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Exclusive: Get All The "Mane Character Vibes" With Millie Bobby Brown's Florence By Mills Haircare

This just in — Millie Bobby Brown's clean beauty brand, Florence by Mills, is dropping its first line of hair care products. Since the 17-year-old star made her big break as telepathic teen Eleven on Stranger Things, she's had quite the hair transformation. In 2016, Millie had a buzzcut for the show and over the years, it's grown out to her current length. So, it comes as no surprise that she's taking Florence by Mills to the next level with products catered to nourishing healthy hair.

7 Ways to Avoid Awkward Grown-Out Bangs

Sure, quarantine bangs may have sounded like a good idea at the time, but after months of trimming and chopping, you’ve finally decided to step away from your styling tools and retire your fringe. Don’t put away your round brush and straightening iron just yet. Turns out, some of the best ways to transition from awkward grown-out bangs are via heat and products. The most important part? Making sure you keep your hair healthy and protected. “Always care for your hair with nourishing products and heat protectants,” says IGK Hair co-founder Franck Izquierdo. “So that, as you are styling your bangs, you aren’t damaging them and causing any breakage or split ends, which could make the grow out process even longer.”

10 Favorite Bathroom Products!

My favorite bathroom products! I hope that you like these too!Jingjing Tian. As someone who grew up very poor with the idea that self-sacrifice is the most important virtual, it took me a long time to learn that even the little things in life can be a treat and bring a sense of joy. As an ex-codependent, I also used external things as a way to measure my self-worth. At the same time, I thought that I was only allowed to buy the lowest-priced items and that it wasn’t okay to care about myself or my looks. It felt very discombobulating to be me and to be in my head — to think that I have to live menially but that I would only be acceptable to society if I owned grand things from luxury brands like Chanel.

Episode Three: Get to Know Your Hair. Part 1- Date Night Icebreaker

Being on this natural hair journey can be very confusing and frustrating, especially when you don’t know your hair. Imagine taking your hair on a date. Do you know anything about your hair? Do you even know what your hair likes? Will there even be a second date? Is it going to be weird at the end of the night? Let’s just say the first date was a little flat, but your hair is going to give you a second chance. So let’s help you get ready for date number two.

Top 10 Best hair washer sink portable Reviews

This extra-large capacity bowl is lightweight and economical,also very stylish, yet loaded with professional features, easy to clean and low maintenance. Comes with all accessories and fixtures. Its stain-resistant bowl is constructed from durable ABS composite & Stainless Steel Support Pipe, and the edge is rolled for strength and client...

Natural Haircare: 2 Healthy Hair Butters – Cupuaçu and Tucuma

Natural Haircare: 2 Healthy Hair Butters – Cupuaçu and Tucuma. Get in on two well-kept secrets in natural haircare – cupuaçu butter and tucuma butter! Healthy hair butters that work wonders for natural hair!. This is the third post in our Healthy Hair Butters series. Be sure to check out...

‘top’ tricks to achieve the perfect curl

Throughout the last years we have been prisoners of the dictatorship of the irons and chemical straighteners that fought the natural appearance of hair that did not fit into established beauty standards. However, with the arrival of the “body positive” movement, the chains have been broken and women are beginning to show off and accept their image even if it does not match stereotypes. This new way of thinking has also had its influence on hair, which has resulted in curly and wavy manes gain visibility and popularity.

Post-Op Care for Hair Restoration Surgery

Days 1 -5 At this critical healing stage, you should take the most care not to damage the area you have received the hair transplant upon. It is essential that you follow any aftercare guidelines given to you by your surgeons closely. Recovery and rest are crucial here, and at...

Men: 4 Ways People Judge Your Appearance

We live in an era that we make judgments constantly. No one is immune from the syndrome, so we’re all equal opportunity offenders. Without a doubt, we all judge each other based on appearance. And because personal appearance includes dozens of attributes. Like it or not, others evaluate our character...

Update the Way You Take Care of Your Hair

If you consider yourself a hair enthusiast, you’re living in the right time. Cool hair is as stylish as ever!. Don’t believe us? Just take a look through some hair-related Instagram hashtags. Within a few seconds of scrolling, you’ll see a plethora of vibrant dye jobs, intricate braiding patterns, and over-the-top perms.