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Race-based federal funding for colleges is illegal, but Biden wants to boost it

Team Biden has been losing in court for discriminating on the basis of race. These cases involve pandemic relief, but several existing federal college programs under the Higher Education Act of 1965 that the Biden administration seeks to boost are even worse: They use race quotas to determine which colleges get billions of federal dollars.
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A third of eligible people aren't vaccinated. Here's what we know about them

We've been referring a lot to "the unvaccinated" vs. "the vaccinated" in very general terms that paint over who, exactly, is in these groups and what might be motivating them. I went to CNN's political forecaster, Harry Enten, to get his impression of what we know specifically about the unvaccinated and what might convince them to get the vaccine.
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The latest on the rise of Covid-19 in US

What we know about the demographics of the Americans who still aren't vaccinated. Yesterday, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended universal masking in schools and high transmission areas. The mask guidance is necessary, according to the CDC, due to a surge in Covid-19 cases, especially among the unvaccinated.
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Racial Equity: Closing the Systemic Barriers

Emily is an inaugural Harris Fellow and is working in the office of Commissioner Rodney Ellis. “The promise of equality is not going to be fulfilled until we become real; it becomes real in our schools and on our Main Streets and in our neighborhoods,” stated president Biden during his announcement that Juneteenth will become a federal holiday[1]. How do we make it real? What actions can we take that show our actual progression as a nation? The answer is racial equity. It starts with looking at our communities and implementing new policies to make our neighborhoods more inclusive and empowered. The goal is to build upon the tireless work that generations of abolitionists, activists, and even everyday Americans have worked towards in advocating for racial equity. The first step is the meaningful enactment of policies and laws to make our country equal for all.

Univision Acquires Equity Stake In Combate Global

Combate Global, LLC and Univision Communications Inc., the leading Spanish-language media and content company in the U.S., today announced that Univision has acquired a significant equity stake in the premier Hispanic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports franchise. The agreement goes into effect immediately. The transaction formally aligns Combate Global’s world-class...