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So Many People Die at Motorcycle Rallies That Organ Donations Spike

Huge motorcycle rallies may indeed be as dangerous as they look — but according to a new study, one biker's loss could be someone else's gain. The joint analysis undertaken by Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital found that between the years 2005 and 2021, organ donations jumped 21 percent per day on average during these rallies — and even more surprisingly, as a Harvard press release notes, organ recipients spiked by 26 percent over the same time periods.
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Let's Talk Cincy: Celebrating the life and legacy of Cincinnati native Dr. O’dell Owens.

In the latest episode of Let's Talk Cincy, WLWT celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. O'dell Owens. Watch the latest episode of Let's Talk Cincy in the video player above. Owens is remembered by many as a trailblazer and community giant. He made a career of public service. Among many prominent positions he held over the years, he served as Hamilton County coroner, president of Cincinnati State and medical director of the Cincinnati Health Department.
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Advice to prevent Heart Disease wrongly differs between the two genders: Study

Brussels [Belgium], December 3 (ANI): Studies conducted over time have proven that women with cardiovascular diseases have been given milder treatments in comparison to men. As per a study presented at ESC Asia by a team of medical scientists from Harvard, Women are told to improve their lifestyle to prevent heart disease while men are advised to take statins.
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Researchers reveal new genetic mutation cause of childhood glaucoma

Boston [US], December 4 (ANI): A new genetic mutation may be the cause of severe cases of childhood glaucoma, a debilitating condition that runs in families and can cause children to lose their vision by the age of three, according to a study. The discovery was made by an international...

New potential target proteins for novel antibiotics discovered

Bacteria are small but tough organisms, partly because their cells are enclosed by a protective cell wall skeleton. Professor Felipe Cava and his team at Umeå University in Sweden and collaborators at Harvard Medical School in the U.S., have discovered long-sought proteins needed to maintain the bacterial cell wall structure. These proteins represent a very promising vulnerability for many bacteria that can be exploited by future antimicrobial compounds. The findings are published in Nature.

6 Best Teas for Managing Anxiety and Stress

As someone who has suffered from anxiety most of my life, I’ve never had a place for caffeinated beverages in my morning routine. In fact, according to Harvard Medical School, the caffeine in coffee can mimic symptoms of anxiety, making any baseline anxiety worse. Fortunately, tea has become my...

Longevity: Three 100-year-olds describe how they reached their fine age

Living past one hundred can seem like a difficult equation to crack, with a tiny percentage of people reaching the number. Experts say there are some specific behaviours you need to avoid to live longer. But what do those that reached 100 say?. According to David Sinclair, a professor of...

U.S. gun death rates hit highest levels in decades

The U.S. gun death rate reached its highest rate in nearly three decades last year, and the rate among women has grown faster than that among men, according to a study published Tuesday. The increase among women — most dramatically, in black women — plays a tragic and underappreciated role...

Study finds link between genetic mutation and childhood glaucoma

Washington [US], December 4 (ANI): A group of researchers has uncovered a novel genetic mutation that could be the root cause of severe cases of paediatric glaucoma, a deadly ailment that runs in families and can deprive youngsters of their vision by the age of three. The findings were reported...