The Weekender: Sept. 23-26

Libras, it’s your season! According to astrology, the sun transits this sign from approximately September 23 to October 23. Interestingly, Libra is the only zodiac sign represented by an object as the rest are represented by an animal or mythological creature. The scales, which emphasize Libras preference for balance, are based on those of Themis, the ancient Greek Titaness of divine law and custom. This fixation on balance and order make Libras great decorators, stylists or judges. While Libras are praised for being fair and avoiding conflict, their need to weigh all the pros and cons of a situation tends to backfire on them. Their indecisiveness can lead to no decision made at all. Famous Libras include Will Smith, Fran Drescher, John Mayer and Kim Kardashian.
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Pitt News

Graduate, CGS student leaders release statement supporting faculty unionization

Pitt’s Graduate & Professional Student Government and College of General Studies Student Government released a statement Wednesday in support of Pitt faculty unionization. The statement argued that over the past 18 months, faculty members had to adjust to remote, hybrid and in-person learning with “little to no notice and with little voice in these decisions,” and with little support or compensation from the University for their time and energy.
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Graduate School of Oceanography hosts ‘Science Saturday’

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — Visitors to the University of Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay Campus on Saturday learned more about the denizens of the deep and some of the state-of-the-art tools researchers use to study the world beneath the water’s surface. The Graduate School of Oceanography’s Science Saturday, a free family-friendly...
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Gadsden Times

Etowah County groups receive grants from Alabama State Council on the Arts

Five Etowah County entities are getting grant money from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Gadsden Cultural Arts Foundation Inc. The Gadsden Cultural Arts Foundation Inc. is getting a $53,500 grant for operating support. "We are very grateful to the Alabama State Council on the Arts for their continued...

Wing assistant chief pilot Helsinki

Wing is reshaping the future of delivery. We are an on-demand drone delivery service that can deliver food, medicine or other items within minutes. We’ve also developed an unmanned traffic management platform to safely route drones through the sky. Our service is faster, safer and produces far less pollution than traditional delivery. Wing has been operating a commercial drone delivery service in several locations globally for more than a year and has completed thousands of successful deliveries.

GSO Phat Releases New Single ‘Diddy Bop’ with Boosie Badazz

Ready to get the game moving, 19-year-old Mississippi-born and Houston-based rapper GSO Phat serves up a new single entitled “Diddy Bop” with Boosie Badazz today via Cash Money Records. Over production from Air Keezy, GSO Phat leans into the beat with hypnotic and head-nodding verses delivering an undeniable hook. Meanwhile,...

Shop With A Cop looking to return in Gloucester

Gloucester Sheriff’s Office Investigator Steve Perry has taken the reins of the GSO’s Shop With A Cop program and hopes to help bring a merry Christmas to about 100 needy Gloucester children in December. The SWAC program was canceled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but is back to...

GALLERY: ‘A Wicked Silence’ premieres in downtown GSO

Alexandra Joye Warren & JOYEMOVEMENT dance company debuted A Wicked Silence at Lebauer Park on Friday. Warren, Downtown Parks Inc. inaugural artist in residence, shed light on North Carolina’s eugenics program that lasted until the 1970s. A Wicked Silence deals with the forced sterilization of women, particularly Black women, Warren...

Houston-based rapper GSO Phat releases new single with Boosie Badazz

Ready to get the game moving, 19-year-old Mississippi-born and Houston-based rapper GSO Phat serves up a new single entitled “Diddy Bop” with Boosie Badazz today via Cash Money Records. Over production from Air Keezy, GSO Phat leans into the beat with hypnotic and head-nodding verses delivering an undeniable hook. Meanwhile,...

Cash Money Signee GSO PHAT talks new single “Diddy Bop”, Future, and Potential

For as long as hip hop has been around, the south has been a staple for young artists with an established sound and persona that is durable enough for whatever the game can throw at you. The music industry has its ups and downs and any artist that desires the fame and fortune that comes with being on top understands that it takes a massive amount of dedication along with perfecting your craft.

