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Jim Ross Scheduled For Final Cancer Treatment Day Of AEW TV Return

Jim Ross offers a “simplistic nutshell” of how his treatment for skin cancer and return to AEW TV will go. Jim Ross offered a medical update for his ongoing treatment for skin cancer on a new Grilling JR podcast on AdFreeShows and spoke about the plan for his eventual return to All Elite Wrestling. Ross revealed his diagnosis in October and recently confirmed that he would be off of AEW TV in December due to having 22 total radiation treatments for skin cancer, but remained hopeful to return at the end of the month.
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Jim Ross shares post-op photo

Jim Ross continues to move forward with his battle with the recently diagnosed skin cancer. The WWE Hall of Famer previously revealed on their Grilling JR podcast that he is going to have two cancer spots cut off on his back. On Monday, he was due to meet with an oncologist to receive radiation therapy.
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Jim Ross is expected to be at AEW Dynamite on Wednesday after undergoing surgery

Jim Ross previously announced that he has been diagnosed with skin cancer, but has so far not taken any leave of absence from his AEW duties. The WWE Hall of Famer noted last week on their Grilling JR podcast that he was going to have two cancer spots cut off on his back, and then on Monday he was due to meet with an oncologist so they could put the boot in the box. order for the radiation machine to have a target and hit the correct area to start treating it.
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Health Update On Jim Ross, AEW Not Booking The Marriott Hotel

AEW commentator and Senior Advisor “Good Ole’ J.R.” Jim Ross recently took to his Grilling JR podcast and provided an update on the skin cancer issue he has been dealing with, which he needs 22 radiation treatments for. This is what Jim Ross said:. “Next week is going to be...

Jim Ross To Potentially Miss Some AEW Episodes Due To Skin Cancer Treatment

Recently, one of AEW’s lead commentators has been fighting a serious battle. Good Ol’ JR has been fighting skin cancer, and hasn’t hid it. He’s mentioned the battle a number of times on the Grilling JR podcast. Despite this, he’s been able to keep steady with his work in AEW – showing no signs of the struggle. He gave a classic performance at Full Gear, adding to the moment of Hangman Page finally winning the AEW World Championship among others – but Jim Ross could miss a few upcoming episodes of Dynamite.

Jim Ross’ Cancer Treatment May Force Him To Take A Break From AEW

That’s never good to hear. There is a lot of wrestling on television today and there are a lot of people involved in every show. Some of them might not get the same amount of recognition though, as there are all kinds of people who are part of the show without actually wrestling. You can see and hear from these people every single week, but that might not be the case for one of them for the time being.

Jim Ross Provides Health Update, Reveals If He Will Take Time Away From AEW

During his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross provided an update on his battle with skin cancer and talked about possibly stepping away from the AEW commentary booth if necessary:. “I wanted to make sure I can still do my stuff. I’ll know more about that after November 22, if I can’t I’ve got to put my health first. I think that’s the right thing to do, ego wise people say ‘Are you worried about getting replaced?’ hell no. I work for Tony Khan, I work for a different man than what I worked for in the past. He has been nothing but amazing in this whole process to the point of whatever you need we’ll take care of you, whatever you need to do to get you healthy again we’re ready to take every step of the way with you.”

Jim Ross Shares More Details On Skin Cancer Treatment, Talks Future With AEW

As previously reported, AEW announcer Jim Ross revealed that he was diagnosed with skin cancer and would be undergoing treatment. In a recent edition of his Grilling JR podcast, Ross shared more details on his treatment, including the possibility of having to step away from his AEW duties. Here’s what Ross had to say: (via Wrestling Inc.):

The Latest On Jim Ross’ Cannabis Venture

On the latest episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross talked more about starting a cannabis farm with his daughter in Oklahoma. The AEW commentator clarified his previous comments by saying he bought the land for the cannabis farm with his daughter and her husband but that’s the most he’s going to be involved with the project.

Jim Ross gives praises to Big E and Vince McMahon for ‘broadening the scope’

During his recent Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross commented on Big E becoming WWE champion and gave praise to Vince McMahon…. “The powers at be saw what I saw, this guy had pictures of him, they were buddies. He had pictures of him on his phone, so I got a good look at him, and the only thing he said was ‘He might be too short to play defensive tackle in the NFL but he’s got a great 40 time, which means he’s athletic and has fast feet. Strongest guy on the team. He’s just 5’10 or 5’11, something like that.’ He came in and blew them away, and he’s a good citizen. Every company should have their share of Big E’s in it because he’s a good citizen and a good representative of the brand. You need guys like that in your locker room, you need guys that are upbeat, and positive, and are willing to help in your locker room. WWE probably has plenty of them, but Big E is maybe at the top of that list. Of course [in AEW], we’ve got some of our own guys. Chris Jericho is a big leader with us. To me, he’s one of the MVP’s, if not the MVP. If you’re going to be successful, you have to have somebody who’s going to have locker room leadership, and we’ve got a lot of good leaders.”