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Gran Turismo 7 Brings Back Another Fan-Favorite Fictional Circuit In A Big Way

When Trial Mountain appeared in the first trailer for Gran Turismo 7 more than a year ago, longtime fans pumped their fists into the air. The fictional circuit — present in every Gran Turismo except for the Prologue entries and GT Sport — will return fully remodeled in 4K, with variable weather and time-of-day change taking advantage of the full power of the PlayStation 5. It will be a treat for anyone who grew up with these games, and it’s not the only nostalgic gift Polyphony Digital has packed into GT7.
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You Can Now Drive Porsche’s New 1,274 HP Vision Gran Turismo Concept From Your Couch

Porsche’s next concept is unlikely to ever go into production, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance to drive it. The German marque unveiled its new Vision Gran Turismo concept on Sunday evening. The all-electric supercar will be available to drive in next year’s Gran Turismo 7, and is the first vehicle the automaker has designed specifically for a computer game. Since 2013, Polyphony Digital, the studio behind the Gran Turismo franchise, has partnered with some of the world’s most respected automakers to design virtual prototypes that are playable in its games. Although brands like Lamborghini, Bugatti and Jaguar have...
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Porsche Envisions Its Future With the Vision Gran Turismo

Porsche has featured in the Gran Turismo video game franchise since 2017, but never has it played the leading role. Now, the German marque unveils the Vision Gran Turismo, its conceptual race car that’s destined for more than just gameplay. Showcasing the future of Porsche — and subsequently its foray...
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The Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Is a Vision Of Where Porsche Is Headed

This is the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo, the latest in a long line of fantastic cars created digitally for the Gran Turismo video game franchise. While digital-only concepts are nothing new, Gran Turismo has become a venue for automakers to truly push the boundaries of design, exploring aesthetic concepts seriously but intensely, often with future impact on actual product. Think of it as a way for companies to show off the most ambitious forms of their idealized design languages in (virtually) drivable vessels. That's exactly what Porsche has done with its Vision Gran Turismo car.

Sleek Porsche Vision Gran Turismo EV Racer Coming To GT7

If you want to get a glimpse into the near future, to see what electric racing cars will evolve into, then the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo is a great place to start. It was recently announced that it will be available exclusively in Gran Turismo 7, the latest installment in the famed racing game series due out on March 4, 2022.

Valerio Gallo Wins the 2021 FIA Gran Turismo Nations Cup

Valerio Gallo has become the fourth Gran Turismo World Champion with a stunning performance at the 2021 World Final. The Italian driver, already leading on points heading into the final, won both of his races to confirm his title, in a remarkable season where he’s won seven of the 11 top tier races he’s taken part in.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo concept stuns as a digital-only delight

Porsche's a relative newcomer to Polyphony Digital and PlayStation's Gran Turismo series, but it's ready to make a splash when it comes to the latest iteration, Gran Turismo 7. On Monday, Porsche officially revealed its Vision Gran Turismo concept, which it designed exclusively for the new video game. The "Vision...


Mercedes-Benz pays tribute to Virgil Abloh with the showcase of Project MAYBACH at the Rubell Museum.. For just two select days students from local design schools were able to admire the collaborative car. A humble contribution to Virgil’s vast legacy, the Mercedes-Maybach show car exemplifies the possibilities of future design and is the result of an on-going co-operation with the polymath artist, architect, creative director, fashion designer and philanthropist; driven by a shared passion to enrich the conversation around luxury design..

Gran Turismo 7 Rated by ESRB, In-Game Purchases Confirmed

ESRB has rated Gran Turismo 7 for the PS4 and PS5 also describing the game including in-game purchases. The game has an E for Everyone rating. Gran Turismo 7 is the first mainline game in the series since the launch of Gran Turismo 6 on the PS3. The PS4 generation didn’t see a major entry in the series but had to settle with Gran Turismo Sport, which worked on games as a service model and continued to evolve throughout the generation.

GT Sport Daily Races: Homologation Special Delivery

The last FIA Certified Online Championship World Final in Gran Turismo Sport is now part of the history books, as we all look forward to Gran Turismo 7 taking over following its launch on March 4 2022. There’s still plenty of life left in the PS4-only title though, with at least 13 more weeks of Daily Races — starting today.

Porsche Vision GT Coming Exclusively to Gran Turismo 7 on PS5, PS4

Polyphony Digital is heavily embedded in the automotive industry, and it regularly collaborates with motoring brands to create concept cars of the future, playable within the Gran Turismo games. And here’s Porsche’s effort: a design lightly inspired by the existing all-electric Taycan, with quad-LED lights on the front. No specifications...
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Sony and Porsche Unveil ‘Porsche Vision Gran Turismo,’ Available Exclusively in Gran Turismo 7

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Polyphony Digital, and Porsche have unveiled ‘Porsche Vision Gran Turismo,’ which is Porsche’s first concept car created specifically for use in a video game. It’ll be available to drive exclusively in the upcoming Gran Turismo 7. For the uninitiated, Vision Gran Turismo is an acclaimed project in which major automotive brands collaborate with Polyphony Digital and Sony to design concept cars for Gran Turismo players.

Gran Turismo 7 shows off one of its classic circuits in a nostalgic video gameplay

The inclusion of the iconic circuit has been hiding behind a fun Easter egg. The Polyphony Digital saga arrived more than two decades ago at the first PlayStation with a unique driving proposal that quickly won over millions of fans around the world. This time, for his 25th anniversary, Gran Turismo 7 has set out to recover its more classic formula, but without abandoning some of the new features that came with Gran Turismo Sport.

Porsche designed an electric hypercar for a video game

Porsche is the latest in a long line of companies to build super fast concept cars explicitly for Polyphony’s Gran Turismo series of racing video games. Always dubbed Vision Gran Turismo, these cars allow major manufacturers and their designers the opportunity to go flat out without regard for anything that would actually ever be available for sale. This car will only ever exist as pixels on a screen or as a 3D model rendered in reality without any kind of actual application other than aesthetic. While part of me thinks that is an okay trade off, I’m currently concerned because Porsche’s all-electric supercar Vision Gran Turismo is totally the kind of car I’d love to drive.

Gran Turismo 7 gives one of the series’ most iconic tracks a PS5 glow-up

A new Gran Turismo 7 gameplay video shows off the latest version of Deep Forest Raceway with first-person race footage on PlayStation 5. Deep Forest Raceway, a fictional rather than real-world track, has appeared in nearly every entry since debuting in the original Gran Turismo, and series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has called it his favorite course. As you might guess, the raceway is marked by an abundance of trees, and all that foliage looks mighty impressive on PS5.

Dominant performances seal FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 titles

This past weekend (December 3-5) marked the fourth FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships World Finals and our last on GT Sport before we switch to GT7 next year. This impending change was highlighted as Porsche unveiled their exciting new, all-electric Vision Gran Turismo car for GT7 as part of the Nations Cup broadcast on Sunday. It was also great to see Lewis Hamilton make an appearance to congratulate our 2021 Nations Cup champion.

A returning classic gives us our best look at Gran Turismo 7 yet

In case you weren't aware just yet, Gran Turismo 7 is all about delivering more of a classical Gran Turismo experience, after the more experimental multiplayer-focussed Gran Turismo Sport. Which probably explains why our best look at the game in action to date comes via the reveal of classic circuit Deep Forest, which PlayStation just served up a full in-game onboard playthrough.