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Top 10 Songs by Staind

Since their debut in 1996, Staind has become a legendary band in the worlds of hard rock, metal and post-grunge. Frontman Aaron Lewis wrote most of the band’s material that is oftentimes unsettling, and even disturbing, compelling the listener to think and take an honest look at their own life alongside Lewis, who takes you inside the depths of his mind.
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Delain introduce vocalist Diana Leah with new single Beneath

Delain have announced their new album Dark Waters, and shared lead single and video Beneath. The band’s new line-up – keyboardist Martijn Westerholt, vocalist Diana Leah, guitarist Ronald Landa, bassist Ludovico Cioffi and drummer Sander Zoer – will drop their new record in full on February 10 via Napalm, with Beneath (also featuring a guest appearance from Paolo Ribaldini) serving as the latest taste from the record. In fact, Martijn calls it “a perfect ambassador of the album and Delain as a whole because it encapsulates almost all of the recognisable Delain elements you will find on the album!”
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Blake Sandberg of ALIENS: a Post-Punk and a 9-11 Story of Survival

Never considering myself attracted to post-punk, I was engrossed by the story of both a visual and audio post-punk artist, Blake Sandberg of ALIENS. His story opened me up to a genre I would have not considered to be in my wheelhouse. It is one of a thousand 9/11 attack survival stories and how an artist can dig into his craft to cope with suffering on the way to survival. You can hear the rest of the story in the interview I conducted with Blake on The Long Island Sound Podcast.

Howard and Steve Nowicki Talk the Guitar Prowess of Eddie and Wolfgang Van Halen Before Starting Their New Band, Tuchus

Guitar virtuoso Eddie Van Halen might have passed away in 2020, but his legacy remains. On Tuesday morning, Howard recalled recently watching a video of son and past Stern Show guest Wolfgang Van Halen jamming out on some of his father’s tunes with the Foo Fighters. “That kid is massively talented,” he said of watching the musician take on Van Halen classics like “Eruption” during the recent Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts. “I think Wolfgang is an excellent guitar player … He can play his ass off.”

White Lung : Premonition

For a band who, on paper, are a stripped-down punk rock quartet (with a revolving bassist), Vancouver’s White Lung are a persistently unique proposition. Their singular take on punk exists well outside of the genre’s different scenes. They’re never going to be featured in a Hate5six video; there’s few moments across any of their five albums to incite slam dancing and mic grabs. This is punk rock in the most distilled sense; pure linearity and energy.

Delain Announce New Album, Dark Waters, Share Epic Second Single “Beneath”

In August, Dutch symphonic metal vets Delain announced their new lineup after four-fifths of the band went their separate ways in early 2021. Original keyboardist and band founder Martijn Westerholt was joined by original guitarist Ronald Landa and original drummer Sander Zoer, new singer singer Diana Leah and new bassist Ludovico Cioffi. The new version of Delain released a single, “The Quest & the Curse,” and said that the future of the band was bright but didn’t reveal anything else.
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“If You Love Guitar, Play Guitar and Be the Best You Can Be”: Madison Cunningham Takes Her Own Path to Musical Expression on New Album, ‘Revealer’

The singer-guitarist’s third full-length release draws inspiration from open tunings and intimate observations. Madison Cunningham aced her way through the whole “sophomore slump” thing in fine form with her second album, 2019’s Who Are You Now (opens in new tab). That sublime set of musically adventurous and startlingly personal songs enchanted music fans and critics alike, and went on to earn the iconoclastic singer-guitarist a Grammy nomination (opens in new tab) for Best Americana Album.

Gibson Unveils New Digital Amp

Looking for a compact, “noiseless” way to plug in and play guitar? Check out the brand-new Gibson Digital Amp, available only in the Gibson App. The new Gibson App simplifies the learning process and brings guitar playing to life for the current and next generation of guitarists in a modern, comprehensive, and intuitive way. The Gibson App is the place to take your guitar playing to the next level. New to the Gibson App is the Gibson Digital Amp, the ultimate starting amplifier for beginners and a flexible amp on-the-go for intermediate players and pros to get their sound anywhere. The Gibson Digital Amp is an accessible amplifier for both acoustic and electric guitars, and is currently available for Apple/iOS users--an Android version will debut next year.

Ian Wayne Combines Gorgeous Melodies with Experimental Touches on ‘I Can’t Sleep’

It’s one thing to take a new approach to artistic inspiration; it’s something else entirely when an album is something of a do-over of a previous release. While Ian Wayne‘s second record, 2020’s Risking Illness, was inspired by personal grief, the follow-up, I Can’t Sleep, is both a more lush, dense musical approach, as well as something of a reimagining of a work he released several years ago.

Chad Kroeger is a Marty Friedman Fan but Thinks His Playing Style is “Tough to Watch”

Nickelback frontman and worldwide purveyor of butt rock Chad Kroeger has been making the rounds in recent weeks, professing his love for heavy metal to anyone who’ll listen. While it sounds like a whole lot of bullshit to promote the release of his band’s new album Get Rollin’, it turns out his love of all things fast and heavy is well documented and nothing new at this point.

Windchill Records artist: Breezy Rodio - Underground Blues - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Underground Blues, from Breezy Rodio and like every previous release, the music sails. Opening with Half Way in the Devil's Gate, Rodio lays down some real tension on lead vocal and sharing the guitar work with ace, Anson Funderburgh. Backed by Johnny Bradley on bass, Daniel C. Tabion on piano and organ, and Lorenzo Francocci on drums, I immediately know this release is going to be hot. Texas style blues, Playing My Game Too, has a really nice drum lead by Francocci and Funderburgh's guitar riffs against Rodio's vocals really set the trigger. Funderburgh always shows impeccable phrasing and Rodio's soulful vocals are spot on. Blues shuffle, The Murder is a real nice showcase for Josh Fulero on harmonica and Tabion's piano work balanced with Rodio on vocal and guitar gives the track real grip. Very nice. Slower blues, Lightning Strikes, is a nice stage for Rodio, on vocal and clean guitar lead. Strong. Another cool showcase for Fulero is Latin flavored, Hello Friendo, with super harmonica lead melody. Rodio lays in a real nice guitar solo of his own over the excellent drum rhythm of Francocci and Tabion's piano. Sugar Daddy is Tabion's showcase with Otis Spann like piano work and warm organ, surrounding Rodio's vocal and lead guitar work. Really nice track. Wrapping the release is Bluesoned, the real showcase for Rodio on guitar. His style is richly toned and stylized with emotional phrasing, contrasted with Tabion's piano work. Strong closer.

ALBUM REVIEW: Mysterium II – Celestial Season

The second instalment of CELESTIAL SEASON’s Mysterium trilogy continues with the conveniently named Mysterium II. Whilst Mysterium I wielded the disgustingly heavy power that death-doom has whilst still being hypnotically melodic, Mysterium II continues the narrative but drapes it over the blackened, mournful veil of funeral doom. With long cello and violin sections, the sequel is more sorrowful, introspective and mournful. With this in mind, Mysterium II has a beautifully gothic splendour that chills your bones as the darkness surrounds you. This is an album ripe for autumnal and winter nights, as rain lashes against your window and you sit by candlelight getting lost in the music – a perfect pathetic fallacy.


METALLICA (U.S.) A good argument could be made that Metallica is the biggest name in metal, and therefore a name very unlikely to appear at this site, where we tend to focus our attention on bands who need (and deserve) more exposure. Even just listening to their new song “Lux Æterna” wasn’t high on my list of things to do. It felt like I’d just be joining a surging crowd of lemmings and wondering just how big a cliff I’d be falling off of.

Nine-year-old guitarist Maya Neelakantan covers 15 Tool songs in a medley on the signature Les Paul Adam Jones gifted her

A guitarist who loves to play Tool songs, a medley of clean riffs from 15 of their songs and an Adam Jones signature Les Paul – what's not to love here?. Nine-year-old Tool fan Maya Neelakantan is putting the Les Paul that the band's guitarist Adam Jones gifted her earlier this year to good use here with a medley of the clean parts from 15 Tool songs.

Album Review: Lacuna Coil – Comalies XX

Burst of creativity with delightful melodies and emotion. Goth metal band Lacuna Coil has been around the music scene since 1994 and last month the band released the album Comalies XX which is a rearranged re-recording of the band’s 2002 album Comalies. Each track is filled with a killer mix of melody and heavy metal while the vocals and instrumentation capture what kind of a band Lacuna Coil is. Comalies XX shows listeners that the band can still create impactful music.