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Markets shouldn't get caught up in recession fears, and the Fed's credibility is near an all-time high, Jefferies' chief market strategist says

Markets shouldn't fixate on the potential for a recession, Jefferies' chief market strategist says. David Zervos pointed to strong economic data and anchored inflation expectations - a sign that the Fed has restored its credibility. "Everything suggests to me their credibility is actually near an all-time high," he said to...
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Some Central Banks Reportedly Looking to Issue a CBDC Within 10 Years

Crypto is in the depths of a winter recently spurred by bankruptcy filings from some of the most prominent companies, including exchange FTX and crypto lender Celsius Network but these market conditions have only convinced countries to develop central bank digital currencies (CBDC), and no later than within 10 years, according to a Thursday report by the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF).

Import Decline Projected to Continue in Q1'23 Creating Lull at Ports

The nation’s retailers are expecting imports to continue to decline at least through the first quarter of 2023. After having peaked in May 2022, imports at the main U.S. container ports have been declining on a year-over-year basis. With retailers now balancing inventory built up earlier against slowing consumer demand and their expectations for 2023, the National Retail Federation is forecasting continuing declines creating a “winter lull” for the major container ports.

Outlook For 2023: Complicated, Fragmented Macro Road Map

Amid the crosscurrents, two themes have prevailed during the post-pandemic years, which lend some perspective to the macroeconomic roadmap ahead: namely, the bipolar swings in macro policy and the forces of economic normalization. After one of the worst years for fixed income assets, investors would be remiss not to caveat...

New report shows positive economic growth in Boone County

COLUMBIA — The U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released a report Thursday outlining changes in gross domestic product (GDP) for counties in 2021. The report found that Boone County experienced a 5.7% increase in overall GDP from 2020 to 2021. Missouri had a 4.6% increase in GDP during that same time period. This means Boone County outperformed the state's change in GDP by 1.1%.

EUR/JPY Up Momentum With A 1% Jump In The Last 5 Sessions

(VIANEWS) – EUR/JPY (EURJPY) has been up by 1.41% for the last 5 sessions. At 15:06 EST on Thursday, 8 December, EUR/JPY (EURJPY) is $144.29. EUR/JPY’s yearly highs and lows, it’s 15.98% up from its 52-week low and 2.745% down from its 52-week high. Volatility. EUR/JPY’s last...

MP slush funds used to maintain power in PNG

After winning a new term as the Papua New Guinean Prime Minister in August, James Marape has busied himself rewarding members of parliament and strengthening his coalition. One reward was an all-expenses paid trip to Brisbane in September for 72 MPs to attend the annual PM’s 13 rugby league match between PNG and Australia. Against more pressing development needs, the trip cost more than K3 million. The match saw PNG thrashed by Australia 64 points to 14.

Mitsotakis: Greece is becoming a protagonist in the digital transition

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis described his ambition and his vision for the technology sector to contribute 10% to Greece’s GDP in five years during his speech on Thursday at the inauguration of the first phase of the largest data centre in terms of capacity that has been manufactured in Greece, by Athens-3, which was developed at the Athens Data Center Campus in Koropi.

Why Lael Brainard Would Be Unemployed Under A Regime Of Sound Money

The Fed holds interest rates to be its primary control valve, with lower ones providing a stimulus to the GDP and higher ones a brake. Self-evidently, therefore, interest rates below the inflation level are a stimulus because they amount to economic subsidization of debt, and the spending or investment which results. To be sure, we […]

India's rise would depend on absolute GDP, per capita income: Uday Kotak

New Delhi [India], December 8 (ANI): Highlighting the country's potential to further strengthen its economy, Kotak Mahindra Bank MD and CEO Uday Kotak on Thursday said India's rise would depend on its performance in absolute GDP and absolute per capita income, current account and fiscal management. Speaking at the Confederation...

Construction Sector to Start Growing in 2025

The construction sector is probably experiencing one of its most difficult periods, with COVID-19 still affecting companies through constant increases in material costs, high interest rates and lacking investment in infrastructure. Industry experts warn that this situation might not change before 2025. According to Ricardo Trejo, Director General, Forecastim, the...

France’s GDP will be near zero in Q4-Central Bank

France’s GDP will be near zero in Q4-Central Bank. – The French central bank said in its monthly outlook on Thursday that the economy is on track to finish the year with slightly positive growth in the fourth quarter. The second-largest economy in the euro zone is...

Inflation is the fourth horseman – Richard Mills

Over the past year, relentlessly rising interest rates (because of the global fight on inflation), are putting pressure on borrowers, who are reportedly deeper in the red than ever before. Rising interest costs are “a slow-moving train for consumers and companies, just like for governments,” Bloomberg quotes Sean Simko, global...