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Hana Horka: Czech singer dies after catching Covid intentionally

A folk singer from the Czech Republic has died after deliberately catching Covid, her son has told the BBC. Hana Horka, 57, was unvaccinated and had posted on social media that she was recovering after testing positive, but died two days later. Her son, Jan Rek, said she got infected...
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Anti-Vax Folk Singer Got COVID on Purpose. Now She’s Dead.

Hana Horkad, a popular anti-vax folk singer in the Czech Republic could no longer perform with her popular band Asonance—the oldest folk band in the country—amid new restrictions requiring vaccination or proof of recovery from COVID-19 to enter concert halls and performance venues. So when her vaxxed up husband and son caught the virus, she decided it was her chance to get a health pass without rolling up her sleeve for a jab.
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Czech folk singer dies after deliberately contracting Covid

A Czech folk singer died after she deliberately contracted Covid to obtain a health pass that would have allowed her to visit venues blocked to those without proof of vaccination or recent recovery from an infection, her family has said. Hana Horka, 57, who was the vocalist for the band...

Hana Horka death: Czech singer dies aged 57 after deliberately contracting Covid

Czech folk singer Hana Horka has died after intentionally catching Covid.Horka, 57, had not been vaccinated, and her son, Jan Rek, said she got infected deliberately when he and his father had the virus.Rek told the BBC that Horka, who was in the folk band Asonance, wanted to test positive so she could get a recovery pass to access certain venues. Proof of vaccination or recent infection is required in the Czech Republic to gain entry to venues including cinemas, bars and cafes.Two days before she died, Horka had posted on social media that she was recovering. She wrote:...

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A Penn State freshman who was reported missing last week and found two days later at a recycling center, is confirmed to have died after falling down an apartment building’s trash chute. Justine Gross, 19, died due to a late night fall inside the 11th-floor solid waste disposal chute to the ground floor, the State College Police Department said in a release Friday. The strange accident ...

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The trial for adult films star Ron Jeremy is slated to begin in February, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and Jeremy’s attorney. Jeremy, 68, has been in jail since June 2020 and has been charged with multiple counts of rape. During a Tuesday hearing, Jeremy was wheeled into the courtroom appearing before Judge George Lomeli in a prison jumpsuit and with his hands ...

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So much more than Catwoman: Eartha Kitt’s favorite role was mother

Eartha Kitt may not have had nine lives, but she came close. First, she was a dirt-poor girl from North, S.C. Then she became a nightclub sensation, a muse to Orson Welles, a slinky recording artist, TV’s Catwoman, a political firebrand, and, finally, a Disney star. The role she truly prized, though, was as one girl’s mother. That’s the real revelation in “Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter’s Love ...