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AWS chops data transfer fees by massive extension of free tier – 2 months after rival previewed R2 Storage

AWS has improved its free tier for data transfer, from 1GB to 100GB per month for transfer to the internet, and from 50GB to 1TB for CloudFront, its content delivery network. According to AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr "as a result of this change millions of AWS customers worldwide will no longer see a charge for these two categories of data transfer," which is effective from 1 December.
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Using AWK with CSV Files

When the AWK tutorial came out, one of the questions on hacker news was how you use AWK with CSV (comma-separated value) files. The thing that prevents awk from being a major part of my daily routine is that it (amazingly) has poor CSV support. I would love to see...
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Monthly Update: November 2021

Writing this a bit early, as I'm traveling for Thanksgiving and won't be bringing my laptop. I worked more on Flounder this month than I have in a while. There weren't many new features, however, I. Added a finger server (add to .plan) Fixed a few outstanding bugs. Improved site...

How to Extract Web Data using Node.js?

In this blog, we’ll find out how to utilize Node.js as well as its packages for doing a quick and efficient data extraction for single-page applications. It will help us collect and use important data that isn’t always accessible using APIs. Let’s go through it. Tip: Sharing and Reusing JS...

A small system for writing via email.

Eprompt is a small system for writing via email. Eprompt sends an email prompting the user to write. The response is persisted to a text file, and the emails are deleted from the server. Some example uses:. daily journal. weekly chapter for a book. monthly work retrospective. Inspired by this...

Bitcoin Drops 20%: How Will Shiba Inu, HUH Token and Akita Inu fair?

Bitcoin has seen a nose-dive this week; dropping 20% which has not been seen by the likes of the crypto giant through its life span. Does this mean that the cryptocurrency world is changing, in such a short time of its existence? And if so, what cryptocurrency will take its spot as top dog?

Critical RCE Vulnerability Reported in Linux Kernel’s TIPC Module | #linux | #linuxsecurity

Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a security flaw in the Linux Kernel’s Transparent Inter Process Communication (TIPC) module that could potentially be leveraged both locally as well as remotely to execute arbitrary code within the kernel and take control of vulnerable machines. Tracked as CVE-2021-43267 (CVSS score: 9.8), the heap overflow...

and Akita Inu Fare If Bitcoin Continues to Drop?

Bitcoin has taken a 20 percent tumble this week; a level not experienced by the crypto powerhouse in its entire history. Is this an indication that the bitcoin industry is evolving in such a short period of time? And, if that’s the case, whose cryptocurrency will supplant it as the big dog? The rumor, or at least the whispers on Reddit, other online forums, and Hacker News, is that meme coin whales like Shiba Inu […]

How has Abcbot been targeting Linux?

Reportedly, a new kind of botnet called Abcbot has been observed in the dark web world. According to the sources, this botnet has some worm-like propagation features to infect Linux systems. The main target of the botnet is to launch malicious denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the devices. It has also...

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) News: 17 November 2021 | #malware | #ransomware

Each business day, MSSP Alert broadcasts a quick lineup of news, analysis and chatter from across the managed security services provider ecosystem. The Content: Written for MSSPs, SOC as a Service (SOCaaS), Managed Detection and Response (MDR), eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) and MSP security providers — and those who need to partner up with such companies.

Foundations of Dawn: The Untyped Concatenative Calculus

One of my long term goals for Dawn is to democratize formal software verification in order to make it much more feasible and realistic to write perfect software. In order for this goal to be achievable, it’s critical for Dawn to have a solid and sound theoretical foundation. In pursuit of this goal, in this Foundations of Dawn series, I will formalize the core of the language in a series of incremental steps, and for each step I will implement a toy programming language. In this first post in the series, I will formalize the untyped concatenative calculus, which is the tiny core calculus that Dawn is ultimately based on, and I will give some examples of how data types and computations can be encoded in it.

TrickBot operators teamed with Shathak Attackers; deploying Conti ransomware

The TrickBot Trojan has been deploying Conti ransomware on infected machines and devices. Apparently, TrickBot collaborated with Shathak Attackers to make this possible. “The implementation of TrickBot has evolved over the years, with recent versions of TrickBot implementing malware-loading capabilities. TrickBot has played a major role in many attack campaigns conducted by different threat actors, from common cybercriminals to nation-state actors.”

My Hacker News knowledge assimilation stack

Long time Hacker News readers would agree that the real gold is in the comments, There are very few platforms left where people with subject matter experience and authority share valuable insights with less noise. HN provides a way to save those comments, but I also wanted a way to...