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Lifelong Learning Is A Vital Capability For TD Professionals

Association for Talent Development (ATD) research finds that nearly 60% of high-performing organizations actively encourage their employees to be lifelong learners, and talent development professionals are leading the way in encouraging, embracing, and creating a culture of self-directed or lifelong learning within organizations. TD professionals are obligated to model the...
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How I used a gratitude intervention to change company culture

It’s hard to maintain healthy morale while boosting productivity. Sure, you could invest in team-building training, but there’s an easier way for managers to build a high-performing work environment: stage a culture-of-gratitude intervention. A recent Harvard Business Review study demonstrated how companies can foster a more harmonious work environment —...
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The One Principle That Can Help You Transform Your Organization

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. One of the movies we’ve become overly familiar with over the course of this pandemic is Groundhog Day — the one where, Phil, a self-absorbed TV weatherman, finds himself trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again. We’ve all been living this film; we’ve all been looking for a way out.
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SPAC Fever Hits Autonomous Vehicle Sector

The SPAC is becoming a key mechanism for AV startups to survive the long development and deployment phase before becoming commercial enterprises. Autonomous vehicle (AV) startups have raised billions of dollars to develop and test their self-driving technology. They will need far more to continue developing, testing and eventually deploying various AV use-cases. There is more venture capital available, but at some point most of the AV startups will need to become public companies. There are now two routes they can take — traditional IPO or via a SPAC.
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People can’t stop watching videos about rich influencers and creator money. Experts say it could be harmful.

British TikTok star Holroyd told his 705,000 followers how much money he made by becoming an influencer between April and June of this year. in the videoIn , which has been viewed 1.2 million times, Holroyd described how she makes money as an influencer, adding that her net income for the quarter was £14,500 (about $20,000) before taxes and her manager’s fees. .
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How to Build a Second Brain in Notion

Can you remember some of the best pieces of advice you have received? How many articles have you bookmarked for later and forever forgotten about? What about all of those incredible ideas you have had and never seen the light of day?

Data Intelligence is the Future of Data Governance

Data-driven decisions and insights: This is what businesses have aspired to for 10 years or more. It’s hard to read an annual report that doesn’t mention it. Entire professions have grown up around it— the Chief Data Office being a prime example. So why do we feel like we are falling behind in that journey?

3 surefire ways communicators can cut through the clutter

How many messages have you received from your company today? Better yet, how many have you received in general today? Can you even count them all? Do you want to?. We live in an extremely noisy world with no off switch, buzzing with often irrelevant and confusing information — so much so that we’re desensitized to the myriad messages.

Ezaz Ahmed Selected for HBR Advisory Council

Dr. Ezaz Ahmed, Dean of the Division of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology, has been selected to join the Harvard Business Review (HBR)’s Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals. The Advisory Council is an online community of members interested in a wide range of topics that impact businesses and organizations. Through his membership in the Advisory Council, Dr. Ahmed will assist Harvard Business Review to improve the content it publishes and help chart the magazine’s future direction.

Equipping AI with emotional intelligence can improve outcomes

There is a significant gap between an organization’s ambitions for using artificial intelligence (AI) and the reality of how those projects turn out, Intel chief data scientist Dr. Melvin Greer said in a conversation with VentureBeat founder and CEO Matt Marshall at last week’s Transf0rm 2021 virtual conference. One of...

Slack’s slippery slope, the sweet science of business writing, and more

We hope you enjoy this batch of stories that offer takeaways for communicators of all stripes. Here’s what grabbed our attention for the week of July 19 – July 23, 2021. Apparently not! As The Hollywood Reporter shares, Netflix canned three senior staffers for carping about the company’s top marketing execs on the workplace chat app.

Voice Technology, AI, and Other Important Tools for Authors, with Bradley Metrock — Self-Publishing Conference Highlight

Bradley Metrock, author, broadcaster and publishing thought leader, outlines the latest developments in voice technology, artificial intelligence and other important emerging tools for author-publishers. At the end of the session you will be informed about new possibilities and opportunities opening up for you and where your books fit in. This...
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A Science-Based Framework Helps Individuals And Organizations Experience More Good Luck

Part of Kathy Caprino’s series “Living and Working Better”. Recently, I learned of a fascinating new book called The Serendipity Mindset: The Art & Science of Creating Good Luck by Dr. Christian Busch, when both his book and mine were featured by The Next Big Idea Club in their list of 7 Books That Will Supercharge Your Summer Productivity. Based on decade-long scientific research, Busch’s new book focuses on inspiring stories and evidence-based strategies that help cultivate serendipity to increase innovation, influence, and opportunity in every aspect of life.