Obama ripped after slamming 'phony culture wars' at McAuliffe rally amid Loudoun County controversy

Former President Barack Obama took sharp criticicsm over the weekend for slamming "phony culture wars" while speaking in Virginia, where a very real headline-inducing culture war has been taking place in recent weeks. Obama made the controversial comment on Saturday during a rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe,...
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The John Cooper School Fine Arts Preview Open to the Public

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- Join us at our Glenn Performing Arts Center for a showcase of The John Cooper School visual and performing arts programs. This event will include the opportunity to meet with a group of our arts faculty and our current students, and to attend the final dress rehearsal for our upcoming fall musical, Grease. Please note that this production is rated PG-13. Please feel free to join us for the showcase, the dress rehearsal, or both.

Quentin Tarantino Subjected John Travolta to a Bizarre Night Before Casting Him in ‘Pulp Fiction’

1992’s Reservoir Dogs really set the scene for filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, but actor John Travolta’s movie career was nearly dead. The pair became the talk of the town after 1994’s Pulp Fiction. A lot of stories continue to come from the production and its actors. Travolta once recalled a truly strange night with Tarantino before he was cast in Pulp Fiction as Vincent Vega.
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Olivia Newton-John was Dannii Minogue's career inspiration

Dannii Minogue was inspired by Olivia Newton-John to become an actress. The 50-year-old singer-and-actress has revealed it was the 73-year-old actress' starring role as Sandy in the 1978 musical classic 'Grease' that spurred her on to take up singing and dancing as a child. Thank you for reading!. Please log...

How to Remove Burnt-On Grease from a Stovetop

It happens even to the best, whether you’re a professional chef for a restaurant establishment or a stay-at-home expert cook for the family, sometimes grease manages to make contact with the stove and burns quite an impression on it. Whether you are a talented cook that experiences this mishap, or someone who isn’t quite so adept with the stove, you can choose to either clean up that burnt-on, greasy mess the hard way or the easy way. And, this issue is apparently problematic enough to give product manufacturers a good reason to come up with their idea of ideal solutions to remove the burnt remains of a grease spill on your stovetop.

A Spookable Feast

1 pound ground turkey or ground chuck, or ground sirloin. 1 - 15 ounce can crushed tomatoes One small white onion chopped fine. Heat oil in a large skillet or Dutch oven over medium high heat. Sauté turkey or beef and onion, until turkey or beef is evenly browned. Add pinto beans, chili beans, kidney beans, and crushed Tomatoes.
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Peter Andre admits he was haunted by terrifying recurring nightmare

Peter Andre is the latest celebrity to reveal he suffers from recurring nightmares. Earlier this month pop star Ed Sheeran said he dreams a gunman shoots him in the head every night. And just a few days before Halloween, Aussie Pete has admitted he has a nightmare that is even...

Dancing with the Stars 2021 LIVE

OLIVIA Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy are preparing for the Dancing With the Stars’ Horror Night after the pair were forced to dismiss romance rumors. A TikTok user claimed the dance partners were more than friends but Olivia dismissed the claims as “a complete rumor.”. Olivia also revealed she was blocked...