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Trump supporters descend on Arizona voting centre

Scores of Donald Trump supporters converged on a vote-counting centre in Phoenix, in the key battleground state of Arizona, as backers of both the president and Joe Biden took to the streets in several US cities. The protesters in Phoenix on Wednesday evening, some of whom were reported to be...
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First Thing election special: Trump defiant as Biden appears to close in on victory

The more ballots that are counted, the closer Joe Biden appears to come to the US presidency. And boy, are there a lot of ballots to count. Biden has already received more votes than any other candidate in history, with more than 72.1 million to Donald Trump’s 68.6 million – which seems increasingly likely to be reflected in the electoral college. “When the count is finished,” said Biden on Wednesday, “we believe we will be the winners.”
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Here's why lockdown is Nigel Farage’s new target

Nigel Farage has had a busy week. Last Wednesday, on 28 October, he landed in the swing state of Arizona, less than a week before the US presidential election, and in a short to-camera video behind a small stage in a big green field, he said he was with a group of Republican figures to discuss the campaign. The following day Farage said he was “surprised” when Trump called him on to a larger stage at his rally in Arizona. Farage proceeded to deliver a pretty predictable routine, praising Trump and tipping him for victory.
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'Save nothing for best': Guardian readers on lessons of lockdown

As we wake up to the first day of a second national lockdown in England, millions of people are facing at least a further four weeks of staying at home. Although many in the north and Midlands have lived under restrictions for some time, the new countrywide measures that came into force from midnight will mean everyone is now subject to more rigorous restrictions.
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About Endlessness review – mesmerising odyssey to the heart of existence

Maybe at the age of 78 he feels he’s approaching the end … of his career, of his life, of everything. Despite or because of it, Swedish auteur Roy Andersson has called his latest movie About Endlessness. And though this might not be his final film (a recent documentary hinted that he has been working on some new ideas) there is a paradox there. Just as he sees death looming up in the foreground, Andersson lifts his eyes beyond the finale of all flesh to the receding horizon of mysterious infinity, that minutely detailed distance that he always fabricates in his films.
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Nuclear review – escape to the post-apocalyptic country

A strange, semi-hallucinatory film from debut feature director Catherine Linstrum that teeters on the edge of incoherence, and then sometimes teeters in the opposite direction – of all too obvious symbolism. But it hooks into the mind, like a sharp short story, thanks to strong acting and an intuitive use of locations.