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Routt girls' basketball team finding its groove

The Routt girls’ basketball team seems to have found its groove after finishing third at the Brown County Tournament last weekend. “We kind of took it up a notch and were playing our basketball,” first-year coach Val Creviston said. "Essentially, we want to run and gun when we can, and move the ball. When teams kind of slow us up, and we kind of get in that half-court game, I think we struggle a little bit.
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Aaron Rodgers & Offense Starting to Find Downfield Groove

As always, there are a number of reasons why this 2021 Green Bay Packers offense isn't nearly as potent as the 2020 version. But one big contributor has been the team's inability to consistently hit the big play downfield--although it's not for lack of trying. Aaron Rodgers, whose career has...
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Getting Back In The Groove

STARKVILLE – The Humphrey Coliseum was a quiet, mostly-empty place about a half hour after Mississippi State's 75-60 win over Lamar on Thursday night. Suddenly a loud voice carried through the arena. MSU center Tolu Smith emerged from the tunnel and walked towards his family who was waiting for him...
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Delhi-based band Zyakuni In My Backyard is in the groove

Founded in 2012 by childhood friends Anushka Datta and Shraddha Jennifer Singh, Zyakuni In My Backyard (ZIMB) story is similar to that of any new-age young musician—they started by uploading musical covers on YouTube. Even though ZIMB had made their presence felt in the live music space in Delhi, the band wanted to create their own sound.

Davis-Standard offers next-level groove feed performance

Davis-Standard has introduced the latest in the company’s groove feed innovation with the launch of its Super High Output (SHO) extruder. Equipped to save space while offering outputs up to 20 per cent higher than existing groove feed models, the SHO is engineered with an optimised feed section and high-performance, energy-efficient DSB barrier screw, which the company says is ‘especially beneficial for high-viscosity HDPE applications’ such as pipe extrusion, where lower melt temperatures, reduced power consumption and improved energy efficiency are paramount.

Feeling Stressed? Here’s How to Get Back Your Groove

Stress is something that no one wants to experience, yet it is a natural part of life. Stress is a good thing in small doses as it helps you focus on the task at hand, allowing you to push hard and giving you the strength of will necessary to get the job done.

E-Bike Review: GEN3 Groove Folding Fat Tire

GEN3 sent me the Groove e-bike for me to run it around town to let you know how it performs in real life. After spending some time with the Stride and its powerful Bafang motor a few weeks ago (full Stride review here), I was excited to see how the Groove, with its higher peak power, performed.

The Gavel Groove: Not Quite Holiday Music

Are you a staunch believer in waiting until the middle of December to listen to Christmas music? Does your friend already blasting "All I Want For Christmas Is You" make you want to rip the aux cord right out of their hands? Do you just want something else to listen to around the holidays rather than the same 10 songs? This is the playlist for you! When you want to get in the holiday mood but don't necessarily want the classic music you've been hearing all your life, give these songs a try.

Phil Henry hopes Hucknall Town can now get back into their groove

The Yellows battled to a 4-2 win at Harrowby United last Saturday to end their three game winless run. And Henry believes his side showed all the necessary signs that Town can now recover from their earlier slump. “It was a good test of everyone’s effort and determination,” said Henry....

Finals playlist: Smooth grooves to get the A you need

As the semester comes to a close, the inevitability of studying right before your finals is a given. With little time to spare, everyone wants to utilize their time studying. Here’s a playlist for studying at home, sitting in the library, or hanging out in the mirror fountain. JOJI, “SLOW...

Pirates A to Z: Cole Tucker finally found his groove at the plate, now must find a position

During the offseason, the Tribune-Review will offer Pirates A to Z: An alphabetical player-by-player look at the 40-man roster, from outfielder Anthony Alford to pitcher Miguel Yajure. Player: Cole Tucker. Position: Shortstop/second base/outfield. Throws: Right. Bats: Switch. Age: 25. Height: 6-foot-3 Weight: 205 pounds. 2021 MLB statistics: Tucker batted .222/.298/.342...

Maroon 5, Brian Jenkins and Elation Find Their Groove on 2021 Fall Tour

Maroon 5 wrapped an early fall tour on Oct. 8 in Concord, CA, the conclusion to an 8-week return to the road. LD Brian Jenkins used Elation lighting from Upstaging. The pop rock band played sheds across North America in support of “Jordi,” a summer release dedicated to band manager Jordan Feldstein, who passed away in 2017.

Brittany Renner Claims She’s Living With Her Mom And Struggling Financially Since PJ Washington Split

Brittany Renner took to social media this week, claiming that since her split with PJ Washington she has been living with her mom and has been struggling financially. She said, “Can you imagine being 29 years old with a baby living back with your parent because you were kicked out of your house (I left willingly because I go where I’m celebrated not tolerated) with nowhere to go without a vehicle? Can you imagine NOT being mentally/physically/emotionally ready to get back in the gym let alone host a club after just having a baby but you have to work to take care of your child?"

Glaxo Babies

Glaxo Babies Dreams Interrupted: The Bewilderbeat Years 1978–1980 2xLP. Upstart Italian reissue label Lantern brings Cherry Red’s 2006 CD-only GLAXO BABIES compendium to vinyl for the first time, taking it from a dead format to a format that 2021 is trying very hard to kill. Almost all of the content touched upon here has been reissued elsewhere within the last decade and/or the OG pressings are still relatively inexpensive and easy to come by, so a straight vinyl redux of what was already an incomplete anthology is a little odd, but that said, GLAXO BABIES were responsible for some of the finest dub-conscious, acute-angled post-punk in a late ’70s/early ’80s UK scene that never lacked in that area, so however their legacy is upheld is fine with me. What you get: all of the tracks from 1979’s “Christine Keeler” single and This Is Your Life 12” (both essential) as well as the mutant funk “Shake!” 7” from 1980 (less so), cherry-picked (no pun intended) selections from 1980’s Put Me on the Guest List (viciously dry and minimal early demos to rival WIRE) and Nine Months to the Disco (the band’s descent into freeform avant jazz-funk) LPs, one comp offering, and a few orphaned tracks—Y Records’ 1980 Limited Entertainment EP is conspicuously absent. If it leads to even a handful of people being exposed to the scratchy, EX-like ranting repetition of “Police State” or the sax-skronked GANG OF FOUR-worthy groove of “Christine Keeler” for the first time, this collection will have more than justified its existence on wax.

[Watch] Tanzanian Siblings Groove To Shershaah’s ‘Raatan Lambiyan’ Song

New Delhi: Superhit film Shershaah’s popularity has reached as far as Tanzania. On Sunday, Kiara reacted to a video of two Tanzanian siblings who perfectly recreated the film’s popular song ‘Raatan Lambiyan” with the right lip-sync. Kili Paul, who has over 72,000 followers on Instagram, shared the Reel with his...