Transferability of Graph Neural Networks: an Extended Graphon Approach

We study spectral graph convolutional neural networks (GCNNs), where filters are defined as continuous functions of the graph shift operator (GSO) through functional calculus. A spectral GCNN is not tailored to one specific graph and can be transferred between different graphs. It is hence important to study the GCNN transferability: the capacity of the network to have approximately the same repercussion on different graphs that represent the same phenomenon. Transferability ensures that GCNNs trained on certain graphs generalize if the graphs in the test set represent the same phenomena as the graphs in the training set. In this paper, we consider a model of transferability based on graphon analysis. Graphons are limit objects of graphs, and, in the graph paradigm, two graphs represent the same phenomenon if both approximate the same graphon. Our main contributions can be summarized as follows: 1) we prove that any fixed GCNN with continuous filters is transferable under graphs that approximate the same graphon, 2) we prove transferability for graphs that approximate unbounded graphon shift operators, which are defined in this paper, and, 3) we obtain non-asymptotic approximation results, proving linear stability of GCNNs. This extends current state-of-the-art results which show asymptotic transferability for polynomial filters under graphs that approximate bounded graphons.

A Musical Journey Enhanced by the Alliance’s Tuning In To Music

I recently had the pleasure of bringing Armin Ohadi, a recent Greenwich High School graduate and 8 year participant in the Greenwich Alliance for Education’s Tuning In To Music program to have lunch with Mary Radcliffe. Mary, as most of our community knows, was the President of the Greenwich Symphony Orchestra (GSO) for 37 years and made it possible for GSO musicians to teach Master Classes to our Tuning In To Music students in 2017 and 2018. I wanted Mary and Armin to meet because they both love music and deeply value music education and the opportunities it has offered to each of them. I also knew they would appreciate sharing their personal music stories – and I was right. Mary beams when she speaks of her beloved Oberlin College in Ohio. I am sharing Armin’s musical journey in this article. It certainly highlights Greenwich Public School’s extensive music offerings, the Alliance’s gift of lessons and the joy music can bring. Enjoy!

Biomedical Science Research Day Goes Hybrid

More than 130 joined a limited in-person group in UConn Health's academic rotunda for the 38th annual Biomedical Science Program Graduate Student Research Day. On a warm mid-summer day, the lights of the Academic Rotunda dimmed, and a limited live audience took a collective masked and socially distanced breath as Graduate Student Research Day (GSRD) returned as an in-person event for the first time in two years. In cyberspace, an additional 130-plus attended the annual celebration of the research accomplishments of biomedical science students in the Graduate School programs at UConn Health.

Operation Football Week 5: Piqua at Sidney

SIDNEY, Ohio (WDTN) – Undefeated Piqua visiting Sidney up in Shelby County, and things did not start well for the home team. First play of the game, the Yellow Jackets pass is picked off by Bryson Roberts, he takes it back 20-yards for a touchdown, seven seconds into the game and Piqua is up 7-0 on the road.


Ready to get the game moving, 19-year-old Mississippi-born and Houston-based rapper GSO Phat serves up a new single entitled “Diddy Bop” with Boosie Badazz today via Cash Money Records. Get it HERE. Over production from Air Keezy, GSO Phat leans into the beat with hypnotic and head-nodding verses delivering an...

The Weekender: Sept. 16-21

(featured photo by Texas Military Department Flickr) Yesterday was the first day of National Hispanic Heritage Month. Until Oct. 15, the accomplishments and contributions by Hispanic Americans to the United States are recognized. The observance began as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968 when it was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, expanding to a month in 1988. The significance of the start date, Sept. 15, is that five Hispanic countries, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Learn more about National Hispanic Heritage Month and find out how you can get involved at, then check out what’s going on this weekend in the Triad. There will be several performances dedicated to various Hispanic cultures during National Dance Day you don’t want to miss!

Georgia Symphony Orchestra begins new season Sept. 25

Georgia Symphony Music Director and Conductor Timothy Verville leads the orchestra as it opens its 71st concert season on Sept. 25, 2021, with Mahler, smahler, a reduced orchestration of Gustav Mahler’s Fourth Symphony. Acclaimed soprano and Marietta native Maria Valdes will be the featured soloist at the performance, which will...

ABL Space to support NASA’s in-space cryogenic liquid hydrogen transferring mission

ABL Space Systems is supporting a NASA demonstration mission that will see cryogenic liquid hydrogen transferred in space in 2023. Considered one of the most challenging yet highest-performing propellants for lunar and deep-space exploration, the mission will explore numerous novel cryogenic propellant technologies as it forges a path to sustainable Artemis operations on the moon.
Daily Orange

SU approves GSO’s proposal to allocate $1.5 million for graduate student support

Get the latest Syracuse news delivered right to your inbox. Subscribe to our newsletter here. The Graduate Student Organization’s funding proposal has been approved by the office of the Syracuse University chancellor and Office of the Provost, allocating $1.5 million for graduate student support. Dean Peter Vanable of the Graduate...