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Some Keys roads will flood by 2025 due to sea rise. Fixing them could cost $750 million

As the staggering price tag of elevating roads in the Florida Keys comes into focus, where exactly all that cash will come from remains unclear. Consultants tasked with figuring out which roads should be elevated above rising seas first (and how much that might cost) have estimated that raising 155 miles of Monroe County roads could cost $1.8 billion. And those are just the roads at risk by 2045. The county maintains 311 miles of road — not including U.S. 1, the main road that is also known as the Overseas Highway, or city roads in places like Key West and Marathon.
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Denon announces a trio of new 8K A/V receivers starting at $449

For those looking to take advantage of their new 8K TV, or who simply want to future-proof themselves, Denon has three new 8K A/V receivers to choose from, starting with the affordable, $449 AVR-S660H, the step-up $549 AVR-S760H, and the premium $699 AVR-X1700H. All three models will be available starting in November.
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Best 50-inch TVs to buy in 2021

They're not all that common, but the best 50-inch TVs can deliver a lot of value and performance in a more reasonable screen size than, say, larger 65-inch TVs. That said, 50-inch TVs are so uncommon because they sit in between the two most common screen sizes for 4K HDR TVs – 55-inches and 40-inches. This makes them a bit harder to find than other sizes but, for some folks with limited wall space, a 50-inch TV is the ideal solution.
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TCL’s Verizon tablet is the only one you’ll find with 5G for $399

TCL, the company best known for its affordable Roku-equipped 4K TVs, has a new budget-oriented $399.99 5G tablet — the Tab Pro 5G. The device is available to order via Verizon’s online “Buy More, Save More” promo, which takes $100 off if purchased with a qualifying Android device on a Verizon plan.

Clearwater’s KnowBe4 reaches $80 milllion deal to acquire SecurityAdvisor

Less than six months after going public, Clearwater cybersecurity training firm KnowBe4 has made a major acquisition. The company has reached a deal to purchase Sunnyvale, Calif. tech security outfit SecurityAdvisor for $80 million in cash and stock, including $22.5 million in cash, 27.5 million in shares of KnowBe4 common stock and $30 million in incentives based on the combined company’s future performance.

8 of the Most Evil Nazi Movie Villains

Nazis have provided movie audiences with perfectly hateful villains going back to the late 1930s. They were the go-to bad guys up through the '80s, and they've even managed to play a role in the biggest modern superhero series. Actual Nazi atrocities were difficult to understand when they were exposed...

GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership sounds impressive but costly

RTX 3080 graphics cards are still tough to find, and if you’ve had no luck finding one for your own rig, then you might want to turn to GeForce NOW streaming. Today, NVIDIA announced a new RTX 3080 membership tier for GeForce NOW, which will be its highest-performance streaming tier. NVIDIA is making a lot of big boasts about the RTX 3080 membership tier, but that enhanced performance comes at a fairly significant cost.

Everything you need to know about Dolby Atmos for PC, Xbox, and more

When investing in premium entertainment systems, there are several high-end features being offered by manufacturers. While 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision are among those delivering significant visual enhancements, sound is still a crucial component of any movie or video game. Dolby Atmos is an increasingly popular addition, which promises to offer one of the best overall audio experiences available today. Here's how Dolby Atmos works and how you can get it.

Nvidia introduces RTX 3080 membership tier to GeForce Now servers

Nvidia’s GeForce Now Cloud streaming service is upgrading its servers with a new membership tier offering RTX 3080-class performance. Pre-orders for the new membership tier are open on Nvidia’s website in limited quantities for Priority and Founders members. Everyone else can pre-order beginning next week. With the upgrade, each high...

Nvidia reveals RTX 3080-class GeForce Now premium tier

Nvidia has announced a raft of upgrades for its GeForce Now cloud streaming service with a new premium tier offering RTX 3080 class graphics performance, allowing for 1440p120 gameplay across a range of platforms and 4K60 HDR, limited for now to Shield Android TV devices. New latency reductions techniques are also promised, with Nvidia making bold claims about input lag up against competing cloud technologies - and even local devices.

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Arcam Previews ‘Entry-Level’ AVR with 7.1.4 Processing, Dirac Option. Arcam, the Samsung/Harman-owned British audio electronics maker, has announced a new “entry-level” AV receiver featuring seven channels of Class AB amplification, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding for a 7.1.4 speaker layout with upmixing from Dolby Surround or DTS:Neural:X, and the option of adding Dirac Live room correction.

Wireworld Radius 48 HDMI Cables

Wireworld, a Fla.-based manufacturer of cabling products, has announced its new Radius 48 HDMI cables. The company explains that its newest HDMI cables utilize its proprietary Composilex 3 insulation within a triple-shielded design to deliver high levels of AV performance. Wireworld emphasizes the new Radius 48 HDMI cables are certified by the HDMI Group, Lic. to ensure they support HDMI 2.1 specifications through their UHS certification. This certification allows the products to support formats including 8K resolutions, 120Hz refresh rates, dynamic HDR formats, VRR, HDCP 2.3 and Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

New Gear for Fall 2021

We’re seeing a welcome uptick in new A/V products as the holiday season approaches. Most notable is the arrival of four A/V receivers, a category that has been relatively quiet for much of 2021, and a new $2,500 ultra-short-throw projector. Denon Touts 8K Compatibility in New Budget AVRs. Denon is...

How to Set Up HDR Gaming on PS4/PS4 Pro or 4K HDR TV

To enable HDR on PS4, go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > HDR > Automatic. To calibrate the HDR settings on PS4, go to Video Output Settings and select Adjust HDR. To reduce screen glare, make the room darker. HDR should be enabled by default...

Now you can get the power of an RTX 3080 with GeForce Now, but it isn't coming cheap

Nvidia today is launching a top-end premium tier membership for its GeForce Now (GFN) cloud gaming service. Dubbed "GeForce NOW RTX 3080 membership", the new option will bring the power of the RTX 3080 for its users and the service is going to cost $99.99 for six months, which is about double that of what the current Priority membership pack is priced at. It will be available in North America starting in November and in Europe from December. Founders and Priority members can pre-order the RTX 3080 membership now.

Shield TV gets 4K HDR 7.1 surround sound cloud gaming w/ GeForce Now’s new 3080 tier

Nvidia just announced a new high-end tier for its GeForce Now streaming service, and it brings a special perk to the company’s Shield TV device – 4K cloud gaming. Available for pre-order today and releasing next month, the “RTX 3080 tier” of GeForce Now comes with a higher cost, but with several perks. On Android phones and PC/Mac, games now support 120fps gameplay and, on the latter, 1440p streaming.

TCL’s Tab Pro 5G tablet is now available exclusively from Verizon

TCL’s first 5G tablet to launch in the US is the Tab Pro 5G which is now available exclusively from Verizon. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 480 chipset and featuring a 10.36-inch Full HD+ display with TCL’s NXTVISION technology as well as a huge battery, the Tab Pro 5G tablet is aimed at the affordable segment and is priced at $399.