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Woman finds husband at another woman’s home, lures him out, assaults him — Ynisha Williams

39-year-old Ynisha Williams is free on a $5,000 bond after she locked her husband, Medicus Smith, out of the marital home then later located him at the home of Brittney Sumrall, where she left a note on his vehicle in the driveway and waited. Once he came outside to read the note she ran up to him and punched and stabbed him in the eye socket with her keys, causing him to be transported to the hospital. The note read: “Medicus: Ha, Ha, Ha! Hope you had fun at Brittany’s house! Told you that I’m a smart b—h, not dumb… & Let the games Begin!!! -Wifey”
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Inside creepy abandoned castles left to rot

Once resplendent in strength, wealth and grandeur, many castles around the world have now fallen into ruin. From the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers in France to Ha Ha Tonka in Missouri, USA, their haunting beauty remains a testament to the glories of the past. Here we bring you jaw-dropping images of majestic ruins from around the globe.
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Spooky Spooky! - An early October update

Let me tell you that personally I find it disrespectful to wait until October 31 to bring you new brushes with this month’s theme (The great Halloween) so I decided to bring you a small update with 8 new brushes (16x16px) with spooky theme!. I hope you like them and...
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The Switch

For a lot of us in NSW, those of us in (ha ha) “Greater Sydney” anyway, the whole week was supposed to be all about coming out of Lockdown. But it didn’t really go that way, did it? Instead it kinda drizzled and blew a weird weak onshore. The ocean wallowed, tried to boot up from the SE and failed. Whatever Freedom meant, it didn’t seem to include excellent surfing conditions.

Ha Ha! Bellator 270 Title Fight Is A Joke

Benson Henderson was caught off guard after Bellator MMA matchmakers opted to make the upcoming rematch between Patricky Freire and Peter Queally — which headlines Bellator 270 in Dublin, Ireland on Nov. 5, 2021 — into a title fight after Patricio Freire vacated the title. © Bellator MMA. According to...

Plankey Mill, Northumberland

Lovely David, it feels so peaceful. I can almost hear the birds chirping. Beautifully done David a nice crisp painting if that's the right word to use. Lovely painting David like these way you have painted the sky. Posted by Faye Patrick on Sun 17 Oct 08:04:48. A nice fresh...

Fingal Bay

@ludwigsdiana No it is free. We have two bulk waste removals from our property a year and the rest of the time we can take it down to the recycle centre for free if it is able to be sold on or the waste transfer station if it has to go to landfill. Bulk rubbish and garden rubbish can be disposed of there for free once a month, but if you take it out of those times you have to pay and I think they charge about $30 per carload outside the free dates.

Matt Hancock's UN job offer withdrawn

Thankfully they have seen sense. God knows what they were thinking!. I love the quote from the director of Global Justice Now: " The last thing the African continent needs is a failed British politician. This isn't the 19th century"😂😂😂. Add message | Report. GreenLunchBox Sat 16-Oct-21 14:36:32. user1471538283. That...

Remember When - Part 02

That night even if we are talking just fine I know that we are both thinking about what happened that night. I am so sorry because it's my fault but he just accept it like it was nothing. I'm at fault and I know hurt him with my reaction. I know that we're both stable and savings and we can afford to have our own family now but I am not ready. I don't think I will ever be ready. If we get married for sure he will expect a kids from me and that's what I can't give to him. I didn't tell him about it because I just discover it in accident. No, I am actually afraid to tell it to him because he might change or leave me and that's what I don't want to happen. But how am I gonna tell him that I can't give him what he really want?

Doctor Who Showrunner Russell T. Davies Reveals Next Doctor?!

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies attended the Attitude Inspiration Awards to accept a gong for his acclaimed drama It's a Sin and made a funny, angry, impassioned speech asserting the unity of the LGBTQIA+ community, especially the need to continue to acknowledge and support the trans community. His speech is worth listening to, but if you're not interested in politics, you can get to the very end to hear Davies declare who the new Doctor is. We'll give you a minute to let that process…
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Tiny skier from Fort Kent featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos

FORT KENT, Maine — Four-year-old Clyde Overton may have been among the smallest athletes on the Fort Kent ski hill, but a crash into a portable outhouse did not shake his sizable confidence. Overton’s March 6 misadventure at the bottom of the Lonesome Pine Trails kiddie tow was recently featured...