Brown bears ‘switch habitats’ to hunt vulnerable prey

Brown bears switch habitats in the spring so they can hunt reindeer and moose calves, research suggests. After emerging from hibernation, the animals embark on an active hunting strategy to take full advantage of the calving period. One of the bears studied killed 38 newborn reindeer in one month and...
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Brown bears switch habitats to hunt, study finds

Brown bears switch habitats in the spring so they can hunt reindeer and moose calves, researchers have said. A team, including members from Nottingham Trent University (NTU), followed 15 bears fitted with GPS collars for two years in Sweden. This showed that after hibernation, the animals moved to areas preferred...
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Insect Word of the Week: Diapause - Curtis Young

Anyone who lives in Ohio knows that there are times of the year that can be extremely harsh, cold and devoid of potential food for critters that live outdoors. This is true for the vast majority of insects that live in Ohio. Thus, it is logical to ask, what happens to all of the insects that live in Ohio during the times when conditions are not conducive to living outdoors (i.e., late fall through early spring)? Do they all die and have to be replaced by immigrants the following year? The answer for some species is that they do all die and have to be replaced with new immigrants (e.g., potato leafhoppers, black cutworm moths, fall armyworm moths, and secondary screwworm flies). But for most species, the answer is DIAPAUSE.
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Hershey Bears break own Teddy Bear Toss world record

Just because it’s not the holiday season doesn’t mean the Teddy Bear Toss is in hibernation for another year. On Saturday, the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears and their fans did the event proud with a world record collection of teddy bears. Early in the first period...

Northern Bear Folklore

The birth myth of the bear is similar in all Eurasian areas which suggest that the northern tribes were connected with one another. A bear birth myth from the Ob-tribe is a well-known myth among all Finno-Ugric tribes. Finnish myth is very similar. Ob´s were a Finno-Ugric tribe whose modern descendants are Hansi and Khanty tribes.

Dealing with the winter blues and anxiety

Philadelphia (WPHL)- Around this time of the year, many Americans suffer from the “winter blues” which is a mood disorder characterized by depression. Psychotherapist Dr. Steven Rosenberg joins us to discuss how people can deal with anxiety and blues during this time. Rosenberg says people get into depression during this time because of hibernation.

California’s Black bears killed in record numbers, as wildfires force them towards roads in search of food

Black bears are being killed in record numbers in California, new data shows, as wildfires force them towards busy roads in search of food. Researchers at the California Department of Transportation and the Road Ecology Centre have been monitoring a 108-mile stretch of highway in the Eastern Sierra and found that pregnant females in particular are facing extreme difficulties.

Surprising discovery of 44 Exoplanets after a mechanical failure

The discovery of 44 exoplanets beyond our solar system at one time with data from the Kepler space telescope and others. These surveys usually find lots of less than a dozen planets. In addition, Kepler only collected this data after a technical problem reduced the control of telescope engineers in 2013.

The big sleep

French peasants in the 19th century had a hard life. You wouldn’t want to be one of them, except perhaps in January when they had one great advantage over the chilled inhabitants of modern Long Island and Connecticut. According to historian Graham Robb French, peasants in those days essentially hibernated between fall and spring. They settled down indoors with their cows and pigs and slept most of the time. Perhaps it wasn’t true biological hibernation, but it sounds pretty good to me.

Breath of the Wild 2 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

‘Breath of the Wild’ has the potential to be a Zelda classic, but it also gives players the freedom to develop their own style of play, in contrast to the formulaic linearity of previous Zelda games. This method captures the spirit of the originals while remaining flexible and adaptable...

Winter Fun at The Links at Brunello

Your golf clubs are in hibernation but don’t worry – there are tons of fun winter activities for the whole family to enjoy at the Links at Brunello! Hit the hills for a day of tobogganing, skating, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking. Check this link to see what activities are open (updated daily) and head to the winter wonderland at Brunello!

Here are the shows set for Valley’s biggest concert stages

PHOENIX — The Valley concert scene is returning from its COVID-19 hibernation like — well — a Phoenix, with a scorching slate of performances lined up for the area’s biggest stages. Fans of all types of arena-filling music and comedy are sure to find something to...

Inner Nature: The incredibly resilient tardigrade

In the annals of the ecosystem’s version of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is a long list of organisms that are considered over-performers: tough, enduring and even thriving in environmentally adverse conditions. Most endure in state known as cryptobiosis (also called anabiosis), which means “mysterious or enigmatic” and refers to the difficulty in telling if it is, in fact, still alive. Take a seed, for example. The seed is an embryo surrounded by food, but subjected to mechanisms that prevent germination until the environment is suitable for the growth of a baby plant. This enigma extends to a collection of other environmentally resilient organisms.
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Mackenthun: Brutal cold turns thoughts to warm arrival of spring

As I open the door and step out, the cold takes my breath away. The night was supposed to reach single digits but will drop to nearly 30 below Fahrenheit. The first breath is so contrastingly cold that it stings the nose, mouth, trachea and lungs. It’s as if the...