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4 Local Restaurants For incredible Mac n Cheese in Tampa

Datz was opened in 2009 and has since been a Tampa favorite. The restaurant owners, Roger and Suzy Perry take pride in turning comfort food into aesthetic and inventive ideas that are fun for the entire family. Since opening, they have also created a sweet side to their restaurant called Dough (which I will always recommend heading over to once you finish your meal). They have won countless awards and even were featured on Good Morning America and Food network!! They have a full-service bar and can be the perfect spot for anywhere from a first date to a birthday to a typical family dinner. They now have two locations including one in St. Petersburg so you can enjoy it from either side of the Bay.
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The "Grill Everything but the Burger" Brisket Burger

The all-brisket patty for this burger—from San Francisco's Wes Rowe, the burger slinger behind WesBurger ‘N’ More—is grilled, but in a cast-iron pan over the flame, which minimizes flare-ups and allows the meat to cook over a bed of onions that would otherwise burn. By charring the other toppings and bun over an open flame, you’ll get the quintessentially smoky touch you expect from a grilled burger. Be sure to go the extra mile and ask your butcher to grind brisket for you; the cut has a high fat content and rich, meaty flavor perfect for burgers.
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Restaurant owner addresses plethora of burger options in Hamilton County

At times, it seems like a new burger joint opens in Hamilton County nearly every week. But local burger restaurant owners aren’t concerned with the competition. At Flight Burger in Carmel, owner Dallas Miller said the business model of offering half-sized burgers in sets of three, similar to flights of beer, is something no one else is doing.
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Mediterranean Pesto Chickpea Salad Recipe

Pesto is usually paired with pasta, but have you ever tried it on a salad? While there's absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious bowl of pesto fettuccine with grilled shrimp, if you're looking for a healthy meal that's jam-packed with protein, vegetables, and flavor, this Mediterranean chickpea pesto salad recipe from private practice registered dietitian Kristen Carli will most definitely hit the spot.
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The 5 Best Vegan Cheese Slices for Grilled Cheese

Two slices of toasted bread and paired with melted cheese in the middle is an essential part of the American diet and culture. Whether you like to cut your vegan grilled cheese sandwich into fours or dip it in ketchup, we all know that finding the perfect, melty, stretchy, gooey, pull-apart cheese is the secret to success, and while dairy-free cheese is not known for its "meltability," we picked a winner you’ll want to try.

Our best new Toronto Restaurant Countdown: #12, Milou’s

Uncle Mikey’s chef/owner Mikey Kim taps into his French culinary training for Milou, Dundas West’s new Parisian-inspired café-bistro. By day, it’s a charming spot to pick up French-influenced sandwiches, such as the classic Ham & Cheese Sando with French ham, shaved butter, cornichons and grainy Dijon. Sandwiches are served on...

Grown-Up Grilled Cheese: Delicious Twists on a Classic Sandwich

There's something so delicious about ooey, gooey cheese melted between two pieces of toasted bread. But why stop there? Try these three twists on the classic grilled cheese to elevate your sandwich experience and enjoy grilled cheese anytime of day — from breakfast to dessert!. Each of these grilled cheese...

Simplify Summer on the Grill

(Family Features) Summer is typically a busy time for families, making those moments you spend together all the more precious. The hustle and bustle of the season doesn't have to mean sacrificing wholesome meals, however. Take advantage of the warm weather and step outside the kitchen to focus on enjoying...
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How To Make: Ibérica’s Tostada de Higos

With four restaurants in London and one in Leeds, Ibérica has updated its menus for the summer. Specialising in Spanish food and drink, the restaurant’s new summer menu specifically highlights different regions of Spain, particularly championing the cuisine of Castilla y León. Spain’s largest autonomous community, in north-west of the country, Castilla y León borders Portugal, containing eight world heritage sites. Livestock is a key industry in the region, and that’s very much reflected in the local cuisine.
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I Guess You Gave Me What I Asked For, Literally (40 Pics)

I’m not a picky eater, and I have huge respect for those who work in the service industry, so I try my best to be a good customer. I almost never make special requests at a restaurant but sometimes you just want something specific. Delicious compliance, if you will. There’s...
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These Are Louisville's Top Mexican Restaurants Ranked

There are plenty of Mexican Restaurants in Derby City -- and while I implore that you try to support all of the locally-owned institutions, these are the top ranked Mexican restaurants in Louisville, KY. Don't see your favorite on the list? Tell me in the comments below: who has the best mexican food in Louisville?
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Grilled Cheese With Doritos

Grilled cheese with Doritos is where real grilled cheese fans earn their stripes. Four kinds of cheese, brown sugar bacon, avocado, pico de gallo, thick sourdough slices, and the crowning glory—a handful of Nacho Cheese Doritos stuffed inside. Yeah, that’s right. It’s even better than it sounds…and it sounds incredible.
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Keep your grilled cheese from being soggy by lunchtime

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A grilled cheese sandwich is a classic lunch-time snack, best enjoyed warm and fresh off the pan. Culinarian Lauren Lane shows FOX4 the best way to pack a grilled cheese in a lunchbox and keep it melted and buttery without becoming soggy. Don’t get me wrong,...
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Hummus Cup with Veggies and Pita-$4.50

–vegan- Tarragon Chicken Salad Snack with club crackers-$4.50. Ham, Salami, Provolone cheese, tomato, olives, and marinated artichoke hearts on a bed of crispy greens. Served with roasted garlic and balsamic dressings. Mediterranean Sunflower Salad-$7.75-gluten free, vegetarian- feta cheese, hummus, quinoa, garbanzo and kidney beans, peppers, onion. Veggie Protein Salad-$7.75-gluten free,...
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Local Garden Foods Available at Shipshewana Trading Place

What is your favorite summer fruit or vegetable? Strawberries? Tomatoes? Cucumbers? Garden Potatoes? Green Beans?. We have great news! You can find all of these and more at the Shipshewana Flea Market Farmer's Market. What is Shipshewana Trading Place?. Shipshewana Trading Place is home to the largest flea market in...