This Madman Dropped A Twin-Turbo V12 Into A Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux is a midsize pickup available across the world, closest in relation to the Toyota Tacoma. As such, it is used for off-roading, adventure, and general rugged work. It's not the sort of thing that you'd expect to see competing at a hillclimb event. But some such events just attract the unusual, and there's no better example than the Simola Hillclimb in Knysna, South Africa. The annual event took place earlier this month, with entries including the wildest Nissan GT-R you've ever seen and this, a twin-turbo V12-powered Hilux pickup. We've seen V12s in places they're not supposed to be before, but this build is something we could never have predicted.
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VivoPower signs Tembo e-LVs distribution deal with GHH

Sustainable energy solutions company VivoPower International has signed a definitive agreement with Germany-based mining solutions provider GHH Group, which will distribute Tembo powered electric light vehicles (e-LVs) in over 50 countries. Under the distribution agreement, GHH will distribute Tembo powered e-LVs across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas, using e-LV...

Warning: Toyota Hilux Trucks May Have Counterfeit Parts

While the Toyota Hilux is not currently available in the United States, it’s one of Toyota’s best-selling models in other parts of the world. It boasts the toughness, capabilities, and performance that truck enthusiasts have come to expect from Toyota. However, there is a cause for great concern for owners and prospective buyers of the Hilux. In Australia, authorities seized a shipment of counterfeit parts for the Hilux.
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Prodrive completes shakedown with new Dakar Rally contender

The new FIA regulations that will come into force for the 2022 Dakar Rally and the new Cross-Country World Championship have forced the top teams to modify their existing 4x4 vehicles and adapt them to the new T1+ technical specifications, as Autosport revealed earlier this year. Thus, the 4x4s will...

Toyota Corolla Cross Gets The Gazoo Racing Treatment

A couple of months ago, Toyota revealed the Corolla Cross, a new family crossover with handsome looks and a simple approach to motoring. It's an affordable thing that forgoes the latest gizmos in favor of fitting every trim with advanced safety features. That's all well and good, but the Corolla Cross doesn't exactly come across as an exciting machine. Fortunately, Toyota has a department dedicated to making its cars more fun in the form of Gazoo Racing. The in-house tuner doesn't really have any rules and will fiddle with just about any Toyota product, and that now includes the new Corolla Cross.

Counterfeit Parts Warning Issued For One Of Toyota's Best Sellers

Over the years, we've come across a number of fake cars and parts. There are fake Jeep Wranglers and fake Lamborghinis, as well as all the replica cars that China has made as copies of some of the world's best-selling cars. For the typical car fanatic, spotting these fakes isn't very difficult. However, spotting fake individual parts is a lot more tricky, and this problem is especially prevalent in Australia, where authorities there have seized a shipment of counterfeit parts that could compromise the safety of the Toyota Hilux, one of the country's best sellers.

Someone built a crazy twin-turbo V12 Toyota Hilux

We've seen some crazy builds recently, both locally and internationally. From a stainless owner-type jeep rocking a Honda S2000 engine to a V6-powered Mitsubishi Mirage, it seems people will go to great lengths to make their dream builds a reality. But if you thought those first two were bonkers, this...

This rugged Toyota RAV4 is ready to go off-road

When we think of Toyota off-roaders, the RAV4 isn't exactly the first model that comes to mind. Chances are it will be the Hilux, Fortuner, or the Land Cruiser we think of first. For those in North America, there's the Tundra, the Tacoma, and the 4Runner. But don't count out the RAV4 when it comes to off-roading just yet.
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Brace Yourselves, The New Toyota Tundra Is Coming On September 19!

The all-new Tundra was rumored, leaked, and teased – in that order – but it’s finally here… Well, almost here. Toyota released a three-second teaser on its Facebook page that says that the truck is arriving on 19 September 2021. The time has finally come!. September 19: Save The Date,...
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Nigeria: ‘Armed Men’ Blow Up Prison Fence, Free 266 Inmates

Unidentified gunmen attacked a prison in southwestern Nigeria on Sunday, blowing up the facility’s fence to free 266 inmates, or nearly all of the site’s prisoners, Nigeria’s Premium Times reported Monday. An unknown number of armed men stormed the Kabba Medium Security Custodial Center in Kabba, a city located in...
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Twin-Turbo V12 Toyota Hilux Is One Serious Performance Truck

What do you think about when you hear South Africa? Three capitals, the natural beauty, Nelson Mandela, the apartheid system that ended in '94? Well, you can add insanely cool trucks to the already impressive list. We’ve recently covered a V8-swapped Hilux with 6.2 liters of AMG magic from the...

Gazoo Racing All The Things As Toyota Launches Corolla Cross GR Sport

A tweet from Toyota UK from February 2019 mentioned the company's plans to introduce high-performance variants of all models in the future. The Gazoo Racing portfolio has blossomed since then to include a multitude of models, building upon the vast GR lineup available in Japan where everything from the Prius to minivans has spawned a GR derivative.

Toyota Hilux Twin-Turbo V12 Borrows Engine From Century Sedan

The 1GZ-FE was only used in the second-generation Toyota Century, a fullsize luxury sedan sold to high-ranked people in Japan. Although far less known than a popular Toyota engine such as the 2JZ series, the company's only V12 actually lived a long half, from 1997 to 2017 as the previous-gen Century was sold for two decades.