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New Mac Pro MPX modules add potent AMD Radeon W6000 GPUs

Apple has released three new Mac Pro MPX graphics cards modules, bringing AMD’s latest GPUs to the desktop powerhouse. The new MPX modules will be available both for new Mac Pro orders amid the computer’s custom configurations, and as standalone kits for existing Mac Pro owners looking to add new GPU power to their machines.
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New Intel Xe-HPG DG2 leak reveals just how fast the new GPU could be

A new leak from the not-so-reliable Geekbench revealed some key details about the upcoming Intel Xe-HPG DG2. The benchmark shows a card with 128 execution units (EUs) that can run at up to 2,200MHz — faster than most of the best graphics cards on the market. That speed didn’t translate into extra performance, however.
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This mini graphics card by Colorful might be the most stylish GPU ever

Colorful, a Chinese hardware brand, has unveiled a new graphics card — the iGame Mini RTX 3060. The card is a Mini ITX GPU that has an incredibly stylish design, fitting for those who are trying to build the nicest looking PC without sacrificing the specs. It’s impossible to deny...
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Apple updates Mac Pro GPUs with new AMD Radeon options

Apple is updating to the Mac Pro with new graphics card modules on Tuesday, featuring options based on the AMD Radeon Pro W6000 series. The company claims the new Radeon Pro W6800X MPX Module, Radeon Pro W6800X Duo MPX Module, and Radeon Pro W6900X MPX module should give a boost to performance for the graphics-heavy tasks Apple designed the Pro around. Continuing to support the Pro by bringing new GPU options to Apple’s custom Mac Pro Expansion Module (MPX) system is a pretty good sign that the company remains committed to its new, modular design.
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Here’s how much Apple’s 3 new Mac Pro MPX GPU upgrades will cost you

Apple has put its three new Mac Pro MPX Modules up for sale, and if you were hoping to bring your current macOS machine up to date with the latest AMD GPUs, prepare to dig deep. Announced earlier today, the trio of Radeon Pro W6000-Series modules were initially listed for custom configurations of new Mac Pro orders, but now they’ve been added to the virtual shelves for upgrades too.

Apple Reveals New Mac Pro GPU Options

Apple has updated the GPU options for its Intel-based Mac Pro computers. Apple unveiled the changes to the Mac Pro GPU selection in early August, noting that users will be able to purchase updated Mac Pro desktop computers with an option of AMD Radeon Pro W6800X, W6800X Duo, or W6900X graphics processing cards. According to Engadget, the graphics card changes are the only big changes set to happen to Apple’s workstations with this update, which could be the last time that Apple offers any modifications to the Intel-based Mac Pro lineup this year.
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Google Tensor SoC: Everything you need to know

While Google likes to focus on software as a differentiator for its phones, the company is now turning to custom silicon to give Pixels an added edge. With the Pixel 6 announcement, Google has confirmed that the upcoming Pixel 6 and 6 Pro will run its custom Tensor SoC, a custom silicon platform that offers huge gains in on-device AI.

Score Apple's 512GB M1 Mac mini at a record low price with this $100 discount

Though it only launched last year, there have already been some great M1 Mac mini deals. Today's offer at Amazon ranks among them with $100 off the 512GB model there. With the price of the higher-capacity model down to just $799, you're able to snag Apple's M1 Mac mini at a record-matching low price. There's no telling exactly how long this discount will last, though, since it's not a part of a formal sale there.

Apple, AMD launch Mac Pro GPU modules for RX 6000 Pro series

As of Tuesday, Apple has begun to replace the top-end Vega 2 Pro MPX Module GPU options with the newer-generation RDNA2-based Radeon Pro RX W6000X series for Mac Pros, which now lets you configure a system with up to four GPUs. Existing customers will still be able to buy Radeon Pro Vega 2 and Radeon Pro Vega 2 Duo modules, and new configuration options still include the creaky Radeon Pro 580X and the last-gen W5000X Pro series.

Apple's Mac Pro gets the most powerful AMD GPU ever with a whopping 120CUs and 64GB VRAM

AMD today has released its most powerful workstation GPU ever with the new Radeon PRO W6800X Duo. The W6800X Duo features dual Navi 21 chips with a total of 120 Compute Units (CUs) or 7,680 Stream Processors (SPs). This is the star of the show in its new W6000X Pro lineup of professional-grade Radeon cards that will be available for Apple's Mac Pro. Alongside, the W6800X Duo, the new lineup consists of the 80CU/ 5,120 SPs Radeon PRO W6900X and the 60CU/ 3,840 SPs Radeon PRO W6800X. The W6800X is basically the single GPU version of the W6800X Duo behemoth.
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Supercharge Your Mac Pro with Three New Graphics Cards from AMD

Apple just juiced up its Mac Pro line with some new AMD graphics cards, slowly carving away at the long list of GPU-dependent creatives who switched over to PC. Remember the Mac Pro glory days? The old cheese grater Mac Pro days?. There was a long period when most people...
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AMD Releases Apple Exclusive W6000X Workstation GPUs

AMD announced three new workstation GPUs called the W6000X series that will be designed exclusively for Apple's Mac Pro. As such, these won't be among the best graphics cards, unless perhaps we're talking about the best GPUs for Apple. The lineup consists of the W6900X, W6800X, and the W6800X Duo featuring AMD's latest RDNA 2 architecture and memory configurations of up to 64GB and 128GB for the Duo.
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Apple Introduces New High-End Graphics Options for Mac Pro

Apple today began offering new high-end graphics upgrade options for both the tower and rack versions of the Mac Pro desktop computer. This comes on the same day that Apple started selling the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID on a standalone basis. As noted by CNN Underscored's Jake Krol, the...