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Ray Liotta reveals why he passed on role in ‘The Sopranos’

The rumor mill has swirled for quite a while that Ray Liotta was offered the lead role of Tony in “The Sopranos” and he turned it down. However, that was never the case. Liotta, 66, explained in an interview with the Guardian that he was approached by the HBO mob drama’s creator David Chase to play a different character.
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Hannibal Daily Weather Forecast

Here’s the forecast for the next four days in Hannibal: Sunday, September 26: Sunny during the day; while clear overnight; Monday, September 27: Sunny during the day; while clear overnight; Tuesday, September 28: Sunny during the day; while clear overnight; Wednesday, September 29: Sunny during the day; while mostly
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Mexico falls behind early and never recovers in loss to Hannibal

Mexico suffered its first loss of the season Friday night at home against Hannibal after going down big early. The Pirates powered to a 48-21 victory after going up three TDs in the second quarter. Hannibal (5-0) entered the second half up 14 and shut down the Bulldogs on the defensive front. They added three more scores before the finish.

Ray Liotta Reveals Lengths to Land Role in 'The Sopranos' Prequel Movie

The Hollywood Dick depicter opens up about his effort in lobbying creator David Chase to be a part of the upcoming gangster movie 'The Many Saints of Newark'. AceShowbiz - Ray Liotta paid his own expenses to fly out to New York to ask for a role in "The Many Saints of Newark".

The War Elephants — The Tanks of Antiquity

The largest land mammals made their mark on the ancient battlefields. ar elephants were tanks of antiquity. If correctly used, these enormous animals were a formidable weapon that stroke fear and terror in the hearts of the enemy. The most famous event from history involving war elephants was in 218...

Ray Liotta explains why he turned down a role in The Sopranos

Ray Liotta has explained why he did not appear in The Sopranos, after years of rumours that he once turned down the lead role of Tony Soprano. The actor is best known for his roles as gangsters in Goodfellas and now The Many Saints of Newark, which serves as a prequel to The Sopranos TV series and was co-written by its creator, David Chase.Speaking to Screen Rant, Liotta denied rumours that he once turned down a major role in the critically adored series. “I was never offered anything in it,” he said. “David Chase wanted me to do something...
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Friday Night Sights | 09.24.2021

Shouts of joy and disappointment rang in the air as Columbia schools felt the lows and highs during this week's home games. Lows came as Rock Bridge lost 34-13 against Helias ending its three-game winning streak and Battle lost to Polar Bluff by a close margin of 26-22. Mexico took its first loss of the season against Hannibal 48-21 at their homecoming. Meanwhile, highs came as Hickman emerged victorious over Smith-Cotton 16-6 at its homecoming. Tolton trailed 21 points the first half before making a comeback against Grandview 28-27. Our visual journalists present another week of ‘Friday Night Sights’ — the magic and wonder of Friday night football.
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Under the Lights | 09.24.2021

This week Columbia schools ended their home games with a mix of wins and losses. Rock Bridge ended their three-game winning streak after facing Helias 34-13. Battle had a hard loss of 26-22 against Poplar Bluff. After being down by 21 points in the first half, Tolton made a comeback winning 28-27 against Grandview. Hickman claimed victory over Smith-Cotton 16-6. Meanwhile, Mexico suffered a 48-21 loss against Hannibal.

Week Three: Friday Night Fever

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The NewsChannel 9 Sports team would like to send their support to the Carthage Community and the Christman family during this difficult time. A touching tribute tonight by schools across Section III by wearing red in support of Tyler Christman. Here is a full list of...