He was one of the most talented guitarists in the area. He taught guitar for many years and he was a most gentle, sweet man. Jack Jones has passed away after suffering from a brain tumor for more than a year. From his high school days, Jack has picked his guitar masterfully for many bands in the area. He was a wonderful guitar teacher – giving lessons on Main Street at Star Recording building for the past seven years. Jack was a beloved musician by many who knew him.

Meet Delilah Bon: The guitarist empowering women and non-binary people in rock through nu-metal tones and girl-gang vocals

Who is Delilah Bon and why did you feel the urge to bring her to life?. “Delilah was created last year completely by accident. I was touring with my band [Hands Off Gretel] when I spoke out about women’s safety at shows. I wrote about my own experiences online, how I was having to deal with men trying to kiss and touch me off stage, only to be met with resistance from people saying I was asking for it because of how I chose to dress. I was riddled with anxiety then, playing shows.”
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Watch Jeff Beck Smash His Guitar to Pieces in Mock Rage

The Yardbirds were something of an academy for UK guitar heroes, with Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton all graduating at one time or another. While Beck and his good friend Page were in the band together, they explored some of the hippest new sounds available, introducing the world to the joys of psychedelic rock via the Sola Sound Tone Bender fuzz and various other custom made stompboxes, courtesy of guitar effects pioneer Roger Mayer.

DESTRUCTION Performs Without Founding Guitarist MIKE SIFRINGER At Austrian Festival; Frontman SCHMIER Explains

German thrashers DESTRUCTION performed without founding guitarist Michael "Mike" Sifringer on July 16 at the Area 53 Festival in Leoben, Austria. Earlier today (Friday, July 30), DESTRUCTION frontman Schmier took to his Facebook page to address questions about Mike's absence, writing: "I have received several messages, why we have played with a different guitarist in Austria at Area 53 Festival and I understand your concern. As much as I know, Mike is doing ok. Thanks for writing and asking!" He then clarified: "Well he is not really answering my e mails, communication is difficult at this point. So I m not sure how he is doing.
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Gibson Releases ‘Holy Grail’ 1958 Flying V and Explorer Clones

Back in the late ‘50s, Gibson president Ted McCarty and his team were brainstorming ideas for electric guitars that would compete with the sleek, forward-thinking image of Fender – distinctive solidbody designs that would elevate them beyond their staid reputation as builders of traditional-looking instruments. In June 1957, three radical...
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Periphery Guitarist Jake Bowen Unveils “The Daily Sun” Solo Track

Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen’s first solo album, Isometric, which came out back in 2015, was fantastic, a maelstrom of chilled out electronic vibes ala Tycho or Massive Attack. Even more fantastic: seeing him perform the songs live in a well-filled but not packed Saint Vitus Bar one steamy summer night a couple of years later (opening for Infinity Shred). Isometric is available on Spotify if you’re so inclined (I recommend it).

Melanie Lenau: Singer/Songwriter, Violinist & Guitarist

Melanie Lenau is a singer-songwriter, violinist, guitarist and performer from the Great Lakes State of Michigan whose musical beginnings were informed by a split between the sacred and the secular; yet, her lifetime of experiences and interests have propelled her through a kaleidoscope of diverse sonic influences: gospel, pop-rock, blues, jazz, opera, folk, country and bluegrass, and she blends them all into her own indelible style that is genuine, calming, playful, intimate, profound, cryptic and accessible. Like her heroes Dolly Parton, Joni Mitchell, Toni Morrison, and Sia, Melanie connects with her audiences through the honest power of passionate and inspirational storytelling, and she sings with a subtle authority that is buoyed by both the earnestness of her lyrics and her understated and sly phrasing.

Jimmy Page Reveals What He Thinks The ‘Greatest Guitarist’ Of All Time

Led Zeppelin co-founding member and resident axemeister Jimmy Page has written and played some of the greatest and most iconic riffs and solos of all time. He achieved legendary status in the ’70s, and for good reason. At a time when there was immense talent pretty much everywhere, he still managed to stand out.
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Fuel Debut ‘Hard’ Video With New Singer, Guitarist Carl Bell Discusses Return

UPDATE: Fuel have now released their video for "Hard." Check it out below:. Fuel have undergone a few lineup changes over the years, but with their next release they'll have the guitarist and principal songwriter of their first four records, Carl Bell, back in the band for the first time since 2010. Bell is also joined in Fuel by returning drummer Kevin Miller who played on the first three albums and a trio of new musicians helping push the band's legacy forward. Today the band is taking the next step in their career by premiering "Hard," the first taste of new music from their upcoming Anomaly album, right here at Loudwire.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd Guitarist Recovering Following Emergency Heart Surgery

Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd performs at Shoreline Amphitheatre on July 20, 2007 in Mountain View, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images). Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Gary Rossington is recovering after undergoing emergency heart surgery, the band said on its Facebook page. Rossington, the band’s only original member still playing in the current iteration, is “home resting and recovering with his family,” according to the post on Friday. “He wants everyone to know he is doing good and expects a full recovery,” it said, adding Rossington “encouraged the band to go perform in his absence.” “We wish Gary a speedy recovery and we will see the Skynyrd Nation very soon!”
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Edge Of Paradise Release New Music Video “The Unknown”

Los Angeles based Edge Of Paradise have announced the upcoming release of their new studio album, The Unknown on September 17, 2021. Today, the band has released a new single and video from the album, the title track, ‘The Unknown’. The band is also offering fans the opportunity to win...

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell releases new single Atone

Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has released a video for the track, “Atone”, the lead single to his forthcoming album, “Brighten.”. Filmed over a four-day period last month, the black and white clip sees the rocker playing the song in outdoor locations such as Joshua Tree, the Salton Sea, Phoenix, and Los Angeles.