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The 30 best Halloween songs of all time

All ‘Thriller’, no filler with our list of the best Halloween songs of all time. Along with a great costume and a queue loaded with solid horror movies, a playlist of the best Halloween songs is essential to the success of any Halloween celebration. As such, we've scoured the catacombs of our favorite streamers and blown the cobwebs off our Jewel cases to compile the ultimate Halloween music soundtrack.
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Zero Percent APR | Interview | “Psychedelic Halloween Music”

Zero Percent APR | Interview | “Psychedelic Halloween Music” The Austin based duo, Zero Percent APR recently released their sophomore album, ‘Gilgamesh II’. The duo of Juli Keller and Cody Dosier recorded the album at home on a Tascam 688 Midistudio, using the same DIY approach that produced the band’s debut, ‘Halbum’. Album takes listeners on a playful and peculiar adventure through time–all the way back to the Middle Ages.

Senior News

On Sunday the residents visited with Abby about Mother-In-Law Day which was celebrated today. Some of the residents said prayers when offered. Others listened to the worship services on their radios and televisions. Families and friends visited throughout the day on the chat patio and the telephone. Current Events were...

Every great ride needs a soundtrack

Every great ride needs a soundtrack. For the Indiana State Museum’s new Snowfall Express train, that music has been written and performed by Fort Wayne-based composer/arranger Eric Van Cleave. “I wanted to fulfill the vision of the creators of the ride,” Van Cleave said. “They wanted to convey the anticipation...

Elk River woman goes all out for Halloween night

Her goal is not to scare but to become a destination for trick-or-treaters in the future. Amanda Segelstrom, of Elk River, remembers anxiously awaiting Halloween every year as a child. The Mankato native made the trip north every year, and the highlight was dressing up in a costume and going door-to-door in the residential neighborhood where her aunt lived.

TDArt Gallery

Art representative offering original art, commissions etc - beautiful comic book, illustration and more in a variety of mediums. As someone who has worked in the comic and art industry for 20 years (and collecting just about as long), art is my passion and I’m dedicated to helping share the work of the amazing artists I rep. I believe in making original art attainable for any level collector and providing the best customer service while being an advocate of the art form. I am lucky to be able to work with so many incredibly talented artists and fantastic fans.

Arcata’s Halloween Music Scene

This weekend a tangle of costumes and limbs could be found in Arcata’s music venues. Local bands played experimental indie, psychedelic cumbia, punkadelic gutter blues, disco jams, and some mosh-worthy crust punk sounds. The collective of sound kept show-goers dancing through the Halloweekend. Since the pandemic, Arcata music venues have...

Yes I Know Halloween Has Been Over For Several Days But……….

CKDR was proud once again to sponsor Dryden’s Fall Fest which wrapped up on Sunday (Halloween) at The Laura Howe Marsh parking lot with the final event – ‘Trunk Or Treat’. About 17-hundred people went through the circle of Halloween themed decorated displays from various businesses, organizations and more. Absolutely...