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Lost and Found exhibit to open at New Albany gallery

Lost and Found — an exhibit featuring ceramics and a fusion of different media — will open Nov. 12 at the Bourne-Schweitzer Gallery at 137 E. Main St. in New Albany. The exhibit features the work of Floyds Knobs native, Cheryl Ulrich-Barnett. Ulrich-Barnett has always had her hand in the arts. She began her formal training at Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis. She then moved to New York City where she earned her BFA in Graphic Design at The School of Visual Arts. Ten years later she moved back home, where she and her husband raised their boys and created the design/marketing firm DOGO Communications, LLC.
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Serif Affinity Designer Review

It’s easy to develop an affinity for Serif’s latest release of its vector editing graphic design software, Affinity Designer 1.10.0. That's high praise from this writer, a longtime Adobe Illustrator user. When the British-born app debuted in 2014 as a Mac-only tool, Windows users had already been using the company’s DrawPlus vector editing tool. Soon after, DrawPlus was scrapped, and so began the dual-platform succession of the Affinity line, which includes the vector-based Designer, pixel-based Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher for producing long documents. With the ubiquity of Adobe’s parallel workhorse trio (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign), the burning question is: What can Affinity Designer do that Illustrator can’t? Read on to find out.

CEC Welcomes Uyen Dao as a Communications & Marketing Intern

Uyen Dao is a sophomore at the University of Houston majoring in Graphic Design, minoring in Motion Media and Economics. She is interested in many areas of design such as UX/UI, branding, website design, and motion graphics. Outside of her career-oriented activities, she is also a personal development enthusiast and an avid food lover.

The third edition of Design Week Lagos showcases the best in contemporary African design

Design Week Lagos (DWL), Africa’s most significant annual design festival, is back for its third edition. Running from today, October 21 through 31, the event will present the best in contemporary architecture, industrial design, interior design, furniture design, graphic design, and technology from across the continent. The theme this year is Design Revolution, and it explores how African designers are breaking new ground in manufacturing methods and information sharing, allowing this growing community better ways to tap into its rich history of craftsmanship and material knowledge.
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Order’s Identity For Research-Collecting Heyday Offers A Welcoming Helping Hand

Heyday is a productivity tool that helps with automatic research. The tool recently worked with the design studio Order, based in Brooklyn, to create an identity that reflects transparency and excellence. Order ultimately decided on a hand illustration, reflective of Heyday’s “helping hand” mentality. The hand system was then adapted into a range of hand motions creating a dynamic set of illustrative visual cues. Furthermore, the vibrant typography helps establish the flexibility and consistency of the brand in a way that’s not too unwelcomely obvious. Heyday’s branding system is approachable and welcoming, something that not many productivity tools can pat themselves on the back for, a job well done.

Retro Bauhaus Poster & Cover Templates with Abstract Geometric Elements

Available on Adobe Stock as fully editable vector graphics, these retro Bauhaus poster and cover templates provide an authentic vintage look. Created by graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, microstock artist, and Adobe Stock contributor @Blackcatstudio, this beautifully designed Bauhaus poster and cover template is a real eye-catcher. The template comes with two design options. Thanks to the use of fully editable vector graphics, you are free to customize the design according to your own preferences and needs. The design is based on simple geometric shapes in the typical Bauhaus colors. Adding text or additional graphics and images can be done with just a few simple clicks. As mentioned before, everything is fully customizable.

Zion Builder

Figuring out a web builder can feel as confusing as those online ads that auto-play. ("Where is the sound coming from? Which tab?!") And even when you finally find a simple web builder that you understand, it might not come with the more advanced web features you need. It's time...
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5 Photography Tips to Capture Magical Family Memories

At first thought, family photos could seem like an easy feat. All you need to do is get everyone together— what could go wrong? But every photographer knows that capturing that picture perfect moment takes a lot of preparation especially if you have a big family.


EASTON, Pa.— Parisian Phoenix Publishing, a boutique independent press representing unique voices and diverse perspectives, will make its first public appearence with a reading by founder and author Angel Ackerman at the Easton Book Festival at 3 p.m. October 23. Parisian Phoenix debuted its titles September 11 with Ackerman’s horror...

Envyhood by Marco Guadagnini

The concept of this project is based on nature, ornithology and sisterhood, intimate images of two beautiful examples of rare birds in their natural habitat. Andreea is wearing a coat from The B; shoes from the stylist’s archive; vintage foulard. Stefania is wearing a coat from The B; shoes from Luca Valentini; vintage foulard.

Carve your Pittsburgh Pumpk-yinz-Inclination

Approaching Halloween, these 11 Pittsburgh-themed Jack O Lantern patterns archive (Plus one new design) Get ready for 31 days. So take out your engraving tool, scoop up the guts and goops and make your Jack O Lantern shine. In 2018, The Incline was helped by “Pumpkin King cm of Plains”...

Graphic Design Tips That Can Give Your Brand a Professional Edge

Graphic design is a topic with a lot more depth to it than a lot of people assume. What is effective might seem obvious when you know what it is, but trying to get to that point yourself can be difficult. There are plenty of subtleties that make it something worth researching, and prevent graphic design from being easy to master.

Why Your Business Needs More Focus on Design

Design is everywhere, whether it’s traditional such as interior or exterior design, there is a digital design, plus so many other aspects of design. A lot of them can impact a business. While it’s obvious that product design or graphic design can greatly affect a company, it can at times be a little too hard to believe that something such as interior or exterior design can have the same effect. Needless to say, design should not be neglected as all aspects of it have so much power. On top of that, it’s also very important to aim towards standing out amongst a large crowd.

Playboy Announces The Launch Of NFTs Built On Ethereum

Playboy has developed ERC-721 Rabbitars NFTs on Ethereum. “Lagomorphic-themed civilization of distinct and non-fungible bunnies,” says the project’s website. Their 11,953 designs are based on Playboy iconography and history. It was reported by crypto blogger Colin Wu in China. He shared a website screenshot with some Playboy Rabbitars. “A Mint value of 0.1953 ETH has been set for Playboy’s Rabbitars NFT.” — Wu Blockchain, 22 Oct 2021.