limit of 50 pounds. It utilizes a 34-inch-wide (between frame) by 66-inch-long triple-belt divert for polybags, boxes, flats and some types of totes. Designed to be mobile, the technology uses 24-volt DC power and requires only a simple power drop and Ethernet connection to a customer’s warehouse management solution. Other features of the Modsort Trident include frame mounted HMI operator control panel with pushbuttons for start/stop, reset, communications fault, and emergency stop; Allen-Bradley-based PLC controller/power panel and Allen-Bradley Stratix network switch; a compact Logix 5380 processor; and a digital/analog input/output backplane array.

HMI Software Market 2021 Increasing Demand, Growth Analysis, and Strategic Outlook -2026

The research report of “ HMI Software Market” study report covers all main geographical regions and sub-regions in the world and focuses on product sales, cost, and HMI Software market size and growth opportunities in these regions. The HMI Software market industry provides market research data status categorizes the HMI Software market into key dynamics, region, type and application.

Microchip launches advanced, automotive maXTouch touchscreen controller

As the automotive market continues to demand larger touchscreens with more flexibility in size and shape, Microchip Technology has launched a new maXTouch touchscreen controller, which lets automotive designers satisfy various and unique aspect ratios for touch displays in cars. This new offering includes additional functional safety support specifically requested...

Latest Report on Factory Automation and Industrial Control System Market 2021 Global Industry Type, Size, Key Players like Schneider Electric SE, Rockwell Automation Inc., Honeywell International Inc.,

The automation industry has been transformed by the combination of digital and physical aspects of manufacturing aimed at providing optimal performance. In addition, the goal of reaching zero waste production and reducing the time it takes to acquire a market has also increased the growth of the market. Automation of manufacturing processes provided a number of benefits, such as easier monitoring, overcoming waste, and speed of production. This technology provides customers with standardized quality and reliable products at the right time and at a much lower cost. Connecting industrial machines and equipment and collecting real-time data has played a key role in the integration of SCADA, HMI, PLC systems and software providing visualization.
Control Engineering

Reduce downtime and risk with effective alarm management

Improper alarm management contributes to lost production and can create the potential for a major industrial incident. Users need to streamline alarm systems and determine which alarms require immediate response and which ones don’t. Extensive in-house training and education on alarm management may also be needed. Improper alarm management contributes...

Faurecia Aptoide Brings INRIX ParkMe To Millions Of Vehicles Worldwide

INRIX, Inc., a leader in connected car services and mobility analytics, and Faurecia Aptoide Automotive App Store announce a collaboration to offer parking availability and dynamic rates to millions of vehicles worldwide. INRIX ParkMe enables drivers to easily find, compare and navigate to open parking spaces in more than 150 countries.