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Strawberry Pop-Tarts Don't Contain Enough Strawberry, Lawsuit Claims

As enjoyable as a Pop-Tart can be, the toaster pastries aren't particularly bursting with filling: The insides lean towards PB&J sandwich more than jelly donut. So every drop of filling counts. But a recent class-action lawsuit claims that — for Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts, at least — the product barely contains any strawberry at all… or at least not enough strawberry to get away with calling it a Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart.
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Marshall Islands Key to Sustainable Global Tuna Industry

MAJURO, Marshall Islands, October 17, 2021 (ENS) – In an advance for tuna conservation, Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, has chosen Pacific Island Tuna, based in the Marshall Islands, to supply sustainably-certified canned skipjack tuna for its in-house brand, Great Value. Pacific Island Tuna, a partnership between The Nature Conservancy,...
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Store brands no longer have stigmas attached as they help Target, Walmart grow

With just a passing glance, it would be easy to dismiss the news: Walmart(NYSE: WMT) is expanding its private-label apparel brand Free Assembly to include kids' clothes. Walmart is already a clothing retailer, including children's apparel. Last week's announcement isn't exactly a game-changer. However, when the news is viewed as...

Printable Halloween Wrappers & Halloween Popcorn

We love having family movie nights. With a family movie night, you have to have popcorn. Since Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to make these fun printable Halloween wrappers you can put around cups. Then just fill the cups with your favorite treats (or Halloween Popcorn like we did) and you will have the perfect treats for your movie! They will not only taste great but look fun too.

Sex offenders tied to property in kidnapping charges, records show

BUFFALO — At least two registered sex offenders listed their address as the property where authorities believe two men held Cassidy Rainwater in cage, according to official records. The property on Moon Valley Road near Buffalo had a small cabin, where investigators believe Cassidy was kept, and a small shack....
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We buy store brands and spend the savings on ourselves

Not many years ago I was like many other people when it came to buying store brand products. I would look at them and think to myself, these cannot have the same quality as a national brand product. I got to looking at these products repeatedly and then my wife and I decided to try a few of them. Soon we were buying more and more of them. The main reason that we did was to save money. I think that is what is on the minds of many people. Younger people trying to make a go of it or senior citizens trying to live on Social Security should think of putting store brand products into their shopping cart.

Missouri law enforcement confronts online rumors surrounding missing woman: 'This isn’t a TV series'

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office in Missouri on Thursday shot down online rumors surrounding an unsolved missing person case. Cassidy Rainwater, 33, has been missing since July 25, and while the sheriff's office has arrested two suspects in the case of her disappearance, authorities are trying to put an end to an online rumor mill regarding Rainwater's whereabouts.
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Dallas County sheriff addresses rumors

After weeks of more speculation than facts coming out of a kidnapping case in rural Dallas County, Dallas County Sheriff Scott Rice took to social media to address rumors in the disappearance of Cassidy Rainwater and said he expects additional charges in the coming days. Two men, James Phelps and...
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Missouri sheriff blasts ‘fake news,’ insists speculation about caged woman is ‘crap’

Three weeks into a massive criminal investigation that’s drawn widespread attention, the southwest Missouri sheriff leading the probe went on a rant Thursday night. On his department’s Facebook page, Dallas County Sheriff Scott Rice took aim at “Fake News,” social media and people who he said are too impatient and entitled to wait for the justice system to work.

Walmart's Private-Label Brands Are Its New Edge

Children's clothing line Free Assembly Kids is just another of the company's growing in-house portfolio of goods. Profit margins on house brands are significantly higher for retailers. Target has already proved the potential of well-run house brands. With just a passing glance, it would be easy to dismiss the news:...

Sheriff addresses fake news surrounding Cassidy Rainwater case

DALLAS COUNTY, Mo. – “99.999999% of what has been posted to social media is CRAP,” stated Dallas County Sheriff Scott Rice, addressing fake news surrounding the Cassidy Rainwater case. Sheriff Rice addressed misinformation and rumors on social media Thursday evening, October 7, 2021. Someone reported Rainwater missing in August. No...

Missouri sheriff blasts crime bloggers and social media superstars in Cassidy Rainwater case, missing woman photographed partially naked in a cage

DALLAS COUNTY, MO (KCTV) -- The Dallas County, MO, sheriff has harsh words for bloggers and armchair detectives speculating what happened to a missing Missouri woman named Cassidy Rainwater. Rainwater’s case has drawn nationwide attention due to the unusual circumstances. Sheriff Scott Rice’s post on FB got right to the...