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Google Doodle game slices into the history of pizza [Video]

The latest Google Doodle game tasks you with slicing pizza to suit the requests of a picky group of pie eaters while encouraging a look into the dish’s history and varieties. History of pizza. You may be surprised to learn that humans have been eating pizza or something resembling it...
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The story of the Bay Area man who still runs the first-ever Round Table Pizza

I’m sitting in the annex of the first-ever Round Table Pizza eating a King Arthur special when Bob Larson blurts that out. He’s talking about the funky, L-shaped Bay Area lot that houses the 3,800-square-foot Round Table we’re seated in, along with 42 parking spaces and a Sotheby’s office. This plot — Bob’s plot — is located just a mile from the most expensive ZIP code in America, and has been a lightning rod for multimillion-dollar overtures from local developers.

RIP: New York City's $1 a Slice Pizza Deals

There may not be such a thing as bad pizza, especially in New York City, but some slices are leaving a bad taste. That’s because the area’s legendary $1 slice deals are becoming increasingly difficult to find. According to The New York Post, you can thank a blend of inflation,...

New Jersey’s 99 greatest pizzas, ranked

New Jersey is unequivocally the pizza capital of America. We are surrounded by the greasy goodness; more than 2,000 pizzerias endure within our borders and new shops open constantly. Shake a tree, a pepperoni pie might fall out.

Inside Naples’ World-Famous Pizza Culture

For hundreds of years, artisans in the southern Italian city have been cooking up the ultimate fast food. During those first few weeks of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Rome newspaper Il Foglio ran a panicky headline that proclaimed “La morte del bacio” (The Death of Kissing). In the age of social distancing, Italians wondered if smooching would soon go the way of the Roman Empire. One hundred and forty miles down the coast, in Naples, where restaurants were twice shut down in lengthy lockdowns, natives mulled a more existential threat: La morte della pizza. Would the virus be the Neapolitan pie’s kiss of death?

Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Licorice Pizza' Named Best Film of 2021 by National Board of Review

All movie buffs out there should get your notepads and/or tracking apps out because you will want to check out the slate of films selected as Best of the Year by the National Board of Review. The entity has been singling out formidable films from each year for almost a hundred years, and in 2021 it wasn’t any different. This year, the group of academics, professionals, and film enthusiasts have selected Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film, Licorice Pizza as the best among a selection of over 200 films screened and debated by the group.
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Noblesville has a rich history

The earliest settlers in the Noblesville area along the White River in what is now Hamilton County were William and Mekinges (a Delaware Indian) Conner. According to, they built a log cabin in 1802 and established a trading post. At that time there were 13 Native American tribes in...