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'Friends' actor who played Gunther dies at 59 following cancer battle

Actor James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on "Friends," has lost his battle with prostate cancer. He died Saturday at the age of 59, "Friends" producer Kevin Bright announced on Twitter. "James Michael Tyler Our Gunther passed away last night. He was an incredible person who spent his final days...
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James Michael Tyler, Gunther of `Friends’ Dies At 59

James Michael Tyler, 59, who played the slightly irascible barista Gunther at Central Perk on “Friends” for all 10 seasons died Sunday after a battle with prostate cancer, according to his friend and manager, Toni Benson. “If you met him once you made a friend for life,” Benson wrote in...
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What Is Gunther From 'Friends' Doing Now, Anyways?

Since its mid-aughts finale, we've been on an unofficial break with Friends. But now, in honor of HBO Max's highly-anticipated Friends reunion—which is bringing together the beloved sixsome on that iconic orange couch for the first time in 17 years—Marie Claire is celebrating, criticizing, and obsessing over the show that was always there for us.

Where Is Gunther From Friends Now?

James Michael Tyler didn't envision becoming a sitcom cult hero when he landed the role of Gunther in "Friends." The actor was only supposed to appear as an extra in one episode in the beginning. However, he went on to become the face of Central Perk for 10 seasons following an audition that impressed the show's creators more than they anticipated. His previous experience as a barista and bold appearance certainly helped, too. As The Mirror notes, the actor let one of his friends dye his hair peroxide blond before he tried out for the part, and he was stuck with the bright style for a decade.

8 of Gunther's Best (and Most Underrated) Quotes from 'Friends'

There's no denying that Friends became the lasting success that it is because the six main stars had both strong comedic chops and a natural chemistry together, but it was the supporting characters who often proved to be scene stealers. From Janice's (Maggie Wheeler) over-the-top laugh and her exclamations of...

Gunther's Entire Friends Story Explained

The beloved NBC sitcom "Friends" tells the story of six young New Yorkers enduring the trials and tribulations of early adulthood. From first jobs to first serious relationships to first heartbreaks, they grew up and grew together during the show's 10-year run. The series is still a major cultural phenomenon, and according to the New York Times, its finale alone drew more than 52.5 million viewers.

Friends Gunther Star James Michael Tyler Looks Unrecognisable 26 Years On

Friends fans are feeling a bit sentimental recently, what with the reunion dropping imminently. But now we've just discovered something that's bound to make them feel even more nostalgic. Have you seen what Gunther looks like now?. Yep, James Michael Tyler, the TV star who played Gunther, looks absolutely unrecognisable...

Lady Gaga, BTS & “Gunther” Join Friends Reunion Special

Huge news out of Tinsel Town today as WarnerMedia finally confirmed that the upcoming Friends reunion special will include James Michael Tyler, the man who played iconic Central Perk manager Gunther. He’ll also be joined, for reasons less clear, by Oscar-winning songwriter and performer Lady Gaga, K-Pop superstars BTS, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, among others.

You'll barely recognize Gunther from Friends now

You might not know the name "James Michael Tyler." However, if in the last three decades you've lived among other humans and owned any electronic device that allows you to watch television, you've probably seen Tyler's famous onscreen persona: the character of Gunther on the hit sitcom Friends. Tyler's name...