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REVIEW: CYNIC – “Ascension Code”

Item Reviewed REVIEW: CYNIC – “Ascension Code”. One of the more surprising announcements in the metal world this year was the announcement that Cynic will be releasing their fourth full-length album, ‘Ascension Code,’ in late November. With the departure (2015) and untimely death of drummer Sean Reinert, and the tragic death of bassist Sean Malone in 2020, I never expected to see another Cynic album. At this point, the band is Paul Masvidal, and whatever hired hands he’s working with. Losing two members who played on every album, and who were your entire rhythm section, isn’t a small thing to move past, both emotionally and musically. But Paul rose to the challenge and delivered an uplifting album in the midst of sorrow, and a better album than I expected.

21 New Metal & Hardcore Songs Out This Week

It's been an insanely stacked week for new music. We reviewed 25 of this week's albums, including Every Time I Die, Necrofier, Blackwater Holylight, and the hardcore-adjacent-but-not-actually-hardcore-at-all Angel Du$t, and you can also head to Invisible Oranges' Upcoming Metal Releases to read up on the new Dream Theater, Cradle of Filth, Worm, 1914, Apparition, Massacre, and more. On top of all that, we got new singles from Mastodon, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, 200 Stab Wounds, So Hideous, Kublai Khan, Silent Planet, No Bragging Rights, and more. Read on for all the metal, hardcore, and -adjacent songs we posted this week...

MARTY FRIEDMAN: BABYMETAL 'Gave The Sound Of Metal A Few More Decades Of Life'

In a new interview with Vikram Chandrasekar of Tales From The Road, former MEGADETH guitarist Marty Friedman, who has been living and recording music in Japan since 2003, was asked about BABYMETAL's unstereotypically "happy" lyrics and why they work so well within the context of the Japanese band's pop-metal sound. He responded (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): "Metal has gone through a long history of lyrics [being] all almost interchangeable; they have to be dark and they have to be kind of scary and sort of negative and protesting everything. And it kind of works with the sound of aggressive music, but we've kind of really all heard that for a long time. And why wouldn't it work with something with a much simpler and happier and maybe a more positive outlook? Why wouldn't it work? And actually, it does happen to work. So that kind of gave the sound of metal a few more decades of life, I believe. Yeah, it just works — it just works."

Top 5 Best Cameos In Horror Movies [Fright-A-Thon]

Horror movies and cameos go hand-in-hand. Since the dawn of the genre, we’ve had plenty of great cameos. Whether it’s a blink-and-miss-it cameo like Linda Blair in the first Scream movie. Or an extended one like Alice Cooper in Freddy’s Dead: The Final NIghtmare. Cameos allow for people who are fans or were shaped by the genre to give back a bit. In some cases, the cameos end up being the most memorable part of the films. There are plenty of great ones, but these 5-ish go above and beyond!

Rob Halford recalls the funny ways Judas made the effects to “Metal Gods”

Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford, nicknamed as The Metal God due to the classic song of the band “Metal Gods”, released on their famous album “British Steel” (1980), recalled in an interview with Kerrang the funny ways the band recorded the effects that appear on the song. Rob Halford recalls...

ALBUM REVIEW: Existence Is Futile – Cradle Of Filth

CRADLE OF FILTH have been an extreme metal institution for three decades now; from their simpler black metal beginnings through to their current incarnation as one of the UK’s most famous metal exports, blending all things gothic and macabre with an ear for the symphonic and blasphemous. With their thirteenth (unlucky for some) album Existence Is Futile, the question is whether they can sustain the creative renaissance they’ve been undergoing arguably since 2015’s Hammer Of The Witches, or if, much like its title, this album’s existence is futile.

60-year-old The Voice Senior with soul-reaching heavy metal ballad

While many think adults can’t start music careers, The Voice Senior of The Voice Holland has seen numerous older artists auditioning. In the blind audition of Season Four was Hans Meurs, an adult who seemed to be in his sixties. Singing “Still Loving You” by Scorpions, Hans Meurs started calmly...