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PA Fears Loss of Control in Hebron as Violence Rages

Despite the cessation of violence between rival clans in Hebron following the murder of a member of the Jabari clan, there is a growing concern in the Palestinian Authority (PA) about the sharp increase in violent incidents, and especially shootings between the clans in Hebron. Following the assassination of Basel...
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‘Jews Always Run Away’: Fighting Stereotypes in Sports

A non-Jewish professional soccer player in the Netherlands has become the latest example of how the most virulent anti-Semitism can be directed at someone who isn’t a Jew, and yet is perceived to be one. Steven Berghuis announced last week that he was transferring from one top side, Feyenoord of...
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Sheikh Jarrah: Palestinians await Jerusalem evictions ruling

An Israeli court is to decide the fate of Palestinians facing eviction in East Jerusalem in a case which has become the focus of international attention. The long-awaited hearing concerns four of more than 70 families appealing against an order to leave their homes in Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. Lower courts...
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Ismail Haniyeh re-elected as leader of Palestinian Islamist group Hamas

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh has been re-elected unopposed, officials confirmed Monday, furthering his grip over the Palestinian Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip after recent clashes with Israel. Israel has blockaded Gaza since then, citing repeated attacks, while Hamas has been internationally shunned and declared a terrorist group by the European Union and the United States.
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Ruling on East Jerusalem flashpoint evictions postponed

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Palestinians facing eviction from Jerusalem’s flashpoint Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood will have to wait for a ruling that will determine their fate after a discussion in Israel’s Supreme Court on Monday ended without a final decision. Four Palestinian families petitioned the high court to hear their appeal and...
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Turkey’s Erdogan Uses War to Deflect His Domestic Failures

The article “Give War a Chance: Arab Leaders Finesse Military Defeat,” by Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, and published in the Summer 2021 edition of Middle East Quarterly, is a fascinating historical account of the way disaster on Middle Eastern battlefields can be politically useful — not just against Israel or the US, but also in intra-Arab conflicts and in clashes with Iranians, Africans, and Europeans.

My College Experience at Temple University Was Tainted by Antisemitism

In the Fall of 2018, I took my first political science course at Temple University. In November of that year, Marc Lamont Hill gave an antisemitic speech at the United Nations, which led to his firing at CNN. During a class discussion, my professor proudly stated that he “fully supported” Marc Lamont Hill’s call for a “Free Palestine from the river to the sea” — a dog whistle to ethnically cleanse Israel of its Jewish population.
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Israel: A Mini-Military Superpower?

Israeli defense companies are pioneering a plethora of systems that are changing the battlefield, from sea-skimming missiles like fifth-generation Sea Breaker to new air defense systems and using drones in unique ways. In August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait. At the time Baghdad had one of the world’s largest armies with...
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Hamas Praises Algeria’s Support for Palestine

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas on Sunday praised the Algerian stance on supporting the Palestinian issue and rejecting normalization of ties with Israel, a statement announced. “We also highly evaluate the steadfast Algerian efforts seeking to dismiss the Zionist entity from the African Union (AU),” the statement added. Meanwhile,...
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Casualties in the 2021 Gaza War: How many and who were they?

During the eleven days of Hamas’ rocket assault against Israel, 12 civilians in Israel and an IDF soldier, Omer Tabib, were killed by Hamas terrorists. An additional 312 civilians and three soldiers were wounded in Israel. In Gaza, the Hamas-run Ministry of Health claimed 256 deaths. Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar...