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Halo Infinite expands preview access to all Xbox Insiders

Developer 343 Industries has announced that all Xbox Insiders now have access to the second multiplayer tech preview. The build was previously only available to Halo Insiders who registered their accounts via Halo Waypoint before September 13. In joint posts from both the Halo and Xbox Insider Twitter accounts on...
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Halo Infinite flight times confirmed ahead of second beta weekend

The Halo Infinite flight times for the next test have been confirmed. In a new Halo Waypoint blog, developer 343 Industries confirmed the Halo Infinite flight times for October, after last weekend's technical multiplayer preview. The post confirms that the second testing weekend will begin on the evening of September...
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Is Halo Infinite down? Here's what's going on

If you’re asking ‘is Halo Infinite down?’ or seeing a "not authorized to play Halo Infinite" message, then one of many things could have gone wrong with the game. Halo Infinite hasn’t fully released yet, but the recent test flights have allowed Xbox Insiders and PC players to test out early multiplayer builds of the game. These flights have been available for only a few days at a time over the weekend, and the multiplayer servers have only ever been enabled for specific time slots. Of course, other server-related issues can also arise due to the sheer popularity of the game, especially as 343 Industries works to iron out any initial problems. Here are several reasons as to why Halo Infinite could be down.

Halo Infinite’s Next Flight Open to All Xbox Insiders, 343 Working on Easier Steam Access

Have you missed out on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer betas/tech previews/flights (or whatever you want to call them) thus far, but are determined to get your hands on Big Team Battle this coming weekend? Well, getting in on the fun will be a little bit easier than before, as 343 Industries is opening the latest tech preview to all Xbox Insiders. Previously, you had to be a Halo Insider, which requires a somewhat lengthy sign-up process, while you can get in on the Xbox Insider Program by simply downloading the app from the Xbox Store.

Halo Infinite Tech Test Soars High

Halo will always have a place in my heart with memories of sixteen-player system link matches dance in my head. Six years since the last Halo, Infinite is set to hit Xbox on PC on December 8, gamers are ready for the next installment, and I had a chance to check out the Halo Infinite Tech Test this weekend.

Halo Infinite: How to change emblem in the Test Flight

In the following article, we cover everything you need on how to change the emblem on the test flight in Halo Infinite, so read on. This is a feature of the online multiplayer mode, which we can find in the game from the first days of the series, which will allow you to wear a different symbol compared to the others, standing out above the rest.

How to change your emblem in the Halo Infinite Test Flight

Customized emblems have been a feature included in Halo online multiplayer since the early days of the series. It’s never been a deep customization system, but it allows players to stand out from the crowd with a different symbol compared to the others. Lots of people in the early Test Flights of Halo Infinite are wondering how to change their emblem, but the answer will be disappointing.

Datamine reveals Halo Infinite is full of memes

Halo fans have datamined a significant amount of content from the ongoing Halo Infinite technical preview, including weapon charms, armour FX and more. Of particular note from the assets collated on Reddit, however, are the numerous emblems set to be included in Infinite, many of which are based on popular internet memes.

This is how you can download Halo Infinite beta on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Halo Infinite is finally in the midst of players who have been eyeing it for a few months now. This new title in the popular ‘Master Chief’ saga is designed exclusively for the next generation of Xbox consoles (Xbox Series X | S), although it contains fascinating details about the past with which Microsoft intends to evoke nostalgia among gamers by adapting its most popular game for the Xbox One as well.

Halo Infinite: How to Fix “Your Account Is Not Authorized to Play” Error on PC & Xbox

Halo Infinite is hosting another beta flighting this weekend on both PC and Xbox consoles. With so many players hotly anticipating hopping into the Master Chief’s latest adventure, there were bound to be some niggling issues. Unfortunately, before players can even get into a multiplayer game, they’re being faced with an error message, reading: “Your account is not authorized to play Halo Infinite.”

How to Get into Halo Infinite Test Flights and Betas

343 Industries is offering early access to Halo Infinite's multiplayer and training suite through tech tests/test flights, but you're going to need to sign up for that special pre-release Halo Infinite access. On this page you'll find what you need to know about signing up for Halo Insider on Halo...

What time does the Halo Infinite tech preview flight begin and end? – scheduled play times and dates

Anyone part of the Halo Insider program was able to sign up for a multiplayer technical test of the upcoming Halo Infinite, and the second tech preview is rapidly approaching. Members have already received invitations through email, and an additional email plus a message through the Halo Waypoint website will give them access to the flight. The start date and exactly how these tech previews will work have been a bit confusing, but once the flight is live, the rest of the preview is scheduled out.