Watch now: ETF Edge on tactics for tax loss harvesting

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Republicans must learn how to ballot harvest, get the vote out early

Republican candidates were outmaneuvered by their Democratic opponents this fall as the hoped-for “red wave” failed to materialize. The reasons for a politically disastrous election for Republicans are obvious in hindsight. Former President Donald Trump certainly did his best to make the election about him rather than the failed presidency of his successor, so that independents expected to break heavily for Republicans were reluctant to do so. Then weak or inexperienced mistake-prone and money-starved Republican candidates in several battleground states proved that candidate quality matters.
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Evaluate ESGB for Tax Loss Harvest Bond Opportunities

There are just a few weeks remain in 2022, meaning that now is as good of a time as any for investors to consider tax loss harvesting opportunities, of which there are plenty, including ESGB. Thanks to six interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve, the realm of fixed income...

ETFs May Be Attractive Options During Tax-Loss Harvesting Season

For financial and tax professionals, the end of the year is the time to consider meaningful opportunities to reduce investors’ capital gains bill before it crystallizes. It’s why the fourth quarter of the year is known as tax loss harvesting season, at least in some circles. And this year, the options for tax loss harvesting and capital redeployment are more compelling than ever.

Rains frustrate wheat harvesting | The Herald

WHILE the majority of farmers are revelling in the onset of the rainy season, some wheat farmers are racing to complete harvesting of the cereal to escape losses with the rains constantly frustrating their efforts. Zimbabwe operationalised its import substitution measures and expanded the hectarage to 80 000ha with projected...

How To Harvest Radish Microgeens

There are several types of radishes. Among these are watermelon radish, fresh breakfast radish, pink radish, and malaga violet. This guide assumes you intend to grow the microgreens of any of these radish varieties, particularly the common ones. Your radish microgreens should be ready to harvest on day four after...

Austoft 9000 ready to roll into 2022 Thai sugarcane harvest

With the 2022 Thai sugarcane harvest fast approaching, a new fleet of Case IH Austoft sugarcane harvesters is about to prove its worth. The new Austoft 9000 series, introduced to Thailand in August, will raise the quality and productivity of the mechanized sugarcane harvest, beginning this season. In addition to a more powerful engine, it offers an intelligent hydraulic system and a greater working capacity with a lower operating cost.

Fact check: Post misleads on mail-in voting, 'ballot harvesting' in Florida

The claim: Florida banned mass mail-in ballots and 'ballot harvesting,' requires voter ID and added an election police. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis beat Democrat challenger Charlie Christ in the state's gubernatorial race. Some social media users claim the Republican victory was due to certain voting practices in the state. "Florida...

Xmas Crypto Price Prediction - Santa Claus Rally? Tax Loss Harvesting Dump?

Traders often predict these two catalysts will drive crypto prices up or down in December – a ‘Santa Claus rally’ and tax loss harvesting. The two terms are older than cryptocurrency, commonly discussed by stock traders at the end of each financial year. Just how accurate are they for making stocks or crypto price predictions?

A deadly disease is “harvesting” the age-old plane trees in Sperchios

The disease of metachromatic ulcer also destroyed the historic plane trees in the village of Kompotades where the meeting of the chieftains of 1821 took place before the battle of Alamana. From his devastating illness metachromatic ulcer they bend and sacrifice even immortals plane treesplane trees that had historical value...
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Crescent Valley alums invented a robot to harvest difficult crop

Seven recent alumni from Crescent Valley High School’s robotics club were granted a U.S. patent for an invention that took them four summers to perfect: “BroccoliBot,” a robot with vision that can automatically detect and sever one of the most difficult crops to harvest in the field.