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'Halloween Kills' is a strange title for a franchise that just won't die

(CNN) — "Halloween Kills" is a strange name for a 43-year-old franchise that positively refuses to die. Then again, this 12th film in the series -- a direct sequel to the 2018 reset "Halloween" -- is odd on various levels, starting with the wholly misguided attempt to weave a half-baked message into its bloody mayhem.
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Jason Blum Pushed ‘Halloween Kills’ to Streaming After ‘Freaky’ Failed in Theaters: ‘I Stand by It’

Blumhouse boss and horror producer Jason Blum vowed last year that David Gordon Green’s “Halloween Kills” would be released in October 2021, “vaccine or no vaccine.” Fortunately, there is a vaccine and “Halloween Kills” is set to open October 15. Unfortunately, the potential box office gross for “Halloween Kills” might be affected by the decision to make the horror sequel available to stream on Peacock on the same day it opens in theaters. Universal announced the move to streaming for “Halloween Kills” on September 9. In a new interview with Collider, Blum said that it was his decision to give “Halloween...
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‘Halloween Kills’ Review: A Nostalgic Mix Tape Of Previous Michael Myers Sequels

Armed with a sense of gravitas that it never really earned, along with a seemingly “made it up on the press tour” narrative about the film representing traumatized bad-ass women taking down the patriarchy, Blumhouse’s Halloween capitalized on generational amnesia to present its legacy sequel as something new and of-the-moment. We seemingly forgot that we already saw kick-ass survivor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) taking back the night in Steve Miner’s Halloween: H20. And while maybe we were wrong in 2007, we were supposed to be disturbed by and appalled by the grotesque and pain-centric violence inflicted against innocent civilians in the Rob Zombie-directed Halloween remake. Even if I was “wrong” about the 2018 Halloween, David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills is exactly the kind of sequel that such a nostalgia-driven success inevitably spawns. Universal’s Blumhouse film depends too much on its connections to the original Halloween.
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Latest ‘Halloween Kills’ Featurette Looks at Michael’s Bloody Firefighter Massacre [Video]

Another featurette has arrived on the road to the release of David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills, streaming on Peacock and coming to theaters this Friday, October 15. This one is titled “On-Set with David Gordon Green Part 1,” and in it Gordon Green discusses living up to the title Halloween Kills and Michael surviving the events of the 2018 film.

‘Halloween Kills’ Gets Plot-Heavy Final Trailer

The first Halloween Kills trailer, which debuted in late June in advance of F9, seemed to give away most of the film’s “Michael Myers does a murder” sequences. This new teaser, released to play with Dear Evan Hansen, seems to lay out the broad strokes of the film’s overall plot. From what we see, Michael survives the fiery trap set by the Strode women at the end of Halloween (2018), Michael kills a bunch of folks and the townspeople pick up metaphorical pitch forks and torches to “kill the beast” once and for all.

Watch: 'Halloween Kills: Return to Haddonfield' Takes You Behind-the-Scenes With the Franchise's Legacy Players

As we kick off spooky October heading into the weekend, Blumhouse has revealed a new behind-the-scenes featurette for their upcoming Halloween Kills, courtesy of director David Gordon Green, which was revealed as part of today's BlumFest celebrations, which revealed trailers, exclusives, and more coming from the studio. Halloween Kills is set for release on Friday, October 15, and will also premiere day-and-date with theatrical on Peacock.
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‘Halloween Kills' Takes a Stab at Getting Personal Through a lot of Pain

Laurie Strode and her family can’t catch a break. Moments after “Halloween” (2018) ends, “Halloween Kills” picks up with the Strode women, battered, bruised and begging for first responders not to rush toward a burning house. Michael Myers is in that house and the last thing they want is for him to be saved.

The Moment The Halloween Kills Director Finally Felt The ‘Pressure’ To Conclude Laurie Strode’s Legacy

Halloween Kills isn’t just another Halloween sequel; it’s the second in a trilogy that will presumably cement the legacy of the original scream queen, Laurie Strode. John Carpenter’s now classic Halloween film not only started Jamie Lee Curtis’ career, but marked the beginning of the slasher genre’s Golden Age. As we get ready to see how it all plays out, writer/director David Gordon Green shared how he’s feeling about being at the center of delivering a satisfying finale.

How to watch Halloween Kills – can you stream the new Michael Myers movie?

How can you watch Halloween Kills? It has been three years since we first saw David Gordon Green’s sequel to John Carpenter’s iconic horror movie Halloween, and now finally, the next chapter in Michael Myers’ murder spree is just around the corner. Picking up where Halloween (2018) left off, Halloween Kills will see the masked killer face off against the entire community of Haddonfield, who he has been terrorising for years.

Jason Blum Agreed to ‘Halloween Kills’ Peacock Release After Box Office Failure of ‘Freaky’

The industry was fairly surprised to learn in early September that the highly anticipated horror sequel “Halloween Kills” would be released day-and-date in theaters and on Peacock. But as it turns out, that decision wasn’t instigated by the streaming service. In a new interview, producer Jason Blum — a vocal proponent of theatrical releases — said he’s the one who pushed to release the “Halloween” sequel on streaming the same day it’s in theaters.

'Halloween Kills' Star James Jude Courtney Lived with Murderer to Prep for Role

The new 'Halloween' flick features a frighteningly inspired performance from James Jude Courtney, who leaned on an old friend/real-life murderer to pick up tips on playing the legendary villain behind the mask. The "Halloween Kills" star joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live" to reveal part of his process to portray...

‘Halloween Kills’: Official Final Trailer (2021)

To get you in gear for the horror flicks that usually surface this time of year, David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween Kills’ has another trailer, but this one is the final one. It opens to show survivors of Michael Myers ready for another round of the escapades. It follows the 2018 ‘Halloween’ which brought back Jamie Lee Curtis’s character into the film’s new tone of the town reacting to the news that Michael has once again survived. Release date is Oct. 15, 2021.